Queen Of Slaves

2 The family I can\'t Accept

The hour of The Joseon administration was 1797.

In the early morning Burial ground.

Individuals assembled at the burial service, the last goodbye to the dead, and misfortune in Kims Family, they are experiencing an immense misfortune, a friend or family member they will not have the option to meet again yet just in dreams.

Scarcely any military troopers are remaining a good ways off.

New scars revealing all over,

Kim shik Gazed at the grave with Lament all over and fretfulness soul.

His dry eyes are tired up with the tears however There was nothing left to empty rather than emotions.

he is not good at expressing or he would rather not show. How could he? hes the royal commander and maintained his image as brutal throughout the years,

Just The people who realize his thoughtful nature turned out to be close with him.

He Is parted from within,

His contemplations are clear.

He just couldn feel any compassion,

He just couldn hear them all or he would rather not, the disastrous commotion making him away from his clear space in which he remains for a while.

He would rather not embrace the situation yet he had to watch everything before him, Couldn deny the fact that he lost somebody today.

”Everyone is a Sinner, no one could remain clean in this world, regardless of whether you make a respectable attempt to go straight yet they wouldn let you. This world has been intended to divert you, to make you filthy, not leave you clean for a long time, Even a little sin is in the circle of sins, You can run, you can escape yet no one but you can save yourself.

In the tornado you are standing in the center, which is unthinkable, that twister would cause your death if you wouldn move, Or you will fly with the cyclone however you can avoid either. If youll run you still will die because you can run quicker than a cyclone. In each circumstance, youll confront trouble, don bother standing up to it. In any case, we felt that we know the solution and we go through our entire time on earth tracking down it, that is called hope.

Furthermore, its interaction keeps us dynamic and proceeding. no one but hope can keep us alive.

How could I remain alive when Im losing my hope?. ”

Kim Shik watches His daughter So Hyun sitting a good ways off away from individuals, she isn looking great yet is feverish.

Flashback: 4 hours Prior.

At the house,

Ma jun puts a wet towel on So Hyuns forehead to hold her fever down around midnight.

She is calling her mom in her rest. Ma Jun has no real reasons to make except to give her bogus expectation.

He said that his mom will be here soon but he couldn say whether she at any point will return.

He comes outside the room anxiously trusting that his dad will return with the uplifting news about his mom.

An attractive young person wearing a Conventional dress,

He has long hair, skin is more splendid than his dad as Kim shiks skin is dull.

His looks are more similar to his moms, Large earthy-colored eyes, a long molded face with a sharp facial structure. His Thyroid cartilage makes him more alluring.

He was in thought and Kim shik intervene with his entrance. Kim shik is canvassed in blood, and a portion of his wounds are uncovered on his body, Yet Ma jun was concerned more about his mom.

As Kim strolled in the blood drops are falling on the floor and he realize that he needs to answer his son yet couldn track down words to unadulterated.

The main inquiry Ma jun asked was about his mom.

”She is coming, ” Kim Shik said in a Dead voice.

Ma jun accumulated some expectations yet was befuddled about Kim shiks red puffy eyes. Ma Jun found a sense of contentment since father Kim is near however

glanced around to find a sign about his mom, one more moment Few officers in the military carry His mom to the demise bed And put the dead body down.

Out of nowhere, Ma jun lost his mind and couldn process assuming it was valid or simply a deception.

The reality he would rather not accept.

his chest Pounds as its gonna blast soon.

The heart beat faster and time stopped.

every second constantly ticking like a bomb.

Every minute seems like decades. Its not in his control to act sober anymore,

his legs trembling as he walks toward his mother.

The primary thing he has seen is the thumb of his moms foot, there is a blood drop on it. He halted there prior to pushing ahead to the face. He lost his energy all abruptly.

He can inhale, and his chest turns out to be weight as he begins crying openly.

Kim shik Doesn express a word

While standing at a distance.

He has a lament as he was unable to save his significant other.

