”Okay, you calm down, Ken! Hopefully the doctor can stop the bleeding on Joons head, so theres no need to take him to the hospital, ” Jaya said, patting Kenichis shoulder.

”No! Whatever happens, don let Joon out of the house just yet. If necessary, tell the doctor to bring all medical equipment to this house until Joon is completely recovered, ” said Kenichi. There was still a look of uneasiness on his face.

”You have money, don you? ” Jaya replied, responding to Kenichis suggestion to bring medical equipment to the house.

”Is there Bro Kevin, Jay? Hes the boss in this house, ” said Kenichi.

”Hes already left for Japan to visit his parents as usual. The bad news is, he hasn left us a penny. ” Jaya said as she cleaned her first aid kit.

”Why is that? Hes not usually like that. ” Kenichi frowned in surprise.

”He said he was only there for a while, so he didn feel he needed to leave us with a lot of money. He just didn say goodbye to Joon. He was afraid that Joon would beg to come as usual, ” said Jaya.

Kenichi was stunned for a moment. He tries hard to keep Joon away from all things Japan. But, who would have thought that now the Japanese are actually looking for Joon to Indonesia.

Kenichi has not been able to forget the cruel look that was seen from the old Japanese man earlier. In fact, the man said, ”Bring that boy alive or dead! ” so calmly. Kenichi is increasingly convinced that what caused his older Zenkyo brother to get into an accident must also be because of the old man.

However, if all of Kenichis guesses were true. Then, what was done by a lecherous man named Akiyama Takeyuki who was unfortunately very loved by his sister, Zenkyo.

Was the news about Takeyukis death at that time also just a public lie? Then, where is the Japanese youth at this time? Could the young man team up with his own father to eliminate Joon as well? Then, for what?

”Aakkh, damn it! Why did they have to reappear, huh?! ” Kenichi screamed while ruffling his hair, roughly.

”Who showed up, Ken? ” Jaya exclaimed who overheard Kenichis rambling just now.

Kenichi confused where to explain from. So, he chose to remain silent.

”Explain, Ken! Why are you hiding everything from me huh? Aren we family? ” snapped Jaya. He shook Kenichis shoulder, hoping to get an explanation soon.

Kenichi took a deep breath and said, ”That Japanese guy came to Indonesia to take Joon with them, Jay. ”

”Who? That Zenkyo husband? ” asked Jaya. Jaya does not clearly remember the face of the husband of the woman he loves. He only met once when Jaya gave Zenkyo a farewell kiss. And at that time, Jaya saw from afar, so Jaya did not clearly remember the face of her husband.

”Its not that Takeyuki bastard, but the father of him who behaves even more asshole than Takeyuki. ” Kenichi spoke with a sigh that roared with emotion.

”Wait! Who did you say, Ken? ” said Jaya.

”It was Takeyukis fathers orders that we met this morning, Jay. They beat me up and were going to take Joon to Japan. Luckily, Joon was able to fight back, even though he ended up bleeding like earlier. ” Kenichi tells the chronology at the end.

”Takeyuki? ” Jaya repeated Kenichis words.

”Yes, it was taken by Takeyukis father who beat me and Joon this morning, ” said Kenichi. It seems that he has to repeat the story so that Seons Jayas brain can digest it. Alright, Kenichis partner is really stupid. So, you have to be slow if you explain anything to Jaya.

”So, Zenkyos husbands name is Takeyuki? I feel like Ive heard that name recently, ” Jaya said while remembering where she heard that strange name.

”Are you serious, Jay? That means that Takeyuki is also in Indonesia, you mean? ” Kenichi screamed in disbelief. So, the news of the death of the sole heir to Akiyamas business at that time was just a lie?

”Ah, this is getting weird. Whats really going on here, please? ” Kenichi asked Jaya who was still dumbfounded, remembering where Jaya had heard of Takeyukis name.

In the midst of their confusion, suddenly a doctor shouted from the 2nd floor, apparently from Joons room. Jaya and Kenichi immediately ran to the source of the screams.

When they entered Joons room, the first thing they saw was the doctor sitting on the floor. Meanwhile, Joon is still unconscious in his bed.

Jaya and Kenichi tried to get closer to the doctor who was shaking with fear, still on the cold floor.

Jaya patted the doctors shoulder who looked scared to see Joon on the bed. ”Whats wrong, Doctor? Why were you shouting earlier? Did something serious happen to Joon? ” asked Jaya.

The doctor shook his head quickly. We don know who hes afraid of right now. In fact, Joon is still sleeping peacefully there.

To be continued….

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