The four teenagers are at a bus station, waiting for the bus with number 2 to arrive. They plan to go to Roberta house because she is the one who invited these boys. And this is a good moment for the quadruple to know better and the families who are taking care of them.

As they stay on the bus station, all four of the brother are standing there in silence, not knowing what to say to break the ice. Then, Roby decides to break the ice by asking.

”Have you ever thought this? ”

”Thought what? ” asks Roman.

”That all of us will meet in the same class? And be quadruple? ”

”Never. ” says Roberta.

”No. ” says Robert.

”No. ” responds Roman. ”But I always had a hunch that I might be related with someone. But never thought it would be two boys and a girl. ”

”Good thing we know that now. ” says Roberta. ”Otherwise I wouldve fallen in love with you, guys. ”

She laughs, then all the three boys are laughing at this. The fact that this wouldve happened is making them feel much better because this wouldve become an Alabama or either an Austrian or Balkan normal marriage. And Romania it is not classified by Geographers as a part of Balkans, but people from other sides of the world (and American and China) classifies as a part of the Balkans.

”Hey, the bus is coming! ” says Roby and Robert at the same time.

The four brothers are getting into the bus with number 2, they put their tickets theyve bought tomorrow to the device of stamping, and after that, they go to the four seats at the back, being the last seats available on this bus. Roberta takes the seat on the left, Robert and Roby takes the seats in the middle, and Ramon takes the one on the right.

”We got good seats. ” says Roby to his brothers and sister.

”Yes. ” says Roman. ”Roberta. Is it alright for your parents to let us in your house? ”

”Um. Yeah. ” says Roberta after she closes her phone to send a text message to her adoptive mother about the thing she is coming home with her lost brothers. ”Anyway, guys. All of you live here in Pitesti? ”

”Yes. ” responds Roman. ”I live near Dedeman block. ”

”Wow. Very close to where I live at. ” says Robert. ”Which street you stay at? ”

”Nicolae Balcescu. ” responds Roman.

”I also stay there. ” says Robert shocked. ”How come we never saw each other until now? ”

”No idea. ” responds Roman also curious about this. ”But I probably have seen you at least one or two times while I was going outside for groceries or at the middle school. ”

”You have attended at Mihai Eminescu? ”

”No. I was at Tudor Vladimirescu. ” responds Roman.

”Me too, Roman. ” responds Roby. ”I was in A. ”

”I was at B. ” responds Roman.

”I have attended Marian Preda. ” says Roberta.

”By the way. Where are you living? ” asks Roman to Robert and Roberta.

”I live at Exercitiu street. ” says Roberta.

”I live at Gh. Doja. ” says Robert making three of them surprised.

”Wait. You stay near the high school? ”

”Oh, yeah. ” says Robert. ”But don worry, my parents are cool with going over anywhere. ”

”Mine are not so strict. ” says Roman. ”Even though they bought me almost everything and never let me leave the house occasionally, they let me go around Pitesti. ”

”Mine are mostly working outside Pitesti. I live with my big sister. ” says Roby.

”Huh? Big sister? ” asks Roberta.

”Yes. Apparently, they adopted me because my adoptive mother was not able to conceive a second child, and she adopted me. ” says Roby to his brothers. ”Anyway, do you guys are having any big or small brothers or sisters besides us? ”

”No. ” responds Roberta, Robert and Roman.

”Oh. Okay. ”

”How is the life with a big sister? ” asks Roberta curios.

”She is ten years older than me, so it is not so big deal. A few years ago we used to share a room, and now we both are having our own rooms. ”

”Nice. ” says Robert.

”We are about to drop off. ” says Robert raising from her seat and going to the door who will be opened by the bus driver.

Her brothers are getting off from their seats, and they are waiting for the doors to open. As the bus doors opened, the passengers of the bus, not all of them, left the bus, all going to their destination on foot. The quadruplets are crossing the street and continue to walk the famous hill of Pitesti that it leads to the Pediatry Hospital of where the kids have been brought to this world, and the street of where Roberta lives on her apartment with her mother.


A few minutes of walking, the quadruplets have come in front of the apartment complex where Roberta lives. This was a hard obstacle for Roman and Roby who aren a big fan of the physical exercise, but for Robert it was not very hard sice Gh. Doja also has a hill that is quite a challenge for some people living there. And for Roberta, this is a normal walk to her home.

The guys are looking at Robertas home. They see she lives in an ordinary apartment building that was built on the Soviet Union time. Almost thirty years ago, Romania was under communism, but thankfully, the communism fell and the people of this country are having a better life expectancy. Anyway, their apartment buildings are far much superior and better than ones from other places, such as America, China, France, Britain and many more countries who are having their western mindset.

At the front of the apartment building, Roberta opens the door of the building. The boys were not surprised by the security of this building, after all, not every apartment has a security level such as a buzzer because the landlords thinks this is expensive and very useless. Most of the landlords in this city are old people who don know a maniac might be entering a complex building, assault somebody and kill the victim.

”Nice house. ” says Roby. ”Mine is bigger. ”

”Really? At what floor you stay? ”

”Third floor. ”

”What a coincidence? ” says Roberta happy. ”I also live on the third floor. ”

These four kids are climbing the stairs to the third floor. It was not hard for Roberta and Roby, but for Robert and Ramon was kind of hard since these two live in a house without a floor, only rooftop. And they walk a few more steps until they got at a door that displays number ”303 ” coloured in yellow. Roberta observes the door is locked, so she knocks on the door two times and says.

”Mom! Ive come home! With some friends. ”

In a few seconds, the mother of Roberta opens the door, she looks at her adoptive daughter, then she sees the three boys that resembles the girl face. The mother of Roberta is looking at the boys, then at Roberta, with a grin, she teases her.

”I was not expecting to come with boys. ”

”Mom! ” says Roberta almost red.

The boys are hiding their grins and laughings.

”I was joking, sweetie. ” says Robertas Mother. ”Now. You three must be her brothers. Come in. ”

Robertas Mom lets Roman, Roby and Robert enter the house, then Roberta comes, feeling a bit embarrassed because of her mother teasing. The Mother of Roberta closes the door after, and she goes with the four kids at the kitchen, where Roberta Mother will be serving four portions of soups.

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