”One wrong choice can Annihilate you in seconds regardless of whether you were building yourself For a long time.

One mistake can ruin your life,

Even a small one.

One pinch could cause you pain so you could die. Its not about the small or big but the pain you feel.

Thats The road I am walking on.

Any place I go she will be with me like a shadow regardless of whether she is no more. The pain could cause death for me one day it seems. How am I gonna live with this? How am I gonna live with the fact that she isn here yet around me? ”

Flashback: A couple of hours prior, Yesterday Night.

At the military camp.

Military commandant KIM SHIK

Has an overwhelming character as Officer required,

Brown complexion tone, Long hair,

Tall height, wide Shoulders,

His strolling style and his Comrade appearance make his adversary Uncomfortable.

He won limitless fights,

He is the most awful foe of his adversaries. He is well known for his fierce demonstration toward the individuals who at any point attempt to challenge him. They face death.

That makes them the most remarkable Armed force and Realm.

They are well known for their daring nature.

During the night at the Military camp.

Kim shik making systems on the immense guide to go after the particular region which is in Criminals control.

The strained circumstance going on,

Fighters are preparing for the fight. Wearing protective layer and Taking their Blades.

Kim shik attempts to quiet himself down prior to going to his bosses.

Before Kim shik talks, they better tell him to take a rest.

”How is it that I could remain back? They have my wife! ” Kim shik said.

”That is the reason you want to remain back, They just need you there, every one of them, ” superior said.

Kim knew that he is the real target of his enemies yet his wife is the only bait to trap him.

His enemies don leave any way to bring him down.

This is their chance,

they have a strong web to trap Kim.

Kim has no other option but still needs to go there even after knowing the fact that his death is waiting for him there.

His pride isn allowing him to sit back or hide away but simultaneously he is going on a mission even in a risky manner.

Lord Shin Jung strolls over to them, they are offering appreciation to the Ongoing King of the Joseon line Ruler Shi Jung.

Kim shik has the force of the lord and ruler Jung has the best authority. That makes a mutually beneficial arrangement for them.

Ruler Shi Jung showed up from one more city as the matter is gigantic and had been happening for a really long time,

Ruler Shi Jung is worried about Kims security, not on the grounds that he is powerless but since he got numerous adversaries consistently,

”They need their vengeance, thats what you know, ” Lord Jung said

”I would rather not regret about it later, I don care if I die trying. ” Kim shik said.

Ruler Shi Jung And Kim shik watching at one another briefly. Ruler Shi Jung would rather not send Kim away yet he isn preventing him from going, confiding in his solidarity

”You are my best man and I trust you, don die, ” Ruler Shi Jung said.

”I will return your highness. ” Kim shik said.

Around 100 Criminals are having control of the region, with no others around except for them, They all are in their positions looking out for foes.

Long Chaotic hair, long nails, yellow teeth, soil on the face, very uncleanliness way of lifestyle.

In the gathering there are numerous lawbreakers included, They have been capturing individuals to offer them as slaves to bring in more cash.

This pattern is on the edge these days Beneficial organizations for the people who have power or enormous help in support of themselves, have been doing the business fearlessly as they have reinforcement from upper power.

People aren protected in their town, and they can do their standard business as they definitely know the risk ahead.

people are extremely unglued about this gathering of desperados, they all are legends and thoroughly prepared and skilled, cheats and crooks.

Kim shik caught their chief and balanced him to death a long time back, and after that their Competition had been happening for quite a long time,

They couldn get their profits effectively as they need to confront Kim shik, Having loss in the business because Kim shik is pursuing them.

Yet again today is the day of judgment, They will win or Kim shik will overwhelm them.

They know that Kim shik would come to rescue his wife at any cost.

They set the weighty Snare they thought,

They all are preparing to battle.

In the meantime, Kim shik and his military with weapons sneaked inside the region around midnight.

Kim shik Quietly Makes his rivals oblivious As They are the most incredible in Covertness.

