Jaya patted the doctors shoulder who looked scared to see Joon on the bed. ”Whats wrong, Doctor? Why were you shouting earlier? Did something serious happen to Joon? ” asked Jaya.

The doctor shook his head quickly. We don know who hes afraid of right now. In fact, Joon is still sleeping peacefully there.

”Tell me what happened, Doc! ” Kenichi snapped, curious. Kenichi forcefully pulled the doctors arm to quickly get up and explain everything.

As the doctor stood up forcefully, a syringe fell from his blue shirt pocket. Looks like the injection was put in the pocket in a hurry.

Jaya took the injection that was on the floor, there was a green liquid in the injection which Jaya felt was not medicine or the like. Jaya looked suspiciously at the doctor who was still standing shaking.

”What is this injection, huh?! I just told you to stop the bleeding on my sons head! Then, what is this injection for, huh?! ” snapped Jaya. His eyes turned cold, staring at the doctor, suspicious.

Kenichi snatched the injection from Jayas hand. ”Don tell me you
e going to poison my nephew with this, huh?! ” accused Kenichi.

Hearing Kenichis words just now, Jaya reacted quickly. Jaya locked the doctors hand behind her back with her left hand. Meanwhile, Jayas right hand gripped the doctors neck viciously.

”Who the hell are you, huh?! ” snapped Jaya. He will not allow anyone to harm his beloved Joon.

The doctor shook his head quickly. ”I, I don know anything really! I really don have any ill will towards your son. I didn do anything! Im innocent! ” The doctors rant sounded like a spell. He kept repeating the same words.

Kenichi couldn take it anymore. He threw his fist right into the lower jaw of the doctors chin, causing the doctors head to spin rapidly and he ended up falling to the ground.

Jaya froze to see the doctor she had strangled earlier, now collapsed on the floor. He looked annoyed at Kenichi. ”You didn give me a chance to beat him up, Ken! ” annoyed Jaya, childish.

”Ah never mind! Get him out of here first, Jay! Don let Joon wake up to see this mess! ” Kenichi ordered.

Jaya did as her colleague ordered. Jaya tied the fake doctors hands and feet with wires and plunged the doctors body into the empty bathtub.

Jaya immediately returned to Joons room after that. He saw Kenichi sitting on the edge of Joons bed while watching the green liquid in the injection.

”You sure its real poison, Ken? ” Jaya said when she entered Joons room which was on the 2nd floor of this house.

”Of course. Would you like to give it a try, Jay? ” Kenichi said. He prepared to inject the needle into Jayas arm.

”Ah, no need. Thank you, Ken, ” said Jaya. He shuddered to himself when he saw Kenichi macho mode like this. There was no more tenderness from the words and actions of the usually calm young man.

”You must have been really good at science lessons about dangerous compounds and their colors, didn you, Ken? ” guess Jaya. It seemed like she was the only one in this house who didn have any memory of school lessons. He didn even remember whether he went to school or not.

”What compound, Jay? ” Kenichi replied.

”Well, you were so sure that the green liquid was poison. Surely you know those types of poison too, right? Poison is made of what mixture of compounds. You know what that means, Ken? ” Jaya tries to guess. He was tired of being teased as stupid, so at least if he tried to guess and was right, he wouldn be called stupid by Kevin and Kenichi again.

”I don understand what you
e saying at all, Jay. However, Im pretty sure that this green liquid is poison, because Ive seen a scene like this in the soap opera door repentance, ” Kenichi replied casually. This Japanese person seems to be one of the victims of the cinema of repentance. Don forget the innocent face hes showing right now.

Jaya hit Kenichis head after hearing those words. ”Damn you, Ken! I thought you really understood the compounds contained in the poison liquid, ” Jaya grumbled. ”Then, is that doctor also one of Takeyukis fathers orders, Ken? ” Jaya tries to guess.

Jaya had felt strange the first time the doctor came. It was a different doctor from the one the Hirano family used to call. However, earlier the doctor reasoned that he was a substitute doctor. Jaya didn suspect anything at that time.

”I told you, Jay. The old man won stop until he gets what he wants. So taking Joon to the hospital even more will give the old man a chance to take Joon away from us, ” said Kenichi.

”Then, what are we going to do now? ” Jaya said. He rubbed Joons forehead for a moment which was still wrapped in a thick bandage.

”Looks like this house is the only safe place for now, Jay. Wait until Joon wakes up. After that, well tell you the real situation we
e in. ” Kenichi spoke. He gently patted his nephews thigh.


Kevin slowly opened his eyes. A dazzling light immediately greeted his senses of vision. In fact, Kevin had to cover his eyes using the folds of his arms to block out the glare.

After a while, Kevins eyes were able to adjust to the ambient light. Kevin tried to sit up straight. He looked around and saw that his parents were looking at him worriedly.

e awake, My Son? Thank goodness! Mama was so worried, Son! ” cried the middle-aged woman. She is Mrs. Sofia Wijaya, the mother of Kevin. The woman who married the Japanese man 37 years ago.

Kevin looks confused. He clutched the head that felt so dizzy. He had absolutely no recollection of what had happened so that he ended up in this hospital bed.

”What happened, Pa? Mom? ” Kevin asked while looking at his parents in turn.

The man who was called papa by Kevin, was getting closer to his sons bed. He gently stroked the son who had always been rebellious. ”You were in a car accident, my son. But thankfully, the doctor said it was nothing serious. Its just that you don have any memory before the accident, ” said Kevins father, Mr. Hirano.

Mrs. Sofia looked sharply at her husband. She really didn think that her husband would harm their son just so that Kevin wouldn remember anything about all things related to Indonesia.

”No need to be confused anymore, Son. Now the most important thing is that you get well soon and return to work at our company, ” said Mr. Hirano.

Mr. Hirano began to influence Kevins mind who had just undergone the hypnotherapy method earlier.

Mrs. Sofia couldn take it anymore. She left her sons room. She couldn stand hearing her husband start to give her son false memories. She opposes her real husbands decision, but Mr. Hirano persuades that everything he does is for the good of their sons future.


There was a group of people who ransacked Joons residence.

To be continued…..

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