Quad Brid

Encounter with The Alpha

Not knowing that Kyle really hates royals. That makes Stella determined since shes never been rejected before. Kyles back in class in the far back away from everyone to avoid talking to them. Riley enters the classroom and sees Kyle in the far back of the classroom. She grabs her desk and puts it next to Kyle ignoring everybody. Stella walks in after a few minutes and does the same thing.

”Peasant, I mean Kyle. How are you feeling? ”

”If you
e here to protect your status, get up and leave. ”

”N-N-No, Im here to check up on you. Jacob sounds like a good friend. If you can pay for his treatment, Ill be happy to pay for you. ” Kyle looks up and sees everyone whispering to themselves about Stella.

”Wow, I never saw Stella respect a human before. I guess the world must be ending. ”

”Stella talking to a peasant. Its like shes shoving dirt in the royals face. ”

”That livestock is going to get cocky now that Stella is talking to him. ” Kyle slowly stands up. He takes a deep breath and yells shut up at the top of his lungs. Everyone turns to look at him in a disgusting way.

”You people are all the same. You talk down on everyone just because they
e in a different social class than you. I can believe I actually wanted to meet yall. This world is built around vampires, hybrids and tribrids. You build yourselves up by tearing down on everyone else. You prey on people you know that can fight back and it makes me sick. I really believed that vampires, werewolves and warlocks were good people and cool. Now that I met yall, I can only vouch for a werewolf. ” Kyle sits back down after he angered his whole class.

”What do you know human? You hate that we
e superior, you
e just trash. Feeding grounds for vampires and royals. Your friend Jacob got whats coming to him. You
e lucky your father is highly respected by the royals or you wouldve been right with him. ”

”Thats right, we can do whatever we want to humans because you humans are mistakes. ”

”What gives you the right to criticize us when you came here unwanted. ” The teacher walks in and the class settles down.

”Before we get started, Kyle your parents are here. They came to get you out early. They also suggested that Riley goes with you. Pack up your stuff, you two are free to go. ” Stella slams her hands on the desk and stands up.

”What about me? Why can I go? Im Kyles friend too. ”

”Stella, his parents didn ask for you. You can go but if they don want you around, I want you to come back. ” Stella smiles and packs her things along with Kyle and Riley. They leave and meet Kyles parents outside. Kyle still upset about what happened, doesn want to talk to his dad.

”Kyle kiddo, how are you feeling? ”

”Dad, until you stop kissing up to the royals, we have nothing to talk about. Where is Jacob staying? ”

”Kyle, its not your fathers fault that the royals respect him. They like his gift shop, which is the reason you
e able to attend here. Be grateful we let you even come to school. I wanted to keep you homeschooled, but your dad backed you up. ”

”Im sorry dad, my head isn in the right place right now. ”

”Its okay buddy, you just miss Jacob, which is why we
e taking him to go get healed. ” Kyle faces lights up because he knows who hes talking about.

”Before we go, can we trust Riley and Stella to keep this secret? ”

”Riley is trustworthy, and Stella offered to pay for Jacobs treatment. So, she can come with us. ” Stella gets happy because Kyle started to open up to her. They leave to take Jacob to Kylars house. They arrive after three hours to Kylars mansion. They pick up Jacobs body and head inside looking for Kylar.

”Kylar, we need you its important. Its about Kyles friend Jacob. ” Kylar comes from the area he was in to see Jacobs limp body in Kyles dad hands.

”Oh dear, what happened to poor ole Jacob? These are some serious injuries. ”

”Some kids at school decided to use Jacob as target practice today. Left him like this why the teacher stepped out for a minute. ”

”My god, sit him down, Ill see what I can do. He has a lot of vampire venom in his system. If we keep it in his system, hell become a vampire. ”

”If he becomes a vampire, then his parents will be killed. Then hell become a noble. ”

”He doesn want to be a vampire, but hes dying. Kylar, is there a way to get it out without killing him? ”

”No, there isn , best guess is to have him become a vampire and control his thirst. Im sorry, I can heal his injuries and take away the werewolf poison out his body. But the vampire venom is already in his veins. ” Kylar removed the werewolf venom and healed Jacob. Jacob suddenly jumps up not knowing where he is. He looks over at Kyle then grabs him by the neck and tackled him to the floor.

”Why didn you answer your phone? I was being beaten within an inch of my life. Its your fault, so now you will die. ” Jacob started choking Kyle hard while he struggled to get his hand from around his neck. Kyles dad rushed over but was thrown through the wall. Riley tried but he knocked her out. Stella rushed over and snapped his neck. Jacob fell to the ground and Kyle let out a loud gasp as he was able to breathe again. Kylar restrained Jacob to find out what went wrong. Kyles dad came from the wall limping seeing Jacobs body on the floor.