Kim and his Military are thoroughly prepared.

They start the battle with swords in full action as one of the members Spreads the news of their arrival.

Kim shik Safeguarded his colleagues commonly during the fight. Kim Shik has killed numerous decisively.

He circumvents the town to find his wife however no indication of hers.

He Goes further while looking through the area. Simultaneously, he got severely harmed when a gathering of criminals went after him Alone Kim, yet battled like he wouldn surrender until his final gasp.

In the wake of completing them all,

The hairpin belonging to his wife is on the floor,

he goes into the house, appears No one has entered for a really long time, the spider web is everywhere, moonlight coming inside through the window,

he analyzed cautiously as there are a couple of houses left for a hunt,

He is going to lose hope with this house yet he saw in the corner no spider web around, its spotless. Why? He pondered.

at the point when the entire house was loaded with the spider web yet not this specific region, that made him inquisitive and he strolled over, entryway was already locked,

He breaks the lock and kicks the entryway, trusting that he would find his Wife behind the entryway however no, He found the room loaded with gold. Various diamonds, Extremely Unique Silver.

Kim shik Knows now without a doubt, that crooks aren carrying on with the business for money but in gold, Yet why? Whats more, how they got this much property,

How the neighborhood criminals are having ownership of a tremendous worth of States. They can be the only Mastermind but someone else behind many of them.

Who are they? A question popped up in his mind.

Exactly when Kim is in his profound contemplations, a scoundrel chief had the opportunity to go after him from the back, however, Kim shik is sharp, he has seen his appearance on his sword while was coming towards him from behind, Kim shik battling with the Scoundrel Chief.

The two of them are anxious to win while moving reliably by and large around the spot.

Scoundrel Chief Aims the sword at Kim shik that is where the fight stops. Kim is vigorously harmed and exhausted as well.

Another Bandit brings Kim his wife, Kim Shik looks tense.

His wife had tears in her eyes,

Kim shik makes a solid attempt to get a handle on his feelings right now.

The criminals chief advises the military to drop their weapons as He is having Kim shiks Life in his grasp,

The military doesn move, Kim Shik grins. The military drops the weapons and steps back on Kims order.

Crooks chief knows that killing Kim shik isn useful for them however to warmly greet the gigantic shark of the sea.

Scoundrel chief requests Kim shik to turn his eyes blind on them in return for his significant others life.

Without squandering some other moment, Kim shik consented to their every interest except on one condition.

Kim shik requests one of a criminal from this group.

Sub Ji The most impressive lawbreaker and the second mainstay of the posse,

Kim shik has a history with him thats why he wants him in exchange for every demand bandit made.

The criminal Chief knew that being Kim shiks adversary would make them seriously suffer, criminal chief concurred and deserted Sub Ji on the spot for the gatherings prosperity.

The criminal Chief realize that Kim is the ruler of the sea and the enormous shark has taken care of itself by eating little fish like them,

He took a stab at conflicting with Kim shik before yet this is the initial time making an arrangement with the shark for not going to be its food any longer.

Criminal Chief Betrayed his accomplice Sub Ji just to stay solid since he has encountered Kim shik for such a long time now he pursued an adjustment of the expectation that he may be liberated from the kims curse

Sub Ji and the scoundrel chief Beginning Contending, the second when each foe appears, Sub Ji calls his men into a gathering,

By surprise, the people bandit leader used to think to own they aren now

Unsuspecting, some of the criminals

Are raising their blades against Criminals Chief.

He has been misjudged for such a long time imagining that no one would be against him.

Be that as it may, presently he understood who is remaining with him and who is the genuine foe in his gathering.

They start one more fight inside the gathering while the Armed force watches the battle.

Kim shik controlled both of his solid foes and betrayed each other to keep them feeble.

Kim played his card right brilliantly.

Kim shik orders his military to kill them all when the two players have killed numerous individuals, they stay in fewer numbers and are an obvious objective for the military.

