Quad Brid

The Tribrids

She drunk the rabbit blood as quickly as she could. After finishing the rabbit blood, she started breathing heavy. She looked up and everyone was looking at her. Jacob was still giving her an angry look because hes convinced that it was her. Kyle walked over to Stella and helped her up.

”Stella don lie because if you do, your mother and father will have to file a missing persons report. Did you have the other students attack Jacob? ”

”What, no I didn . Im not even in his class my sister is. She came to me bragging about how she managed to get everyone to beat on a human and she even fed on him. Thats how I found out, then I saw you running in the hallway. By the way, you were too fast for a human. Riley had a hard time catching up to you with the rest of the wolf pack. ” Kyle had a confused look on his face because he didn run that fast. Jacob started breathing hard and panting. Everyone was looking at him and Jacobs fangs started growing. Jacob starts to look at Stella, then he looks at Riley, then he looks at Kyle. Jacob had become a full vampire. There was no predicting what hed do. Jacob rushed Riley to fulfill his thirst. Kyle grabbed Jacob and pulled him away from Riley. As a result, Jacob started to feed on Kyle. Kyle started screaming and everyone struggled as they tried to pull Jacob off Kyle. Jacob snapped back to his senses after feeding on Kyle. Kyle was laying on the ground bleeding out. Kyles vampire and wolf healing kicked in at the right time and healed Kyle, Jacob started crying again. Riley is about to rush Jacob for losing control again but Stella stops her. Kyle gets up and rushes Jacob. This time Kyle is going to actually hurt him. Riley stops Kyle, but before Kyle swung his hand back. He stops himself. Stella got a jealous look on her face and walked over to them.

”Riley, what are you doing? Kyle is going to be my husband. Hes not going to be yours, stop looking at him like that. ”

”Like what? I was just stopping him from doing something he was going to regret. ”

”Take your hands off him, I got him. Hes mine, Im even going to introduce him to my parents one day. ”

”Okay, good for you. I already have someone I have to get married too. So, Kyle is all yours. ” Riley lets go of Kyle and goes sit down. Stella wraps herself around Kyles arm.

Kyle pulls away and goes sit down. Kylar had Kyle put another ring on because his other genes are coming and its too soon to. They left to go home, but it was really late at night. Kyles parents offered Stella and Riley to spend the night with Jacob and Kyle. Riley said yes and Stella said yes because she didn want Riley being alone with Kyle. As they
e walking back, they get ambushed by a group of werewolves. They were surrounded by the group with nowhere to go. They rushed Kyles parents, but Kyle punched each one in their nose as soon as they got close. Stella just used her werewolf genes to scare them off. One of the werewolves managed to grab Riley. Kyle grabbed Riley and punched the werewolf.

”Who are these people? ” Kyles mom asked scared. ”What do they want with us? ”

”I don know mom ” Kyle said reassuring her. ” Do you have something they want? ” Kyles mom is silent, everyone starts looking at her. While everyone is distracted another werewolf comes. Hes bigger than the other werewolves so Kyle figure out he was the alpha. The alpha roared so loud that their ears was bleeding. Everyone dropped to the ground and the werewolves knocked them out. They put bags over their heads and brought them back to where their staying. The bags were removed, and the werewolves was looking at them with an evil look. Kyle looked around and saw that Riley has a scared look on her face.

”Riley, whats wrong? ” he asked. She looked at him and tears started to drop from her face. The biggest werewolf turned back into his human form.

”I assume you know why you
e here? ” he said trying to scare us. I looked around and some of the werewolves have the academy uniform on. Kyle started to think that its a prank.

”If this is a prank, its not a very good one ” Kyle said proudly. The alpha walked over to Kyle and punched him in the stomach. Riley was still silent then Stella said something.

”You know that Im a royal. This is kidnapping, I could have you all killed for this. ”

”I could care less about you royals. How about I kill you now, maybe the royals would care if I killed one of them. ” Stella became quiet then Kyles dad finally spoke up.

”This has to be a misunderstanding; we were just walking home from a friends house. We didn do anything bad. ”

”You kidnapped my daughter. That is bad, her protection detail told me that you kidnapped her and forced her to help your son. ”

”What? Thats a lie, we never kidnapped anyone. ” Riley finally snapped back to her senses and stood up.

”Dad, they didn kidnap me. They didn force me to help Kyle. I chose to do it on my own. Ralph. Leo and Mike lied to you. ” Everyone looked at her in a shocked and she started untying everyone. Stella still silent after her royal status didn save her. She was beginning to realize that her being a royal wouldn matter to anyone if they don respect them. Before they turned to leave, Rileys dad stopped them.

