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Stella\'s Determination

The next morning Kyle gets ready for school. Hes excited because hes now the first of his kind. Then he has the power to overthrow this unfair world. He wants to create a free world where everyone can have peace. Kyles mom calls him down for breakfast and he rushes downstairs. He sits down at the table and starts eating his breakfast fast.

”Slow down Kyle, your food isn going to run away from you. ”

”Sorry dad, today is the first day of school and I don want to be late. ” Kyle finishes his food then rushes out the house. He meets up with Jacob on the way and they walk together. They have a long walk to school, so they left early. School starts at eight, but from peasant territory to royal territory is two hours away. Walking would take too long but they do it anyway. Despite Kyles dad working in the royal territory, he never bought a car. Kyle is smiling the whole way there, but Jacob is nervous. Since he never met a vampire, werewolf or warlock, he has always feared them. One wrong move and its game over. After walking for two hours, they reached the school, and it was starting to open. Seeing mostly everyone arrive in cars made Kyle jealous but he never wanted to fit in. Besides walking is good exercise. They head to the cafeteria to wait to be able to head to their classrooms. When they got in everyone was separated by race. Werewolves stayed clear of vampires and warlocks. Warlocks wouldn contact anyone because their right below vampires in terms of status.

Kyle and Jacob sit at a table by themselves and the door closes. Its like the school was waiting for them to sit down. A few minutes passes and food for each group drops on the table. For the vampires, it was humans that were on death row. For the werewolves, it was dead animals, and the warlocks ate regular food. No food dropped for Kyle and Jacob though. They watched as everybody else ate their food and didn leave any trace left. The door opens and the royals walk in. Ignoring everyone as they eat their food wildly. Kyle looks at Stella, but she ignores his existence and keeps walking. Everyone else finishes eating so Kyle and Jacob head to class. Kyle enters his classroom and hes in a classroom with mostly royals. He bows his head in respect and heads to his seat. He sees that his seat is in the far back away from everyone else. He pulls out his phone and texts Jacob to see if the same thing is happening to them. The teacher walks in and Kyle puts his phone away.

”Welcome to your first day of Kohlson Academy. It was founded by our first ever hybrid. He created this academy to help you all reach you full potential. This school wanted to expand its reach so they started allowing humans to attend. Back there youll see a new face. Thats Kyle, you may know his father that works in the royal territory. Hes a well-respected human so we trust that youll give him a good welcome. ” The students start to look at Kyle and he felt the intense stares in their eyes. Kyle went lower in his seat so he wouldn be seen by everyone as much. A hour later passes and the students had to make their way to the outside field. The field had a track for running. A large grass area that covered mainly everything but the track. Everyone but Kyle had gym clothes on, so he had to sit this out.

Kyle watched the werewolves, vampires and warlocks fight each other. They were moving too fast for his eyes to see. Hed only see if the person was down. This made Kyle rethink about taking on a vampire or warlock. The werewolves weren moving as fast, but they were twice as strong. They broke down trees, made craters in the ground. It was almost like watching some fantasy fight. Seeing them fight made him realize how out of their league he is. Just fighting a werewolf would kill him. Kyle started to think that if one of them was that strong, just imagine how strong a hybrid or tribrid would be. They would kill him in an instant if he were to face them now. Even as a warlock it wouldn be enough to stop them. Jacob texted Kyle about his gym class but Kyle didn see the text because his phone was in his locker. After an hour gym class ends and Kyle heads back to his locker to grab his phone. Looking at his phone, he sees ten text messages from Jacob. Five missed calls from Jacob, his mom and dad. He starts to read the text messages and his phone drops to the ground. Everyone starts looking at him as his hands begin to shake. A group of werewolves walk over to him with a concerned look on his face.

”Hey, are you okay? ” Kyle was silent, he picked up his phone and walked off.

”Will Kyle Jackson please report to the main office. Its an emergency. ” Kyle starts running full speed down the hallway. Not knowing how fast hes going everyone is passing by him in an instant. The werewolf group runs after him to catch up to him. Kyle reaches the main office, and his mom and dad are there. Along with Jacobs parents. The principal walks out his office and tells them all to come in.

”It has been brought to my attention that a student here was severely injured during gym class. Jacob Wilkerson is now in the hospital in critical condition due to the actions of his classmates. Kyles body starts shaking because Jacob is a nice person. He didn deserve any of this. Kyle felt like he was to blame for leaving his phone in his locker during the incident.

”Did you find who was responsible for injuring Jacob? ”

”The whole class teamed up to fight him. He ran away but it wasn long before the students caught up with him and began to beat him. He has vampire bite marks, wolf scratches and third degree burns from the warlocks. ” Kyle slammed his hands on the desk with tears in his eyes.

