Quad Brid

Kyle Snaps

The ring on Kyles finger starts glowing more. Riley grabs Kyle to calm him down, but it doesn work. Three warlocks walk up laughing.

”This human must have bad luck. You picked the wrong warlock to mess with. Isn this the second time he got injured here? ” Kyles eyes start glowing yellow and Stella notices. She runs to Kyle and kisses him. Throwing everyone in the area off guard. Riley blushes and pulls Stella off him.

”Wha- Stella what are you doing? ”

”I couldn think of anything else to calm down. ” She whispered ” his eyes were beginning to glow. He was about to expose himself. ” Riley understood and looked at Kyle who still has said anything since he saw Jacobs body.

”You must be Max; you want your fight. Well, you got one now, pick a time and place, Ill make you wish that you regret meeting me. Make sure its secluded too. I don want people to see what Im going to do to you. ”

Riley and Stella both figured out what Kyle was planning to do. Stella walked over to Max and tried to plead with him.

”Max, for your safety please call off the fight. ”

”Are you saying that a mere human is strong enough to beat me? Im the strongest warlock here. Nobody has been able to defeat me. Fair enough, Ill pick a place, invite your family and friends to pick up your limp body when Im done. ” Kyle smiled and walked away. Stella became worried so she went to the principal. Riley went with her because they had to find out a way to stop the fight. If they can then the warlocks won be happy when their kind lose to him. They arrive at the principals office to see Kyles and Jacobs parents there.

”Mr. Axel, we have to talk to you about something important. It involves Kyle and Max. ”

”It has to wait; Im dealing with another situation right now. Come back later. ”

”It can wait sir, something bad is going to happen to one of them. They
e going to fight sir. Kyle accepted his challenge. If this continues, something bad is going to happen. Kyle seemed determined to fight him too. ” Josh and Kierra looked over quickly.

”Is this because of Jacob? Please tell me Kyle didn see Jacobs body. Axel, find them and stop the fight before Kyle does something he regrets. It will be way worse than dealing with this situation. ” Axel had a confused look on his face. He directed everyone to a secret room in the office away from everyone.

”Kyle isn human, am I right? Hes the one who put three of the strongest tribrids in the hospital. I didn believe it at first but a royal getting injured by a human is impossible unless they have poison. What is Kyle exactly, so I know what Im dealing with? Josh took a deep breath; he knew he was going to have to come clean one day.

”Kyle is a human mixed with a vampire, werewolf and warlock. Hes the first ever quadbrid. We kept it a secret from him for sixteen years, so hes not experienced in control. Anger will bring out his werewolf and or vampire gene. If the royals found out about this. Then theyll kill Kyle and kill everyone who helped hide him. ”

”Who else knows about Kyle? ”

”Stella, Riley, Jacob, and Kylar. Kyle is training to be better at controlling his werewolf and warlock side. Kylar made Kyle a ring so nobody will figure out hes not human. ” Josh is worried that Axel will tell the royals, but he doesn care anymore.

”Alright, Ill keep the secret, mainly because Im married to a human in secret. I hate the laws so Kyle will be safe here. Once he exposes himself, he won be able to cover it up. We need to hurry. Theyll be fighting soon. ” Everyone rushes out the office to go find Kyle and Max. Meanwhile with Kyle and Max, they
e behind the school where nobody will see them fight. Max is being cocky. Kyle starts stretching and making sure hes good to do.

”You ready human, Im going to make you regret being born. ” Max starts releasing his magic aura which starts to shake the ground. Everyone in school senses his magic and assumes that Hes fighting another warlock. Kyle smiles and removes his ring. His magic aura shook everything within a ten-mile radius. Max face is shocked in horror when Kyle took his ring off.

”How can a mere human hold this much magic power. Its as strong as our ancestors. You can be his descendant. You
e only a human. ” The school was shaking with intensity until Kylar appeared. He knocked Kyle out which stopped the magic aura. Josh and everyone reach the location to see Kylar holding Kyle. Max dropped to the ground with his eyes widened.

”Kylar, hows Kyle? Wait, how and when did you get here? ”

”Kyle took off his ring. His magic aura shook the warlock territory to its core. I teleported here to take Kyle back with me. Bring Max, also bring Aaron. ” Kylar teleported away with Kyle and Max. Everyone in school thought it was under a terrorist attack from the intensity of the magic. Axel reassured everyone that everything is fine. They left to head to Kylar mansion who kept Kyle stored in a state. Kierra looked worried about Kyle, but Kylar reassured her.

”Kyles is okay. Hes stored in a state where no light or time passes through. This is his punishment for taking off his ring. ”

”Kyle was just angry his best friend got hurt again. ”

”If the warlock territory felt his aura, the royals did too. Theyll be looking for him. ”

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