Quad Brid

Kohlson Academy

Six hundred years ago, vampires, werewolves and Warlocks have lived peacefully for generations. Drakainia everyone was on equal terms. Until a hybrid declared war on all races. This hybrid took down all the leaders of each race single handily. A vampire and a werewolf mixed into one being took everyone by surprise. His name was Carlos Kolhson. He then separated all the races so they couldn make anyone stronger than him. That is until the warlocks, vampires and werewolves got together to make a tribrid. That didn end well because he was worst than the hybrid. He created laws that anyone breeding with different races will be killed.

The hybrids and tribrids continue to grow over the years and they ruled with a iron fist. The humans were peasants, werewolves were poor, warlocks were middle class, and vampires were nobles. Hybrids and tribrids were basically royalty. In secret one warlock took the blood of a vampire, the blood of a werewolf, the blood of a warlock, and the blood of a human. He created a being stronger than a hybrid and tribrid. A quadbrid, the strength of a vampire and werewolf. Then the magic attributes of a warlock. To keep this person a secret from the royals, he put the baby with a human family and made them promise to keep all but his human side suppressed. They agreed and Kyle grew up thinking he was only a human. He wanted to go to school, but his parents homeschooled him. His mom worked as a fashion designer and his dad worked directly in the royal territory as a shop owner.

Kyle never understood why he was kept from the other kids. Or why his parents never let him go to school. Kyle found out about vampires, werewolves and warlocks. He wanted to meet them to see how they are. His mom and dad weren having it. Kyle thought that hed die from meeting them, but in truth theyll recognize how powerful he is.

Kyle starts to become too smart for homeschooling so as a result he has to go to regular school. No other school is open except the for only vampire, werewolves and warlocks. Kyle is excited that he gets to go to school and meet people, but his parents still feel uneasy. He was taught how to fight at a young age so he can use self defense if someone bullies him. He doesn have the strength of a vampire or werewolf, but he believes he can inflict damage on them. Ever since Kyle was a baby they have been slipping werewolf poison, and vampire poison in his system so his vampire and werewolf side wouldn show or grow. Hes usually upstairs in his room looking down on at the children playing in the street.

”Kyle, come downstairs we have something to tell you. ” Kyle rushed downstairs on the off chance that hell be able to go to school.

”What is it mom? Can I go to school now? ” His mom sighed and said yes. Kyle was so excited to go to school to meet new people. He asked to go outside, and his mom said yes. Kyle started smiling and ran outside.

”This is a dream come true, I never expected my mom to tell me yes. ” Kyle sees a group of people picking on a short kid. He walked over to them and told them to stop.

”Who is this kid? ”

”Im Kyle, I would appreciate it if you stopped picking on people. ” They walked to surround Kyle, but he was ready to use the self-defense he learned. The first boy ran to punch Kyle. He missed and Kyle threw him over his shoulder. The next boy rushed in, and Kyle tripped him. The boy fell into the wall hurting his face. The last boy grabbed Kyle from behind, but Kyle was already one step ahead of him. Kyle jumped up and when he came down, he flipped the bully over him. Kyle walked over to help the boy.

”Are you okay, whats your name? ”

”My name is Jacob, its nice to meet you. Thank you for saving me earlier. They always pick on me because Im smaller than everyone else. ”

”Its nice to meet you too Jacob. Im Kyle, don worry about those bullies anymore. They won pick on you if you stick with me. You want to be friends? ”

”Yes, I would like to be friends with you. ”

”Awesome, come on over to my house, my mom is cooking a big dinner tonight. ” Kyle grabs Jacob and runs over to his house in excitement. He bursts into the house while his mom is in the kitchen. He calls out to his mom, and she comes to the living room.

e back already Kyle, whos that? ”

”This is my new friend Jacob, I saved him from three bullies. Can he stay for dinner? ”

”If he wants too then he can. You don want to force him to do something he doesn want to do. ” Kyle looks over at Jacob to see if he looks sad or nervous. Jacob had his head down because it was his first time at someones house.

”Its okay Jacob, you don have to stay for dinner. We can just go back out and play. ” Jacob lifted his head and smiled; Kyle smiled too so they went back out to play. After that day Kyle and Jacob became best friends. Kyles parents kept him homeschooled until he turned sixteen. The only downside to Kyle going to school was there was only a school for werewolves, vampires, and warlocks. Kyles dad brought him into the royal territory to show him around and give him a rundown on what not to do.

”Kyle, you
e sixteen now. Which means its only a matter of time before you leave to live on your own. The royal territory is different from the place we
e from. The royal territory is all royalty. Disrespecting one of them could be fatal. They have a zero-tolerance policy on people like us. One wrong or accidental move, you could die. You must bow your head to a royal no matter how cruel or mean they are. Try not to stick out because then youll end up on the royals radar. We can have you starting trouble here because me or your mom can save you. ”

”I understand dad, Ill be careful. ” Kyle and his dad continued to walk around the royal territory until a royal bumps into Kyle and drops her handkerchief. Kyle notices that she dropped it and picked it up. He walks up to her and taps her on the shoulder. She turns around and a disgusting look came on her face.

”Excuse me, you dropped this. I wanted to return it to you. Im Kyle, you must be a royal. Its a pleasure to meet you. ”

”Ew, you disgusting peasant, get away from me. Why would you even associate yourself with me? ”

”I just wanted to give you your handkerchief. Im sorry that I tapped you, but I don know your name. ” Kyles dad ran over and smacked Kyle in his head.

”Kyle you idiot, why would you go and make trouble with a royal. Did you not learn that it will not end well for you if you get on their bad side? Apologize to the pretty lady and come on. We still have to go get your uniform from the academy. Bow your head and apologize. ”

”Dad, I wasn trying to start trouble. I was trying to return her handkerchief to her. She called me a peasant when I didn even offend her. I just simply tapped her shoulder and handed her the handkerchief. If I knew it was going to be a problem, I wouldve left it there. Why can there be equality between everyone? ”

”Because son, Hybrids and tribrids rule over everyone. Just let it go, apologize so we can be on our way. ”

”Im sorry maam for causing trouble, I promise it won happen again. ” She looked at Kyle and grabbed her handkerchief.

”Thank you, peasant, for returning my handkerchief. In return I won have you killed. You can thank your father for that. Lucky for you hes respected by the royals and nobles. ” She walked away and Kyle lifted his head up. They walked towards the school to grab his uniform. Kyle didn understand why humans were treated so badly but he wanted to change that. Kyle hoped that Jacob got into the same school so they could try to be in the same class. Kyles dad went back to shop for a bit, so Kyle decided to walk around school. He came across a bunch of nobles and royals talking. He walks past without saying anything, but they notice him anyway.

”Look, livestock walking down the hallway. We should have a snack before dinner. ” One of the vampires grabbed Kyle by his neck and lifted him off his feet. Kyle was struggling to get him off, but it was no use. ”

”Put him down. ” A voice that came from the end of the hallway. To Kyles surprise it was the same girl that called him a peasant. She was with a group of people too.

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