”What did Jacob do to deserve this? Why did he have to become a target at this school? Just because hes human doesn mean they can do this to him. THIS WORLD IS UNFAIR. Humans getting scrapes from the bottom of the barrel just because we don have the strength to fight back. ”

”Calm down son, Jacob is going to be okay. Well visit the hospital after school with you so you can see him. Also, I thought I told you that Jacob is under my wing too. So why was he injured by the students under the teachers watch? ” The principal became silent, and Kyle left the room. Pure anger and hatred in his eyes. The werewolf group was waiting for him. His dad chased after him because he knew what would happen if Kyle let his emotions get to him.

”Kyle, you have to calm down. Ill talk to the royals to punish whoever did that to Jacob. You can let your anger get a hold of you. Take deep breaths. ”

”Why does it have to be Jacob? Hes been getting picked on since he was a child. Its these werewolves, vampires and warlocks that have us under their thumb. You want me to calm down when my best friend is fighting for his life because hes human. ”

”I know son, but you have to calm down. Theyll get justice, just put your faith in me. ”

”I put my faith in you when we enrolled, and you said wed both be safe. Dad, right now, Im starting to question whether your protecting the royals or protecting us. ” Kyle walked away leaving his dad stunned at his words. Kyles mom heard everything and tried to comfort Kyles dad. Kyles mom sees a pretty werewolf girl with a concerned look on her face.

”Whats wrong dear? Are you okay? Im sorry about my son, hes just very angry his best friend was injured. He was really excited to meet werewolves, vampires and warlocks. Now Im afraid that hell do something that hell regret in the end. Are you, his friend? ”

”No, I wanted to comfort him because he dropped his phone in front of everyone and started shaking. ”

”Kyle will be okay, don worry your pretty little head on it. I have to take this big baby home now, so well be going. ” Kyles mom takes Kyles dad home, and the werewolf girl runs after Kyle with her group following. She catches up to him sitting at the field by himself while everyone is having fun.

”Hey, your name is Kyle, right? ” Kyle looks and sees the werewolf girl.

”Yeah, my name is Kyle. Did you come here to beat me up because of what I said? Just get it over with, Im really not feeling the will to fight a werewolf. ”

”Im not here to fight you, I just want to get to know you. My name is Riley, Im a werewolf, as you already know. I like to hang out with friends, read books and play video games. ”

”Im Kyle, human, I like to have fun with my best friend James. I like to play video games too, but I only play with James. Your werewolf friends don seem too fond of you talking to me. ”

”Don mind them, they hate humans for killing them centuries ago. Just ignore them for now. Theyll start to grow on you. ” Stella walked up to Kyle who was sitting down in the grass.

”Hey peasant, are you okay? I can smell your emotions from across the field. ”

”Why do you care? Just plug your nose or something, I don want to speak to a vampire right now. ”

”Excuse you, Im a vampire and a werewolf. My sense of smell came from my werewolf side. I heard about your friend Jacob, hes in my class. If I knew he was your friend, I wouldve looked out for him. ”

”Why, because my dad is highly respected? Just because my dad is kissing up to you royals don mean hes highly respected. He got us into the school on bare minimum. You really think that hes highly respected? The minute he does a minor crime, theyll kill him without a second thought. Your highly respected royals don care about us. You calling me peasant proves my point. I got nothing to say to you, you royals are all the same. ” Kyle gets up to walk away but Stella grabs his arm.

”Wait, we
e not finished talking yet. I want to bless you with being my friend. Your friend Jacob can be blessed to be my friend too. Nobody will ever touch yall. ”

”Stella, I don want to be your friend. I would rather be beaten within an inch of my life daily than to kiss up to a royal. Your kind shunned us of ever having a good life. Forced to submit to everyone else because we
e not strong enough. Everyday we have to try to not piss you royals off so we can live a full life. You want to be our friend? Act like you actually care about us. ” Kyle pulled his arm away and walked off. Leaving her stuck and shocked she sees that everyone saw what happened.

Riley walked off leaving Stella by herself, which made it more embarrassing for her. She started walking quickly to catch up with Riley who wasn fond of Stella either.

”Riley wait, lets walk together to go find Kyle. ”

”Are you helping him to protect your status, or are you helping him because you want too? ”

”Why can it be both? ”

”If Kyle wasn human, I would consider him to be my husband. ”

”Are you serious? You
e just making his point more and more valid. You should be showing him that not all royals are the same. Maybe if you weren too worried about what others thought of you. Then you could understand Kyle. I actually want to be his friend. So, Im going to show him not all werewolves are bad. Ill help you, but you have to want to help yourself. Until then, I don want to be catch being seen with you ” Riley ran off leaving Stella confused about what she said. She thought to understand Kyle, she has to spend the day with him.

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