Quad Brid

Jacob\'s Incident

The vampire looked at her and dropped Kyle to the floor. She walked over and pinned him against the wall so fast that Kyle couldn see what happened.

”School didn even start yet and you
e already scaring the new student. You bring shame on nobles. ”

”S-Stella, I didn see you there. Im sorry, please forgive me. I didn know that this livestock was your friend. ” Her face raged with anger, she started to crush his neck.

”Did you call that peasant my friend? Lets get one thing clear, Im not his friend. His dad is a well-respected shop owner in royal territory. I helped him considering that his father will be heartbroken that his son died in the same place that he trusted his son to be in. Don stoop so low to ever call that peasant my friend. ” She got off his neck and he gasp for air. She walked over to Kyle and helped him up.

”Thank you miss Stella; I appreciate that you stood up for me. ” She grabbed Kyle by his neck and held him up in the air in front of everybody. She began to choke him hard leaving him gasping for air.

”Lets get one thing straight peasant. I did this for your father. I wouldve let him kill you if you father wasn working in the royal territory. Learn your place you filthy human. ” She dropped Kyle and walked off leaving him with everybody that was there. The group of people that was with her left with her too. Kyle got up, brushed himself off and went to the office. He met a vampire and a hybrid. So far, they
e not his biggest fan. He walked to the office to get his uniform. Then he went to meet with his dad. His dad sees Kyle upset about something and he has an idea what its about.

”Kyle, whats wrong buddy? What happened at the school? ”

”I met a vampire today, he called me livestock. Then the royal girl was there too. She said Im only alive because of you. Is it really that bad to be human? ” Kyles eyes start tearing up. His dad hugs him and starts reassuring him that everything is going to be okay. They went home and Kyle went straight to his room without saying anything. Kyles mom becomes concerned because she never saw Kyle in that kind of state before.

Kyles dad stopped her from approaching Kyle and shook his head no. She looked at him and that made her be more worried about Kyle. Kyle didn come out his room that night. Which means he didn eat dinner. Since he didn eat dinner, he didn suppress his inner vampire, and werewolf. In the morning Kyles mom realized that Kyle didn eat dinner last night.

”JOSH ” she called loud and in terror. He came rushing downstairs because its early in the morning and it could be something bad.

”What is it, what happened? ”

”Kyle didn eat dinner last night. Which means he didn have the werewolf and vampire poison in his system. What if his genes start manifesting and it gets out that hes a quadbrid. ”

”His genes won manifest; hes been taking them for all his life so they must be gone by now. If its too much, double the dose tonight. ” Right then and there Kyles mom decides to travel to the warlock to get more vampire and werewolf poison. Kyle calls his best friend Jacob in his room to tell him about yesterday.

”Jacob, I met a vampire and hybrid yesterday. ”

”Thats awesome, did you make any friends with them? ”

”No, the vampire called me a livestock. The hybrid called me a peasant. The hybrid name is Stella, shes really pretty. I don know the vampires name, but he was a jerk. Did you go get your uniform yet? Also, what class are you in? ”

”Yes, I went today to pick it up. Nobody was there though. My dad thought it was a mistake for the wrong day, but they were on a lunchbreak. I think Im in class one B. How about you? ”

”Im in class one C, that means we
e not in the same class. This sucks balls, this sucks a lot of balls. ” Kyles dad burst into the room with a disappointing look on his face.

Kyle, there will be no ball sucking in this house. I don care about how many balls you have to suck. Hey Jacob, did you get your uniform and homeroom number? ”

”Hey Mr. Jackson, yes, I got my uniform and Im in class one B. We aren in the same class this time. ”

”Oh man, thats a bummer. I know yall was looking forward to being in the same class. Now remember, be careful with the royals and vampires. They despise humans with a passion. Don make any of them mad. Jacob, be careful, even with my influence I got yall the bare minimum. ”

”Got it Mr. Jackson, well be careful. ” Kyles dad leaves the room to help prepare dinner. Kyles mom came back with the poison and doubled the dosage in Kyles food. Kyles mom couldn find the measurer they usually use for Kyles food and doubled it. So, she just went off the top of her head accidentally pouring half of it in. Kyles mom started hearing the steps and poured half of the werewolf poison in to balance out the vampire poison. It was Kyles dad with Kyle, and she sat his food on the table for them to eat. Kyle is excited to go to school tomorrow that he eats his food fast. After five minutes Kyles body starts acting strange. His body is burning up, he starts getting dizzy. Kyles dad looks at the mom and looks back at Kyle.

