Princes of the Dewar Clan

Fight Criminals (II)

”Daddy told you, get out of here, Joon! ” Kenichi snapped so loudly that it made Joon flinch.

Kenichi didn expect that his yelling had made Joon tiptoe in surprise. However, Kenichi had to hide Joon from the old man. The old man is one of the owners of a large robotics company in Japan. And unfortunately again, he is her father-in-law Zenkyo who has never wanted Zenkyo and his baby around Akiyama Takeyuki, his son.

”Hurry up I say, Joon! ” Kenichi screamed even more, frustrated.

Joon doesn know what really happened. He had never been yelled at like that by his father. Joon still looks confused, he looks at the old grandfather and his daddy alternately. He hoped one of them would explain.

Ignoring his nephews confusion, Kenichi pulled Joons arm back. He tells Joon to stay behind him no matter what.

”Bring the boy! Life or death! ” the old man ordered his nine men.

A few moments later, the old man got in the car and left his nine men with Joon and Kenichi.

Men in suits squeezed their fingers, stretching their muscles.

”Don fight! You just hand over the child and we will let you go safely, ” said one of the tall people with short hair, to Kenichi.

”Tch, just dream about you guys! As long as Im alive, I won let you take my Joon, ” Kenichi muttered, fiery.

Kenichi pushes Joon away from the arena. Joon doesn want to rebel. Although he has fighting skills, but seeing his comrades are nine people with a body twice as big as his body, Joon refuses to do that.

After all, his Daddy would of course be furious if Joon disobeyed his orders. So, currently Joon will be an obedient child. He waited for Daddy with his business. Joon leaned against the wall of the house fence. For some reason, his body was shaking with fear. If he fought with his peers in the past, he wasn as scared as usual.

”Then its easy. Well eliminate you first, then take the kid as ordered by the boss. ” A man wearing sunglasses came forward.

The man threw his fist at Kenichi.

Kenichi managed to dodge several attacks. For a moment, Kenichis gaze fell on Joon who was still leaning against the wall with a trembling body. He didn want Joon to see this violence. After all, all this time Joon knew was that his daddy was always gentle like a mother. Kenichi doesn want to spoil Joons view of him.

”Close your eyes, Joon! ” shouted Joon. Immediately, Joon closed his eyes tightly. He didn know what was going on and didn want to know. It felt like his training had just disappeared. He felt his body so fragile right now. In fact, it was as if the wind would knock him down.

After seeing Joon close his eyes at his command, Kenichi twisted his neck and cracked his knuckles. He warms up first before expending real power. Is it true that a person with a bisexual disorder like himself, shouldn have fighting skills? he thought.

The nine men in suits surrounded Kenichi. They attack Kenichi simultaneously.

Kenichi jumped into the air for a few seconds, after which he twisted his body, his feet landed around the nine mens faces. Immediately the nine men fell to the ground.

Kenichi landed smoothly with his left knee on the ground and his right knee bent. Kenichis sharp eyes shone at the nine men who started to get up again.

”If you guys are men, face me one by one! Don you dare play gangbang like a sissy! ” Kenichi groaned.

One of them smiled disdainfully. ”Hmm, your strength is also okay. One on one, huh? Thats okay, ” he said. The man seemed to have the highest position of them. He signaled his comrades to back off first, and everyone complied.

The man threw his fist at Kenichis face. Kenichi backed away to dodge. The man was so annoyed, he threw his fists again several times, but only empty air he punched. Kenichi repeatedly dodged.

”Hey, Bro! Why do you keep dodging, huh?! ” annoyed the man, but Kenichi did not answer at all.

Kenichi jumped sideways and backwards alternately, dodging the mans attack. He seems to have other plans.

After tens of times punching the air, the mans breath was gasping for breath due to the calm he had concentrated in his hand as if it had evaporated in the air. Didn hit the target at all.

Kenichi smirked seeing his opponent panting.


Just one protrusion from Kenichis hand, making the man stagger to the side.

”Damn you, Sissy! So, you deliberately dodged to keep me tired, huh?! ” shouted the man.

Kenichi didn answer, only his warm bogem landed right on the mans mouth in response.

”Fuck! ” The man cursed.

He threw his punch back at Kenichi, but was again blocked.

Kenichi twisted the arm that was about to punch him. The man complained to be released immediately.

Kenichi slammed the mans body to the ground. Before the man could get up, Kenichi had hit the mans head with his elbow. The mans body fell back.

Kenichi had deliberately retreated to get closer to where Joon was, leaving the other eight men left far behind. While near Joon, Kenichi turned and approached Joon.

”Get out of here, Joon! Looks like Daddy will be with them for a long time, ” said Kenichi. He still looked warily at all of his opponents.

”But, Dad! ” avoid Joon. Even though he wasn helping much here, but he didn want to leave his daddy alone fighting all those creepy uncles.

Kenichi kissed Joons forehead gently, trying to reassure him.

”Relax, daddy will be fine. Joon go and seek help from Jays father, okay? ” Kenichi decided, it was undeniable.

A second later, Joon left the arena. Run as fast as you can to call daddy and papa.

But unfortunately, Kenichi did not realize that several men were following Joon.


Someone hit Kenichis neck. Four of the others joined in, they immediately attacked Kenichi without stopping.

Looks like they didn heed Kenichis one on one request.

Many times Kenichi was able to dodge, until….


One blow escaped, which made Kenichis nose bleed.

”You bastards! ” Kenichi shouted. He punched the five men back. Succeed. The five men were lying on the ground. However, one of them managed to get up and grab Kenichi, locking Kenichis hands behind his back.

The other four beat Kenichi incessantly. Kenichis face was covered in blood. Kenichi was still outnumbered. His body fell to the ground, near the wall.

However, Joons smile suddenly appeared in Kenichis imagination. Joon is seen saying, ”I want to live with daddy, daddy and daddy. Forever…. ”

Kenichi used the wall to help him up. The five men in suits surrounded him.

Even though Kenichis vision is blurry, he will persevere. Joon must be very scared right now. He just needed to clean up the five men, and follow Joon.

To be continued….

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