Quad Brid

The Rebellion Begins

Kyle, everything you need is there. I transferred everything before we were captured. Practice three times a day. Make sure you eat the stuff with your name on it. It will help you master everything. Jacob isn a regular vampire. Since you used to be human your vampire side just tripled your strength. A normal vampire is double. You
e on par with a tribrid. If you consume enough human blood, then youll get stronger than a tribrid. One last thing, make sure you trust the people you bring in your circle. Kyle most likely killed Max, but Aurora is the daughter of the head tribrid. Be careful around her. Shell probably want Kyle to stay in power. Don trust her. One last thing, Stella your father isn trustworthy either. He worked with Max so be careful of him too. ” Josh and Keirra came back in the video and all three of them spoke at once.

”We love you all, make sure you save the world. We believe in you. ” Everyone thought the video was over until Kierra started talking again.

”Im going to be mad that I won see Kyle and Stella make babies. Just imagine how strong their kids will be. ”

”Kierra, you need to let it go. Just accept it even though. They might make some cute babies. ”

”Josh, you want to see their babies just as much as I do. Wait what this red light means? ”

”I think it means recording. Kylar this red light means recording right? ”

”Yes, the red is recording. Theyll probably watch this part of it too. ” Kierras face lit up in shock.


”I can , just deal with it. They might enjoy it because its you being yourself after you died. ”

”That was so embarrassing, Kyle, Stella, ignore what I said. ” The video ended with Kierra panicking and Josh and Kierra laughing at her. Kyle turned to Stellas dad and Aurora. He used his magic to slam them into the wall and pinned them to the ground. Stella panicked and went over to help him out.

”Kyle wait, Kylar could be lying about my dad. He wanted to meet you in person. ”

”Kylar never lied to me before. Why would he lie when he knows his death is coming? ”

”H-Hear me out Kyle. I worked with Max because he said the quadbrid would kill all the royals. I didn know the quadbrid was you. ”

”So, you helped Max because he said I was going to kill you all? Whats so bad about getting rid of the royals? ”

”The royals maintain order; we keep everything balanced. ” Kyle pushed him deeper into the wall which made Stella get upset. ”

”Kyle please, give him a chance like you gave me. ”

”Balance? You royals are all stuck up. There was never a balance. Otherwise, everyone would be living together. We
e not. Theres no balance, just people living in fear of dying every day. Like father like daughter. Im pretty sure if I was just a regular human you wouldn be pleading. Since Im stronger, you
e scared for your life. Am I right? ”

”Yes, Im scared that youll kill me if I make you angry. ” Kyle loosened the grip on him. He dropped to the floor and Stella ran to his aid.

”Now imagine feeling that everyday for over hundreds of years. Then Ill decide whether you
e allowed to be scared or not. Humans lived like that since your first hybrid and tribrid put them at the very bottom. Just because Im stronger doesn mean Im going to kill you. I don speak for everyone else though. If you want to continue living like that then theres the door. I don allow hypocrites in my life. If you want to be a royal. Then treat the humans the same you would treat a fellow royal. Now Aurora, you and your father are alike after all. Youve been after me because of what Im really am. That won work, change your opinion or Ill kill you right here. ”

”Why should I have to change what I think just because you told me too? I don want to die, but you are forcing your morals onto me isn going to happen. ” Kyle loosened the grip on her and she fell to the ground.

”Now I deem you two as trustworthy. You two just went through the same thing Jacob and I went through our whole lives. Up until now, we had to follow everyone else just because we weren their type of race. You gave me the same answers I gave either you or a royal that was in my situation. Now everyone, lets train so we can beat these royals. We have some time; I think we can overthrow them in about three years. We need to also watch out for neighboring lands that want to invade us too. I heard they bred a quadbrid of their own too. The only difference is that their quadbrid isn mixed with a human. Its mixed with a dragon. If that quadbrid were to invade right now they would succeed. Kylar has been keeping them at bay, but since hes dead they
e most likely are going to make a move. We need to be ready. We may not like the royals but well probable have to work with them if we want to beat this quadbrid. ” Kyle walked to the screen and tapped it. A countdown appeared with the picture of the city with a barrier.

”We have three years until the barrier is lifted and the other quadbrid invades. You are not allowed to die. If you die, then Im only able to bring you back once. ” Stella stood up confused about what Kyle said.

”You have a lot of magic power. How come its only once? ” Kyle took a deep sigh and started to explain the side effects to the spell.

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