”What was that? Its like he was taken over by pure rage and hatred. ”

”My guess, someone got to James and activated the vampire venom before we got to him. Then put a false vision in his head that Kyle didn want to come help him. ” Kyle struggled to his feet but dropped back down. Kyles body wasn getting air due to being choked by a vampire. Kylar looked over and saw the state Kyle was in.

”Kyle, take off the ring and heal yourself. ”

”He can , if he does then theyll know about it. ”

”He thinks their trustworthy enough to be here then they should know. If not, Ill wipe their memory if things go bad. Kyle can depend on my magic anymore. Kyle take off the ring and heal yourself or youll die. ” Kyle shakes his head yes and removes the ring. His body starts healing, but Riley and Stella are in complete shock about whats going on. His neck heals and he can breathe again. He puts the ring back on with Riley and Stella looking at him.

”I know you girls may be confused but don blame Kyle. Sit down, Ill tell you what Kyle is. ” Everybody moves to the couch while Kylar fixes Jacob.

”When Kyles mom was pregnant, it was a terrible pregnancy. Kyle almost didn make it. We went to Kylar for help and in return for helping us. He would want us to carry the child of prophecy. The prophecy states that one day a child of a human, vampire, werewolf and warlock will come forth and create either peace or destruction. Our job is to make sure Kyle brings peace. From the moment Kyle was born, we kept him away from everything that could trigger his genes. If the royals found out about Kyle, then they would kill us. Then kill Kyle to stay at the top. We fed Kyle werewolf poison and vampire poison. We kept him from magic until he had too much vampire and werewolf poison to the point that the poison was killing Kyle by fighting in his body. Kylar removed the poison that kept his genes suppressed. Now Kyle is training to master his Warlock side, then hell master his vampire side. Then hell master his werewolf side. Would you two like to help Kyle in mastering his other genes? ” It was a lot for them to take. Knowing that they kept a secret this big for years.

”What will happen if the royals find out about Kyle? ”

”They will kill us, then kill him. Since hes not experienced with his genes itll be easy to kill him. ” Riley agreed to help Kyle but Stella still feeling unsure about her actions.

”I want to help, but it will be disrespecting my father and mother. ” Kyle stood up with a serious look on his face.

”Stella, if you
e so worried about your status have Kylar erase your memory of all of this then leave. If not then help, we aren forcing this on you. If you don want to help, then don . Riley will just help me, and Ill find another vampire to help me. ”

”No, absolutely not, I will help you because Riley will not outdo me. I am a royal after all. Its my job to help people in need. ”

Kyles face changed because Stella became cocky. Kylar walks over to the area they
e at and has a plan.

”Why don Stella teach Jacob and Kyle? Or have them trained together. ”

”Thats a good idea, will you do it Stella? ”

”Yes, I will help train them both. I can even marry Kyle and hell become a royal and change the world. ” Kyle, Riley, Kylar, Kyles mom, and Kyles dad looked at Stella with a weird look. She started to blush and put her head down. They settled to have them trained at Kylars house. Kylar starts training Kyle to control his warlock powers. Jacob woke up from his sleep wondering what happened. He was fully healed and doesn remember that he choked Kyle. He walked into the room everyone else went and his eyes widened with shock and excitement. He looked at Kyle who was practicing his magic. Kylar looked over at Jacob, then motion him to come over but quietly. Jacob walked over in amazement that Kyle is practicing magic. Kyle stops practicing magic and looked over to Jacob.

”Jacob, how do you feel? How does it feel to be a vampire now? ” Jacob had a confused look on his face then turned to a mirror. His skin was normal, but his teeth weren . He looked at his hands and found skin cells. He started looking around then noticed marks on Kyle neck. He started tearing up and ran to hug Kyle.

”Kyle, Im so sorry. I didn mean it, I don know what came over me. Please forgive me. I swear I didn know what I was doing. ” Kyle hugged him back and smiled.

”Its good to have you back Jacob. This is Riley, shes a werewolf. ” When Kyle pointed at Stella, Jacob ran over there and grabbed her by the neck. Even though Stella is a royal, she couldn move his hand.

”YOU, I know you. You
e the one who had everyone use me as target practice. Just because Kyle pissed you off. Now that Im a vampire I wonder what would happen if I fed on you. ” Everyone looked at Stella as her head went back and she struggled to get his hand off. His grip got tighter, and her hands started to slowly fall from his arm. Kyle walked over to Jacob and tapped his shoulder. He gasped and dropped Stella. She gasped loud and started coughing. Kyles dad went over to her to make sure she was okay. Kyles mom walked over to her and gave her rabbit blood.

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