ing, “Hurry up and execute her!” The crown prince’s right hand was clenched in impatience and frustration, wondering how people could be so cruel.
Behind his back, Gideon whispered to him.

“Your Highness.
There is no longer any room for hesitation.
Please accept my full magical power to activate the technique.’”

The crown prince was astonished to see Liesel, who had been led out of the dungeon by the attendants without any resistance and up the stairs leading to the execution site.
He cursed his own stupidity for causing this situation.

There was nothing to do but to turn back the clock.

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And the die was cast as Gideon wished.

The side effects described in the old book of magic did not raise eyebrows.
When he woke up back in time, he found himself the crown prince.

As the rain continued to pound down, the crown prince Gideon looked up at the sky that was making it rain, his mouth twisted into a smile.

“I lost my magic.
But I have been reborn a man of the highest order, blessed with everything!”

He cleared his throat and laughed gleefully as he spoke.

Finally, I asked him what I had always wondered.

“It was you who tore the ancient magic book of the Three Wise Men’s Time Reversal, wasn’t it? What was written on those pages?”

It can’t just be about the replacement.
As a matter of fact, the two of them already know.
There was no point in tearing it up now.
There must have been something on the page that he did not want the “initiator” to see.

“You want to know? There is a possibility that the magic will cause the souls of the two sorcerers to switch as a side effect.
It’s one of the inevitable failures, but the Book of Ancient Magic says, “When a blank new time begins to tick by, the wrong phenomenon returns to the right one.
In other words, the wandering soul spirit returns to its rightful vessel.”

“What does that mean?”

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The crown prince smiled broadly, as if triumphant.

“A new day–that is, the time when we rewound time and began to mark a new time, the future of which has not yet been determined.
When we have passed that time when you died.
The swapping will return to the way it was.”

“Back?  You mean that Ulysses’ soul will return in the body of the crown prince?”

If nothing had happened, the swap would have been resolved in time.
But if one of them dies, it will not be restored, it’ll remain like this, Liesel.”

It took me just a few moments to digest the meaning of what was being said.
Then, when I understood what was being said, my blood boiled.

This crown prince in front of me now was trying to get Gideon to die before the rewound time.
After exhausting his power to the hilt.
Because then it would be impossible for their souls to switch again.

I unwrapped my hand and reached for his chest, grabbing him by the collar.
I grasped the collar so tightly that the fingers of my own two hands intertwined.

“That’s why you ordered Gideon to be the head of the magic soldiers.
You planned to have him killed in the mess of battle!”

“I see you understand.
But it’s too late.
He is dead and gone.
This body will always be mine.
I am the crown prince forever and ever.”

He’s lying.
He won’t die so easily.

He will come back safe and sound.
Just like last time.

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