Princes of the Dewar Clan

Tragedy on the Rooftop

At a cafe, Ryujin and Jaya are enjoying their mocachino.


An awkward atmosphere enveloped them.

Jaya tapped his fingers on the table, hoping the orange-haired man in front of his would start a conversation soon. Jaya was curious because suddenly his neighbor asked to meet to discuss something serious.

Ryujin couldn stand this awkwardness anymore. He took a sip of his drink and then said, ”How are you, Lizen? ”

Jaya flinched hearing the name again. Its been a dozen years no one has called Jaya by that cursed name.

”Why did you come back here, Jin? You want to restore some of my strength again, don you think? ” said Jaya sharply.

Ryujin also flinched when the man in front of him talked about memories. The same surprised expression when he called Jaya Lizen.

”Did your memory come back completely, huh? ” Ryujin smiled faintly.

Now, Ryujib doesn have to pretend that he doesn know Jaya anymore like he has done so far. Ryujin adjusted his glasses, glasses that made him look mature.

”Don change the subject, you bastard! Why are you here again, huh? Aren you satisfied with punishing me all this time, huh?! ” Jaya pounded the table hard, causing the other customers to suddenly turn their heads towards him.

However, he didn care at all. The fierce anger from the look in his eyes really makes anyone who sees it will be afraid.

The figure is very different from the figure of Jaya who has liked the Iron Man CD all this time.

Ryujin remained calm. He was leaning back on the back of the chair casually. The nervous expression on his face earlier had now changed 180 degrees. Replaced with a very calm expression, but very annoying for Jaya.

”You seem calm, Lizen. ” Once again Ryujin called Jaya by the name Lizen.

”Aren you worried about Joon at all, huh? I think its about time, ” continued Ryujin.

”What do you mean, Jin? ” snapped Jaya. Now followed by his hand that gripped the collar of Ryujins shirt.

”Actually Miryu also experienced it a few months ago, but he has half of our blood. So hes fine until now. But as for Joon? Hmm … Im not sure he can get through it. ”

Ryujin put on a gloomy face, which made Jaya even more furious.


Jaya punched Ryujin in the face, so hard.

”Explain properly, Damn it! ” shouted Jaya, still gripping Ryujins collar.



Jayas cell phone rings. Jaya removed his hand from Ryujins shirt, and picked up the call from her cell phone.

”Hello! ”

”Father, someone wants to pervert me. Pick me up on the roof of the school! Hurry up, Father! Fat, akkhh! Tut tut tut …. ”

The voice on the other end of the phone.

”Hello! Hello! Joon-chan! Hey, what do you mean? Joon-chan! ”

Jaya slams his phone. He must immediately pick up Joon right now.

Jaya was about to leave, before Ryujins hand held him.

”Need help? Ill explain everything on the way, ” Ryujin offered.

”No need! I don need the help of a demon like you! ” said Jaya. He warded off Ryujins hand, and left the cafe.

Ryujin smirked as he saw Jaya start his sports bike, and sped off at an unnatural speed

”Kheh! You
e really funny, Lizen. How come those eyes can see the truth? ” Ryujin muttered.


On the rooftop of the Huimang International School building.

Joon is being attacked by a girl who claims to be cute, when in reality, Joon thinks its a goddamn thing. The girl looks so familiar to Joon, but Joon has a hard time remembering who she really is.

The silvery white haired girl pushed Joon to the ground.

Joon turned his body, gasping for breath from avoiding the girls attack earlier.

”What do you really want, Mad Woman?! Hah … hah … dammit! Don pervert a minor like me! ” Joon shouted. Joons breath is also still panting.

The girl sat on top of Joons supine body.

”Oh come on, Mi! Why did you forget me so easily, heh? Was it just because my eyes and hair color changed, so you didn recognize me, um? ” said the girl who had fiery red irises, and silver hair.

The girl was still sitting right on the stomach of Joon who was sleeping on his back. She seemed to have known Joon more than Joon himself.

Joon frowned. He tried to find the memory in which there is a picture of the figure that is above his stomach at this time. Joons eyes widen as he finds a bit of memory among the other unimportant memories.

”Wait, I seem to remember something. In your dream when I was in a coma, someone once called me MI.

”But his appearance is very much different from yours. After all, he is a ghost and can only come into contact with my spirit. But right now? Why can you touch me, heh? ”

Joons memory is fixed on the figure who accompanied him in his coma. But how could they be the same person?

”This is all because of Mister Miryu. He was the one who found me and gave me this real form, ” said the girl. She had no intention of getting up from his seat. She even deliberately pressed her body weight into Joons stomach, which she called MI.

Joons breath hitched because of the heavy weight on his stomach. He pushed the woman so that the figure fell to the ground.

Joon immediately got up so as not to give the crazy womans accent touching his body again. Ah, Joon really feels harassed right now.

”Wait! What did Miryu do to you, huh? You really are the ghost of Mawar who accompanied my spirit when I was in a coma? ” Joon screamed in disbelief. This is c

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