”Before you go, let me see how strong the boy is. I want to know if hes the next alpha. ” Josh looked at Kyle, then looked at the alpha.

”Yes, if hes going to be an alpha then hes what we need to overthrow the royals. ”

”Overthrow the royals? ” Josh realized what he said and covered his mouth. Everyone shook their heads in disappointment. Then Josh started explaining what Kyle is and what they expect to happen when the royals fight Kyle. The alpha was interested and became happy.

”I like your plan to create peace. Im going to help in anyway I can. We
e tired getting treated like second class citizens. ” Riley began to smile then it faded because she knew what was coming next.

”Riley, instead of marrying Lason, you
e going to marry Kyle. ” Everyone looked back including Lason.

”With all due respect sir, Im an alpha. You can trust your daughters life with someone who just found out he was a werewolf. ” Riley put her head down, but Stella was furious.

”No, absolutely not. I don accept this. I wanted to make Kyle my husband. Riley doesn even like Kyle in the slightest. ” Kyle looked at Riley, then looked at Stella. He knew he had to say something to make this better.

”Sir, I don think that you should force your daughter into marriage. She won be happy marrying someone she doesn love. You should let Riley choose who she wants to marry. ” The alpha looked at Kyle then smiled. Riley picked her head up because nobody ever dared to talk back to an alpha werewolf.

”I like you kid, you
e the first person to talk back to me. You have my daughters intentions at heart. Sadly, I can allow her to marry who she wants. I have to think of the future of the pack. ”

”The future of the pack is more important than your daughter? That doesn sound real father like to me. You can expect your daughter to love you and lookup to you if you
e forcing her to do things she doesn want to do. ” Josh was about to step in, but Jacob stopped him.

”Kyle, if I allow my daughter to marry anyone she chooses too, and it happens to be you. Would you accept it? Will you be able to help her take care of the pack? ”

”If she chose me yes. I would take the responsibility of what I have to do. I wouldn marry her if she has too. I would marry her if she wants too. I never understood forcing your child to marry someone that doesn make them happy. I wouldn care if it was for the pack. The pack can suck balls for all I care. No offense, but I would want my child to be happy. ”

”Suck balls? What does that mean? Im five hundred eighty-seven but I never heard that term before. ”

”Wow, you
e ancient, I mean wise. It means that its bad or in a way its to say this is bad. Me and my friend Jacob came up with it. ”

”Your friend is a vampire, we don allow vampires in here, kill him. ” The pack starts to surround Jacob, but Kyle steps in front of him. Jacob starts to smile but it fades when the pack starts attacking. Kyle is doing his best to fend off the werewolves, but it starts getting difficult too. The alpha turned into a werewolf and charged. Thinking that Kyle was going to move, he opened his mouth ready to bite Jacob. Kyle stands there firm and ready to take a bite. Until Stella pushes Kyle out the way.

Kyle gets up and rushes the alpha before he bites Stella. Before the alpha made contact Kyle tackles him to the ground. The alpha roars loudly shaking the room. Kyles eyes turn bright yellow, and his fangs grow in. He begins to roar back even louder creating cracks in the wall. The alpha stop which made Kyle stop. Kyle got up and the werewolves surrounded him and bowed. Everyone was confused about what was going on. The alpha got up and kneeled in front of Kyle.

”In all my years of living, I never encountered a tribrid alpha. I apologize for trying to kill your friend. ”

”Lift your head up, all of you lift your head up. We are going to change this country for the better. Ill need all your help. But first we are going to make some changes. Marry who you want, there aren anymore forced marriages. If the royals stop by, tell them that you have a new leader and Im calling the shots. Its about time I stop the patriarch. ” Kyle turned to leave, and all the werewolves started howling. They arrive home and Kyle is tired. He heads upstairs to change and go to sleep. His eyes returned to normal, but his fangs didn go back. Jacob came up to Kyles room along with Stella and Riley. Jacobs fangs went down because he was giving something to keep them down. Stella got in Kyles bed and tapped the bed so Kyle could lay down with her.

”Kyle, come lay with me. ”

”Are you sure you want me to lay there? I mean I am a peasant after all. ”

”Stop playing and lay down. Im tired, and I want to sleep with you. ” As Kyle was getting into bed. Kierra walks in and pulls him back.

”Kyle, please try to keep it in your pants tonight. Riley, you sleep with Stella. Kyle and Jacob will sleep in sleeping bags. I don want any unnecessary breeding or love making in this room. ” Kyles face began to blush, and he quickly turned to his mom.

”Mom, please have a filter when you say things. That was embarrassing and quite uncomfortable. ”

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