Quadruplets Gang

At Roberta home

It is a normal day of 24th December here on Pitesti. A day when common Christians are celebrating Christmas Eve. Or other people celebrate other holidays such as Christian Feast day, Independence Day in Libya and Days of Military Honour in Russia. But in Romania, it is celebrated Christmas Eve since most of its population has the Orthodox Christian religion.

But many people, do not have the privilege to celebrate the Christmas Eve, especially Doctors, Retail Store Workers, Programmers, and many more, since their work is hard and without stopping. Sometimes when you get a job you have to push away your happiness and do work in order to get papers which will be used to guarantee the life on this Earth. It can be either miserable, average or excellent, but now depends on your view, not others views.

And on this day, the person who has become a homeroom teacher of the Grade 9 E, is checking the data of the patients at the desk. He looks through all of the papers a bit concerned about the injures of some patients got on the day of 24th December. One of them is written he suffers a broken head due to a crash with a slide into a house. Another file states about a woman who has a pickle stuck on her women genitals. But the file who stood the most of all nine was of a pregnant patient.

”Sixteen years old girl pregnant. Having quadruplets. Name unknown, and father unknown. Address not specified and family relatives not shown… ” says Urluescu Gavril reading the document of that pregnant woman. ”Who is this person? ”

He sees a few doctors running on the hallways, to the elevators. One of the doctors saw Gavril at the desk, and he orders him to let the things there and come assist them at a pregnancy operation. Gavril has let the files under the desk, and runs to the elevators, where the other three doctors and four assistants are waiting for him.

”What is going on? ” asks Gavril to a doctor, an old doctor with a short grey hair.

”The teenage girl is going to give birth, today. We have to move quick! ”

”Really? ” asks Gavril surprised.

”Yes. ” says a woman assistant.

As the elevator got on the floor where the pediatry is floor it is situated, Gavril and the other doctors are running to the operation room, where they quickly dress into their uniforms and proceed to make this birth fast and careful. But thankfully, the birth was a success as you (the reader) can see, but not a success for the woman who has died when the last baby was born.

The first brought to this world was Robert at 9:21.

The second one was Roberta at 9:27, being six minutes later than her brother Robert.

The third child came faster than Roberta, it was Roby, this one came at 9:29, being only two minutes late than Roberta.

And the last one, is Roman, who came at 9:30, being only one minute later than Roby. And this last birth, was the one who ended the life of the teenage girl who brought four kids into this world. Even if she hadn died, she would never be able to grow the kids because of the lack of data and the fact that she has no home. But the homeroom teacher never told them the woman died when she brought Roman to the world, this would have made Roman feel very sad and fall into a depression state.

This teenage came yesterday into this Hospital, with no parents, nor accompanied by anyone. She came at a time when outside was at a temperature of -24 degrees Celsius, a temperature that will never be reached on this time because of climate change and people who manipulate weather for their own good. The staff of the Hospital reserved a room for her, after they saw the huge belly of the woman and saw her water broke the moment she entered the Hospital. They have let her on the Hospital beds for free and care for her until the time of birth would come.

But when she died, the staff of the Hospital were crying because of her death. It is not very rare to see teenage girl giving birth at an age where they should think about their studies and boys, but the fact that this woman brought four healthy babies to this world without any deformities shows how lucky and strong was the woman. But. Who is their father? A question that will unfortunately never be answered.

After her death, the Romanian press has made a lot of articles about this mysterious woman who brought quadruplets on the 24th December. Some of them states that this is a miracle from the God itself, while others were speculating the Dads of this kids might be a celebrity. But this became a boring subject after two or three days later like any new subject at that time when newspapers were still popular in Romania at that time.

After a few days in the Hospital, all four kids were sent to the Orphanages. And from there, they spent only a few days together, before they got adopted by four different families.


The quadruplets are all staying on the room, shocked and very terrified by the fact they are all related and have a mother who disappeared. The teacher did not state that the mother died when she brought Roman to the world, which made all four of them state that their mother is alive, but she ran away from them, abandoning at the Hospital and at the Orphanage.

”I cannot believe this. ” says Roman looking at his brother and sister. ”I never thought I had a brother, yet been hit with the fact hat I have two brothers and a sister. And all looking identical to me. ”

”What we should do now? ” asks Roberta.

”I don know. ” says the homeroom teacher. ”It is now up to you four. Now, if you will excuse me. ” he raises from the teacher desk. ”I have to fill some reports. All four of you should leave because w are going to close the school and reopen tomorrow. ”

”Bye, sir! ” says the teenagers, feeling a bit weird by leaving the classroom and walking into a group.

Outside the school Roberta, who was about to walk to the bus station, she look at her brother, and she asks them.

”Hey! o you want to come at my house? My mother prepared miso soup. ”

And all three brothers, have agreed to come at her house. Even though they are feeling a bit awkward by this situation. But this is a good opportunity for the quadruplets to become closer to each other.

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