delivered in front of a female student’s room.
I knew the sender was Gideon, even though there was no sender written on it.

I was so frustrated.

I failed to notice that my schoolmate’s skirt was growing too short and she was having trouble buying one.

I asked Gideon, who had finished treating me and resheathed his sword.

“Hey, Gideon.
You’re the one who gave Crystal the uniform, aren’t you?”

Gideon widened his eyes.

“What’s the matter, all of a sudden?”

“I didn’t tell you until now, but I saw you.
You were buying a skirt.”

Gideon chuckled and shook his head.

“It wasn’t kindness.
I just didn’t want Crystal’s skirt to get too short so I wouldn’t get to see her knees.”

“You act like a bad person when you’re really a very nice person.”

“No, I’m not.”

“It’s not just skirts.
You give away reference books and pens to various students.”

When I said that, Gideon just shrugged his shoulders.

“That is as it should be.
Everyone has a right to learn here.”

Oh, God.
It’s really not fair.

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Why is this man, who is supposed to be my enemy, being such a gentleman now?

If possible, I wanted him to be a fucking jerk boy.

And yet, he’s disgustingly good.

“Isn’t Liesel also working hard to become a royal magician?”


It’s true that students who aim for the top are aiming to work for the royal court.

You can get an unbelievable salary if you become a magician for the royal court.

However, I’ve decided not to join the royal court.
The human relations in the palace are complicated and troublesome, and more importantly, if I go to the palace, I will meet the Crown Prince, Ulysses.

I still feel a sharp pain in my chest just thinking of his name.

I looked down and saw that the chain of fire wrapped around the sword had loosened considerably.

Gideon’s mind had slightly relaxed.

I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by.

With a quick swing of my sword, I broke the chains.

I swung my sword over Gideon’s head as he opened his eyes and swung it down.

“Come forth, fire dragon!

“Come forth, water dragon!”

The fire dragon I produced from my sword went towards Gideon’s water dragon.
I wondered when he had turned his fire sword into a water sword.
I didn’t notice it at all, and I’m resentful of the difference in our abilities.

The dragons opened their large mouths and flew over Gideon and me, spraying water and fire.

Gideon’s water dragon was a little small, probably because he had created it in a hurry.

(This year, I might be able to win…!)

I clench my fists involuntarily.

“There’s a chance!”

Suddenly, a wall of water appeared in front of me.

As soon as it appeared, it quickly collapsed and I was drenched.

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I wiped the water from my face with the back of my hand and opened my eyes to see Gideon right in front of me.

There was no chance for a counterattack.
Before I could even open my mouth, an ice sword extended from Gideon’s hand and pinned my robe to a tree trunk.

The sword pierced the tip of my left sleeve, and although my body was not pierced, I felt a tremendous cold air on my arm.

“Do you surrender, Liesel?”

The water dragon came to my neck.
It opened its big mouth and showed its teeth, ready to bite me now.

With one command from Gideon, it would bite me in the throat.

It seems that in the split second that I was distracted by the wall of water, my fire dragon had been knocked out.

As I was stunned, the water dragon opened its mouth wide.

It’s going to bite me! I immediately thought.
The water dragon spat a furious amount of water at me, and I was drenched like a waterfall.

“Kyaaaa! It’s freezing!”

All thoughts were blown away by the sheer force.

I heard the sound of something falling at my feet.

(Oh no–!)

Gideon was smiling fearlessly.

“It’s game over.”

In my confusion, I had dropped my sword.

The water dragon in front of me disappeared, and so did the sword that pierced my sleeve.

I was soaking wet, holding my head and almost crying.

I lost.

I couldn’t get the first place again this year.

“Such a pathetic way to lose…”

I could only half-cry as I watched Gideon’s back as he walked away to report to his teacher that he had defended his seat at the top of the class again this year.

I was shivering with cold and regret.

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