On weekends as usual, Joon always spends time off with one of his parents. He was so happy even though the time off was only spent sitting all day in the park or playing games. As long as Joon does any activities with one of his three parents, Joon will feel happy. Its been going on since little Joon until now.

This time, it was Kenichis turn to accompany Joon to play. Not only Jaya, but Kenichi is also very happy when Joon doesn go to the actual school. That way, they can spend a whole day with their precious Joon. What a strange upbringing.

Maybe only Kevin thought about Joons education.

For Kenichi and Jaya, the only happy times are when they are with their Joon.

Joon and Kenichi walk around City Hall. Lets save costs because fuel goes up.

Kenichi put his arm around Joons shoulder.

”What are we going to do today, Joon? ”

Joon took his dads hand off his shoulder.

”Don be like this, Dad! Ill be shorter later. Today well just play games until the evening hehehe …. ” Joon replied.

Kenichi didn care about Joons prohibition, he still put his hand on Joons shoulder and deliberately pressed his nephews shoulder.

”How tall are you right now, huh? ” Kenichi asked. It seems that recently Joon has grown sideways instead of upwards.

Joon was silent for a moment. The last time he measured his height was when he was about to enter HIS high school a few months ago. Maybe hes gotten taller by now.

”158 centimeters, Dad. ” Joon answered, reluctant actually.

”Wahahaha in short! Daddys only 184 centimeters now, ” said Kenichi while pressing Joons shoulder. Maybe to make it shorter.

Joon moved a little away from Kenichi. He didn want to get shorter because of the pressure from his Daddy.

This person that Joon calls Daddy is actually Joons uncle. But, for some reason, Joon has lived with Kenichi, Kevin and Jaya since childhood. The three young men have taken care of Joon since he was 4 years old. So, the three of them are fathers to Joon. Even though Joon doesn know who his real father is, he feels happy.

”But Joon is still in his infancy, Daddy. If Joon grows up, i will definitely exceed your height. ” Joon said while patting his chest, bragging.

”Joon? ” called Kenichi, gently.

”Yes? ” Joon answered. He was still walking down the deserted street. They deliberately passed the mouse path, in order to quickly get to the city park.

”Are you happy? ” Kenichi asked. He pulled Joons shoulder so that Joon was facing him.

”It means? ” Joon frowned, not understanding the question his Daddy suddenly asked.

Kenichi smiled at his nephews confusion. Kenichi gently stroked the top of Joons head, then said, ”I mean, is Joon happy living like this? Doesn Joon want to know about Joons biological father? ”

Joon was silent. A moment later he smiled. A smile warm like a lotus flower. Joon turned and stepped back, Kenichi following behind.

”No need, Dad. Joon is already happy like this. For Joon you are only Joons parents. It doesn matter whose biological child I am, or I come out of an egg, or I am a clone, or even I come from nature different. All I want is to be your Joon. Forever …. ”


Kenichi hugged Joon from behind. So close. He turned Joons body to face him again.


Kenichi poked Joons forehead for no reason, leaving Joon dumbfounded.

”Poetic is poetic, but theres no need for you to be cloned, right? You
e kind of a frog, huh? ” Kenichi groaned, annoyed as well as exasperated, seeing the behavior of his Zenkyo sisters son.

”Hahahaha, not a frog but Joon is a kind of reptile, Dad? ” Joon laughed so loosely. No burden.

Theres nothing funny though. Ah, yes, thats right. Hes in the band DCrocodiles, so of course hes some kind of reptile.

Kenichi could only shake his head a few times with a smile. No matter what his nephew does, it always invites laughter. Kenichi doesn intend to say anything about his old brother Zenkyos husband actually, but if Joon really wants to know, he will tell him everything.

Kenichi felt that his nephew had grown up. Maybe if Joon asks, Kenichi needs to tell him whatever happened. About his mother, or maybe even his biological father.

However, there is one thing Kenichi doesn want to reveal to Joon. He didn dare say that Kevin, Jaya and himself had sent a psychiatrist to erase Joons childhood memories. He didn want Joon to feel disappointed, as if they were covering up the truth. Even though their goal is for Joon not to remember the accident and not cry out loud every night.

”Come on, walk again, Dad! Too long in the sun makes my handsomeness melt, ” Joon whispered while dancing on his daddys arm.

Kenichi ruffled Joons hair, exasperated. ”You stupid! ” Kenichi rebuked.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

The sound of someone clapping suddenly emerged from the turn of the alley in front of Kenichi and Joon.

”The dry season is so hot like this, but it won melt the love between children and someone who claims to be daddy. Sob … sob, Im so touched. ” The figure of a man in his early 60s spoke. He looked as if he was crying, but after that he laughed cruelly. The cry was just to ridicule the man and teenager in front of him.

Kenichi frowned. He couldn remember who the old man was. However, after he searched for the memory that had been buried deep, he found it.

Thats right, Kenichi remembers the haughty old figure who was always escorted by several men in black suits. It was Akiyama Suguru, Zenkyos father-in-law.

”You! What are you here for, Old Man?! ” Kenichi shouted. He pulled Joon to cover behind his back.

”How are you, Kenichi-kun? Do you still remember me, um? ” said the man in his 60s arrogantly. He smiled horribly.

”Who are they, Dad? ” whispered Joon. He saw the old grandpa over his daddys shoulder.

”Get out of here right away, Joon! ” Kenichi ordered. He was still in a stance, prepared in case the old mans men in front of him attacked.

”Really? Why did I run away, you know? Daddy forgot that I also have some fighting skills, huh? ” said Joon.

A moment later, he was in front of Kenichi, challenging the old man.

”In such a dry dry season, accompanied by the leaves starting to turn yellow. Why don you just rest at home, Old Grandpa? I don think this hot weather suits your conditions. ”

Joon replied to the old mans short poem.

However, it doesn sound like poetry, in fact it sounds like advice.

Wow, Joon failed to speak poetically since earlier it seemed.

”Daddy told you, get out of here, Joon! ” Kenichi snapped so loudly that it made Joon flinch. Ignoring his nephews surprise, Kenichi pulled Joons arm back. He tells Joon to stay behind him no matter what.

”Bring the boy! Life or death! ” the old man ordered his nine men.

A few moments later, the old man got in the car and left his nine men with Joon and Kenichi.

To be continued….

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