”Mom, I don feel good. My body is on fire but freezing at the same time. I can see anything. I think Im- ” Kyle drops to the ground and starts coughing blood. Kyles mom starts getting more and more scared. Kyles dad runs towards Kyle and checks on his breathing. He looks back at his food and smells it.

”Kierra, how much of it did you pour in. The dosage never did this much on his body. It only made him tired. Double the dose shouldve just made him sleepier. ”

”I-I couldn find the measurer. I tried doing it off the top of my head and ended up adding half of it. Then I heard you two coming, so I panicked and added half of the vampire poisoning to balance it out. ”

”ARE YOU CRAZY? Why didn you say hold on or wait? Too much could kill him, we need him to overthrow the hybrids and tribrids. Kierra, how can you be so stupid? Lets just bring him to the warlock and see if he can heal him. ” They grab Kyle and bring him to the Warlocks mansion. Kyles body starts twitching and you can see both poisons fighting each other off. They arrive at the mansion and the poisons are still fighting.

”Kylar, are you here its really important? ” Kylar walks in to see Kyle in their arms fighting for his life.

”Oh dear, what happened? ”

”Kierra put too much poison in his food so the poisons in his body are fighting each other. Can you fix it or take the poison out? ” Kylar looked at me sighed and concluded.

”I can use magic to take it out. But if I do that, his warlock, werewolf and vampire gene won be suppressed anymore. Are you sure its okay that I do this? ” Kierra looked at Josh and Josh made his decision.

”Do it, its almost about time to tell him anyway. We can keep this from him anymore. Kylar, I want you fix it, make him who he really is. When he wakes up well have his magic attribute measured. ” Josh places Kyle on the floor so Kylar can get the poison out his system. Kylar activates a magic circle around Kyle. The magic enters Kyles body, and a mark appears on his hand. Kyles body is being released of all the poison. Which means that his genes won be suppressed anymore. After about three minutes the magic stops, and Kyle wakes up. Confused about everything going on he turns to his parents.

”Mom, dad, what happened? Where are we and whos that? ”

”This is Kylar, hes a warlock. Hes a close friend of ours and we have something to tell you. ” Kyle is anxious about what hes about to be told. He hopes its good news because he wants to feel better.

”We have kept something away from you all your life to keep you safe. You can tell anybody, not even Jacob. You
e not just human. You
e also mixed with a warlock, vampire and werewolf. You
e a quadbrid. We kept it a secret because if the hybrids and tribrids would kill you. ”

”I don understand, Im a quadbrid? How is that possible, you
e both human ”

”When your mother was pregnant, she was injected with vampire, werewolf and warlock blood to complete the process. You don have the vampire hunger thanks to the werewolf genes. But, you can still take human blood into your system. You
e vampire side is active, but it won show unless you feel a strong emotion. Know this.

If you kill someone, your werewolf gene will activate and when that does, youll be a hybrid. Don be scared Kyle, we are going to help you through this. Which do you want to master first? Your warlock or vampire side? ” Kyle head was spinning with the amount of information he just received. Then he thought to himself about the future. Hes the first ever quadbrid to ever exist. He took a deep breath because this is going to change his life forever.

”I want to master the warlock gene then the vampire gene. ” Kylar smiled and left the room for a bit. He comes back with a crystal ball and places it on the table.

”Kyle, place your hand on the ball, the brighter the ball glows the more the magic you have. Next, well see what you are the strongest in. ” Kyle places his hand on the crystal ball. Nothing happens for a few seconds. Then the ball glows so bright it lights up the entire mansion and everything within a two-block radius. The light dims down and the crystal ball is cracked severely. Kylars face is in utter shock and excitement. Kyles parents are too stunned to move. Then Kylar goes to grab a leaf, a rock, a cup of water, shadows, and lighting.

”Kyle, concentrate on each of these objects. If one of them start to lift up then thats what your magic attribute is. ” Kyle concentrates and all the objects lift, including one special artifact thats connected to the origin of warlocks. Kylars face is in shock and excitement again because Kyle can master everything. Since Kyle is still a secret to the world his mom starts to get worried.

”The warlocks at the school will sense him, how do we stop that from happening because hes registered as a human. We can change it either since every baby is required to get checked when their born. ” Kylar does a quick little spell that created a ring. He walked over to Kyle, pricked his finger and use the blood. He then, put the ring on Kyle and his magic powers got sealed.

”There, that way no one will suspect a thing. His magic is sealed inside the ring until he takes it off. It cloaks itself when its around other people and only Kyle can see it. ” They thank him and come home. Kyle heads upstairs to get ready for school while his mom and dad stay downstairs. Kyles mom is worried about the future they have for Kyle. Also, shes scared for her life and Kyles life because Kyle still have a long way to go.

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