Quad Brid

Last Night of Peace

re hungry. It seems unfair, but I was raised on this side. I can understand because I been to the human realm. Is it really all worth it that we
e not allowed to be with who we want in exchange for hybrids and tribrids being in power? ” That left her dad speechless. He never thought of it that way and everything made sense.

”I really have to meet your friend, take me to him tomorrow, Stella. I may like him because of the way he thinks. He might be your husband in the future. ” Stella was happy on the inside, but she knew deep down that they couldn get married. Also, Kyle is going to war with her type of people. Stella didn check her phone for the rest of the night which was a bad thing. In the morning, she was dragged out of bed by the tribrids. They brought her to the group with Kyle, Jacob, Josh, Keirra, Riley, and Kylar. Shes confused and they chain her hands and throw her with them. The hybrids and tribrids all gathered including Stellas father. Stella figured out what was going on at that exact moment. The head of the tribrids began to speak while silence fell the room.

”You are all gathered here today for the suspicion of breeding a quadbrid and keeping it a secret. Plead your case, we have a warlock on standby that can confirm if you
e lying or not. ” Stellas eyes widened with shock and fear because they all could be killed if they prove that its true. Kyle took a deep breath and stood up. The group didn know what he was doing so they were even more scared.

”Before I answer your question, I want to ask a question of my own. ”

”Permission granted, speak your mind boy. ” The whole group knew what was coming next.

”I would like to know, why humans are at the very bottom. You want to create peace, balance. Yet you let the vampires and fellow hybrids and tribrids do whatever they want with the humans. We can do the things you do so yall put us on the outskirts of the city. Everyday we
e treated less than trash because of what we are. You rule with an iron fist when it comes to cross breeding but never lift a finger to help the people in need.

To me, yall care more about people being stronger than actually keeping peace. All my life I wanted to meet hybrids, tribrids, werewolves,vampires, and warlocks. My first encounter with a hybrid, she called me less than trash and said I was a peasant. First encounter with a vampire, nearly bit me if Stella didn step in. First encounter with a warlock, he threatened everyone I cared about because I refused to fight him. Tribrids are even worse, I was beat by a group of tribrids because they didn like a human attending your academy. To me, these laws are unfair. Hybrids and tribrids are born every day yet they aren being punished for cross breeding because your royals. We cross breed, we
e sent off to be killed or imprisoned. So why is it so important that cross breeding is that bad? You scared of being surpassed in power? ” The room was silent, everyone was talking to themselves while the group started preparing for death. The head tribrid stood up like he made his final judgement.

”The world is balanced, the strong in power while the weak is not. The humans are food supply for the vampires and hybrids and tribrids. You can expect them to not feed on something they can get their hands on. The cross breeding is illegal because we don want a repeat of the past. What is your name boy? If theres a problem with being human, I can make you and your family vampires or hybrids. ”

”My name is Kyle; I don want to turn out like yall. Being a vampire isn the best thing. My best friend was attacked b vampires, so I don like vampires. They disgust me to the fullest. ”

”Kyle, what are you, because someone told me you
e a quadbrid. ” Kyle took a deep breath and said firmly.

”Im human, I been getting treated bad all my life because of me being a human. ” The tribrid looked over to the warlock and the warlock shook his head yes. The tribrid turned back to Kyle and had them all unchained. The head tribrid called for Max to be brought out. Max was dragged out and thrown to the ground.

”You told us that theres a quadbrid among us. That was a lie, the people you suspected weren holding any quadbrid. ” Max looked over at us in fear than turned back.

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