After awful accidents happened in her life, So Hyun lost her desire to live, But life needs more from her,

She lost her memory and fell head over heels for her Stepbrother without knowing the significance of affection.

She doesn know about the way that the attractive Prince Shi Hwang fell in love at first sight.

She isn ordinary intellectually yet the two men are frantically infatuated with her.

So Hyun Found the bits of her memory in which she has an obscure lover, a strange man who generally safeguarded her in a difficult situation, she doesn see him around yet he is near her like a shadow.

She has been fortunate to get cherished by a man who came into her life yet uninformed about the way that she is a lost girl from an unfortunate family who was named as an imperial house servant in the castle.

All through the excursion

from intellectually debilitated to a warrior, So Hyun has been prepared by an anonymous expert who arranged her for the impending battle for the slaves and the conflict to safeguard the Rightful Royal blood of the high position.

In the wake of meeting So Hyun, attractive shi Hwang Felt love interestingly as he had never been near another lady, he has done all that to keep her close by, he even turned into a King when he never wishes to become one.

He paid a great deal to keep her close by.

Attempting to stand out enough to be noticed Keeps him pushed.

Later he got hitched to Princess Park Rae Jin the look for his Love for So Hyun.

A lost Princess Park Rae Jin is Ready with her military to get her privileged position back which her uncle Snatched from her dad by betraying him. She has high help from the fighters of her dads Army.

All the while, she tracked down her lost brother an anonymous Boy.

Park Hu Baek Spent his life as a bum without knowing the way that he is the legitimate King of the lofty position. He is an incredible warrior and Defender of his sweetheart.

Park Hu baek Has been looking for the young lady he at any point cherished for qu

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