Quad Brid

The Rebellion Begins

”But sir, Kyle is a quadbrid. He has a ring on that conceals his magic power. Along with his other genes. ” The head tribrid had the warlock scan him and it turns out Max was telling the truth. They removed the ring, but Kyles magic power wasn coming out. Neither was his genes, Max started to become worried but then he had an idea. Max stood up and gathered his power and blasted Jacob with vampire poison.

”Sir, Jacob is also a vampire. He wasn registered as a vampire either. ”

”Jacob was registered, he wasn a vampire all his life. He got turned when he was attacked at the academy. ”Jacob started coughing blood and the warlock healed Jacob. Then the warlock limited Maxs powers. Max gathered what he could then he blasted Josh and Kierra. Kyle was trying to hold his anger in so he wouldn blow his cover. Then Josh stood up, he had a sad look on his face.

”Sir, its true that we were raising a quadbrid. We registered him as a human and kept his genes suppressed. Me and Kierra accept full responsibility for our actions. Don punish them for our choice. ” Kyles eyes widened in horror and sadness.

”Dad, what are you doing. Why did you say that? ”

”Kyle, your mother and I love you. Always remember that, make sure you don hate anybody unless they deserve it. ” The head tribrid walked over to Josh and grabbed him by his neck.

”You were respected by us. Yet you betray us. We kept our hands off your family, your friends. This is the thanks I get from helping you. You and you wife will be executed in front of your son and his friends. Kylar, you will also be executed too for keeping this secret. ” They started preparing for the execution of Kyles parents and Kylar. They summoned the executioners to come and kill them. Kyles eyes started tearing up. As he was about to take a step to go help them. Four tribrids grabbed him and shoved him to the ground. They did the same to his friends and now they were all watching.


”Kyle, I was fully prepared to die, please don be mad at me. ”

The executioners grabbed all three of them by their necks. They proceeded to take their heads off in front of everybody. Kyle started crying hard, along with Jacob. Kyle started wailing hard in front of everybody. Max was smiling, but it quickly faded when intense pressure shook the room. Kyles aura was built to the max. His friends couldn do anything about it. All his genes were active now. The quadbrid is now fully born. Kyle threw all the tribrids off him. He stood up while everyone was looking at him in fear. Kyle kicked all the tribrids off his friends and picked them up. Kyle summoned his magic and restricted everyone in the palace from using their genes. Kyle grabbed Max and lifted him up off his feet.

”This is all your fault. My mom and dad along with Kylar are dead because of you. ” Max has fear in his eyes, but it all disappeared when Kyle snapped his neck. Aurora appeared and stood with Kyle. Kyle teleported everyone to Kylars mansion where it was safe. Kyle stopped his magic, and everyone snapped out of it. Stella was scared and had tears in her eyes.

”Kyle, what are we going to do? My father was back there, we can leave him with them. Theyll kill him now that they know Im with you. ” Kyle teleported away and came back shortly with Stellas dad. He restricted his genes making him human for the time being. Stella ran to hug her dad with tears in her eyes.

”Dad, Im so glad you
e okay. Did they try to hurt you at all? ”

”No Stella, they didn . This must be your friend that doesn like royals. You
e strong to have had the tribrids stuck so easily. ” Kyle didn say a word and just left the room. Jacob followed him because Kyle declared war on the royals. Riley and Stella were in the room with her dad.

”Sorry about him dad, he just lost both of his parents. Hell open up to you soon. ” Kyle teleported Max dead body along with the alpha werewolf. The alpha was confused, then he saw a dead warlock on the floor.

”Riley whats going on? Why is there a dead warlock on the floor? Why am I here? ”

”Long story short, Max ratted us out and they killed Kyles parents in front of him. Kyle restricted the tribrids and killed Max. ” Kyle walked back in the room with a spell book and positioned Max in the middle of the floor.

Kyle proceeded to do a spell and Max came back to life. He has all his memories, so he knows who killed him. Kyle grabbed Max and put him in a chair.

”Why did you rat me out? ” Max didn say anything, so Kyle injected him with a poison. Max started squirming in his chair because he was in pain.

”Im going to ask you again, why you ratted me out? ”

”I wanted you to suffer, you beat me. A mere human beat me without breaking a sweat. You didn even apologize to me for insulting me. I told you that I was going to hurt everyone you cared about. ” Kyle activated his vampire side and bit Max.

”You were just injected with vampire venom. Every day, Im going to bite you until you turn into a vampire. Then Im going to bite you as a werewolf. You better pray that you survive because if you don , Im going to bring you back every time and repeat until you apologize. Or I could just feed you to Jacob. Your choice, which one is it? ” Max has fear in his eyes because he doesn want to die.

