Quadruplets Gang

Miracle of Birth

The home room teacher, notices it is turned to lead his class to the room they will be studying for the next four years, so he gathers all eighteen of the students like sheep and order them to follow him to the second floor. The teacher was walking ahead while the students are on his behind, and behind the students are Roberto and Roby, both of them feeling weird at each other presence. They both feel like they know each other, but they do not know why or how.

”Who is this guy? ” asks Roberto and Roby on their minds at the same time as they took a small and quick peak at each other.

None of them knows they are actually the quadruplets from 15 years ago the Pitesti has got. A big birth like this it cannot be considered a small walk in the park. And at the time they were brought to the world, they were immediately sent to the adoptions, and they have all taken by different families. Each of them living on different areas of Pitesti.

The teenagers of class 9 E are entering the room which it will be used for a long time, and the place of either good or bad memories in their future. The students are entering one by one. The girl that looks like Roberto and Roby goes first, then other three students, after that comes the other guy looking like the three students, and nine students comes then Roberto and Roby.

As all of the students got into the classroom, some are running to the backseats, while some are running to the middle seats. This is the time which will be critical for their lives as teenagers. And surprisingly, the quadruplets students have got the middle seats. Roberto and Roby got at the second row of middle seats, while the other two looking students by different genders are sitting on the third row.

”Hey. ” says the girl from behind to Roberto and Roby.

The guys are looking at the girl and the boy on their back, all looking creeped out because of the similarity of their facial feature. Then, at the same time, they asked the same question.

”Who are you? ”

The girl with brown long hair, looks at Roberto, Roby, and the other kid, the one with long hair by tied like a ponytail. The surrounding kids didn pay much attention to it, because at the moment the teacher got into the class, and he started to introduce himself. Soon, the four students decided to look at their homeroom teacher and listen to what he has to say to them.

”Hello, students! My name is Urluescu Gavril. And I am the teacher which will be teaching you students biology, and also your home room teacher. As you can see, here, at the table of teachers, are approximately one hundred school books. In order of your seats you will come and take the books. We will start with the row from the right wall. ”

The first student comes to the teacher desk, he takes five school books, then he goes back to his seat. After that comes the other students from the left wing, then the ones from the middle rows, and finally the last row, taking the final books. There was none student left out with a school book which is something surprising.

”Now. I would like to meet all of you, and we will be starting with the left row from the wall. ”

The first student raised up from his seat, and he tells his name to the teacher. Then, the teacher notes the kid name on a piece of paper. After that comes the other one, and he does the same thing to every student. He notes the name of them because it will be used as a checking sheet, until the Catalog will be made and ready to use.

”My name is Alda Roberto. Nice to meet all of you. ” he says looking at every classmate from this room with a positive reaction, and at the teacher.

”M-My name is Greuceanu Roby. ” responds Roby to the students and teacher.

”My name is Popescu Roberta. ” says the girl with long brown hair, dressed with black and white clothes, to the students and the teacher.

”My name is Anton Robert. ” responds the fourth student with a ponytail that looks the same as the other three students.

The teacher only raised his eyebrows as these four students finished their introduction and continued with the others without saying anything.

After finishing the introduction and calling, he speak to them about this school, how are things going to follow and finally, he write the schedule of tomorrow day to the blackboard from this classroom. Which some students write it, or other, as Roberta, took the phone and snapped a picture of it.

Then, the students are leaving the classroom to prepare for the next day, all leaving in an uncivilized manner. As the kids left the class, the quadruplets were the last one remaining because they were all looking at each other crept out , and walking on almost the same length, before they were about to leave, the home room teacher asks them.

”Are you the quadruplets born in 24 December 2001? ”

They looked at each other not knowing to say, then they backed down, point at each other and said at a high voice tone, and said at the same time.

”Your birthday is on 24 December 2001? ”

The three brothers and sister are slowly looking at the homeroom teacher, who is staying at the desk, and he takes his phone from the pocket to search for the proof.

”I think you four were never able to meet. After your birthdays, all four of you have got separated. ” he looks at them, then he sighs. ”Your parents never mentioned you have a brother and sister, maybe three? ”

”No. ” says Roberta. ”They didn say anything about it. ”

”Neither mine. ” says Robert.

”No. ” responds Roberto.

Roby only shook his head in disapproval. The teacher is feeling weird because he has told them a thing their ”own ” parents never told them. He calls the students to come closer to his desk, to show them the article of the four students from the newspaper 15 years ago. The four siblings got close to the phone and looked at it, they read it on their thoughts, and after they took their phones off the phone, they are looking at each other.

Roberta kicked the leg of Roby, not so hard, and this made Roby says a big ”Ouch! ”, grab his leg and tell her in an angry manner.

”What was that for? ”

”Sorry. ” responds Roberta. ”I thought we can feel each other pain. Like twins. ”

Then all of a sudden, the other three students are feeling a quick pain on their legs, the exact zone where Roberta kicked Roby to be precise. The four of them are looking in disbelief at each other. Roby, after his pain was gone, he looks at his teacher.

”But, how do you know we are the same as the one in the picture? ”

”Because of three factors. ” responds the teacher to Roby. ”The article was made on 24th of December, and I was on that day at the Hospital as an assistant and helped you come upon this world. And, the chances of seeing four people having the same appearance, on the same city, and staying at the same school, it is an impossible probability. And the earlier myth from a few seconds ago about the twins feeling pain. ”

”Really? ” asks the four siblings at the same time.

”Yes. ”

Then, the teacher proceeds to tell the story of their birth on 24th December.

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