”Why did you have to be the chosen one? Im the strongest warlock now. Yet you did things only the first warlock can do. I trained to become the strongest, it was only in vain because you
e a descendant from our first warlock. I would rather die than help you. ”

”Okay, suit yourself. ” Kyle called Jacob in the room, and he let him feed on Max. Max was screaming at the top of his lungs as Jacob drained him of his blood. Everyone else tried covering their eyes but it was no use. Kyle came back in the room with them, and they were looking at him. Stella walked over to Kyle and hugged him. Riley was about to hug him too but Stella wouldn let her get close.

”Stella what is your problem? Im just trying to comfort my friend. ”

”I know what you
e trying to do. You
e trying to seduce him so he could fall in love with you. I already called dibs on him. Hes going to fall in love with me. ” Kyle grabbed stella and pushed her off.

”Im not an object you can call dibs on. That may have worked with other people, but it won work on me. I choose who I want to be with, Im not limiting myself to either just you or Riley. Stop treating me like an object. You may not be on the royal good side anymore. But that doesn change anything.

Honestly, I don know if Ill consider getting with a royal right now. Im sorry Stella, I just need some time to myself right now. Don take it too personally. ” Stellas eyes started to tear up because Kyle didn want her back. She ran out the room crying leaving Kyle with Riley, the alpha werewolf and Stellas dad. Stellas dad ran after her mad at Kyle. Kyle went back to his house without telling anyone. He was trying to keep himself together, but he couldn anymore. He broke down crying and cried for hours. He lost his parents, the only people in his life besides Jacob.

Meanwhile with everybody else, they were trying to comfort Stella.

”Its okay Stella, maybe its best that you find someone that will make you happy. Kyle isn the only boy that will be in your life. ”

”Riley, you can choose whoever you want. I still want Kyle; I don care about other boys. ” Aurora walked in the room because she heard Kyles name.

”You want Kyle too? Thats too bad because I already made Kyle mines. I like the way he thinks, the first ever human to not treat me as a royal. Did he do the same for you? ”

”Yeah, he did. He called me shallow because I only cared about my status. He changed my way of thinking. I understand everything that the humans go through because of him. Im not giving up on Kyle. Ill make him fall in love with me. ” Jacob walked into the room looking confused.

”Wheres Kyle? ” It was silence for a minute then everybody started panicking.

”What do you mean wheres Kyle? Kyles not here? ”

”I searched the whole mansion, hes not here. Ive been calling his phone but hes not answering. ” Stella slowly stood up like shes just lost a loved one. Riley sat Stella back down because she had a feeling where this was going.

”Stella, calm down. He probably went home to be alone. Well all go to his house to check on him. ” Aurora shook her head no. Everybody looked at her confused on why she said no.

”He probably left for a reason. He wanted to be alone, he was most likely trying to be strong for us. Thats why he left. To let it all out, right now I bet hes crying loudly because he couldn keep himself together anymore. Just let him be alone for right now, hell come back. ” Stella stood up angerly.

”Why would we let him be alone? I don care that he wants to be alone. If he can cry around us, then we don deserve him as friends. Im going over there; hes been gone for a long time. If the royals know hes there they can kill him while hes vulnerable. We have to protect him until he can overthrow them. ”

”Just leave him alone Stella, theres no use in trying to get close to him. Hes going to keep pushing you away. Then when hes finished, Ill be there to satisfy his needs. Lets face the facts, Im stronger than you. I could kill you and blame the royals. I could kill all of you and get away with it. Kyle will be mines; I want to create strong kids with him so I could stay at the top. ” Jacob attacked her and held her up to the wall by her neck. She struggled to get his hand off her and he was close to killing her. He let her go which left her grasping for air. She started coughing hard and panting because she couldn breathe.

”H-H-How are you stronger than me? Im a tribrid. We are the strongest beings behind Kyle. Theres no way you could be stronger than me. ”

”I had a hybrid feeding on me while I was human. Along with other vampires feeding on me too. My guess, all of their genes were in my body, so I became a stronger than average vampire. You do anything to destroy Kyles trust. Ill kill you without a second thought. Kyle only cares about personality. You want him to fall in love with you. Then show him you
e a good person no matter what. If you
e not, then kiss marrying Kyle goodbye. Im going to make sure Kyle gets with the greatest girl because he deserves it. Stella has a higher chance of getting with Kyle because shes been showing him that she cares. You on the other hand just proved you only care about power. Now, we
e going to visit Kyle, come if you care about Kyle. Stay here of you only care about power. Ill make sure to tell him that you plotted against his friends just to be with him. Don let your trashy personality get the best of you. Or youll end up like Max. ”

”Where is Max? I know he turned yall in, but I didn see his body. ”

”Kyle gave him a choice to either be tortured or let me feed on him. Kyle ended up letting me feed on him. Feeding on a tribrid might make me stronger so keep it up. ” They left to head to Kyles house after Jacob told Aurora about herself.

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