The military kills everybody while Sub Ji removes Kims Wife,

The criminal Chief feels deceived by the authority Kim.

He has no choice except to return to Sub Ji but not even Sub Ji is not going to accept him back,

Serious areas of strength for they had, are broken now, the limit, its been crossed already.

There is no option but to move onward.

Everyone should save themselves.

Kim looks for his wife yet no indication of hers, Kim shik returns to the room loaded with gold.

The Criminal chief comes from behind. Out of the blue Scoundrel Chief assaults Kim. This is the best chance to kill him when no military is near.

After the long battle erratically

the criminals chief is losing the battle, laying on the floor blood all over his body, and Sub Ji brings Kims wife in front of him.

At that point, Kim shik quits wounding the blade into Criminals chief and Sub Ji threatens kim about his wifes life while holding her.

Criminals chief laughing at Kim shik,

Chief and Sub Ji are foes now yet they have a second where they are on one side to confront Kim for some time.

At the most fragile moment Kim shik may be asked to save his wife, he has no choice, they thought.

Sub Ji persistently Threatening Kim.

”I Haven arrived for her, Im here for you, ” Kim Shik said without even batting an eye.

Kim wounds the sword into the crook chief while Sub Ji Looks dazed yet without squandering one more moment Sub Ji moves his blade to slit Kims wife jugular,

at the other moment Kim shik throws his blade on his knee, and Blade went through and leaves a cut on his leg, Sub Ji got gravely harmed and falling on the ground in torment.

Kim shiks Wife doesn look cheerful but frustrated.

”How about we go, ” Kim shik said.

Yet, Spouse doesn move, the off-kilter quiet between them.

”Are you happy? ” Disheartened Spouse inquired.

”This isn the spot, ” Kim said while staying away from the eye-to-eye connection with her.

In one more moment, Sub Ji gets participated in fighting with Kim.

Kim is running towards to cut Sub Ji however he slides to the side, unintentionally Kim wounded his wife.

The moment stopped, Every second is weighty even extended,

Kim Takes out the sword to facilitate her aggravation, Her blood is on his blade, and blood drops falling, He drops the sword on the floor, and he embraces her as she tumbles to the ground at this point Kims mind doesn recognize what basically happened. She is looking at kim with her miserable eyes,

Helpless to take her final gasp,

she wants to talk yet couldn communicate a word yet her eyes express various things pronto

Kim can as yet inhale Losing his detects. There was no doubt that she was no more. Tears of despondency slowly cascaded down his cheeks leaving him so frail

” Seeing her like this was difficult. The best anyone could hope for at that point was to embrace her and let the deluge of her tears douse through my shirt. not knowing whether to be mad or to give up hope altogether.

I could feel her grip on her clenched hands, I could hear her quietly shouting, ” Kim voiceover.

Kim runs his fingers through her hair, endlessly time once more, Attempting to calm the war inside her brain.

Kim carries his wifes dead body in the fight while his military shields him from adversaries and they are staggered to watch the misfortune he has been confronting, the remarkable Misfortune.

”I have committed Sin, that I can tell anyone not even to my shadow.

Im lost in words, how might I tell to my family what simply occurred? what I will tell to them? ”

Sub Ji was dazed to watch Kim shiks wife dying,

He knew what will befall them, Sub Ji chose to run away before Kim shik transforms into a beast.

Each criminal knows about Kim shiks brutal nature

Whenever he finds the opportunity Sub Ji Got away when his mates are encircled by the military.

Some of the members escaped.

Miserable Kim shik gazing at his wifes dead body a solitary tear rolls around his cheek.

”No one will kill them, They all are mine, ” Kim Shared with his Military.

The military stays back on Kims order. He ends up being irate prior to turning around to the Crooks.

Kim shik can kill every one of them in a single assault however he is playing with them until the last moment of their demise.

Present day:

Back to the Burial ground.

Kim shik watches Ma jun While he is Crying quietly and his companion Lee Won Puts a hand on his shoulder to comfort him.

”How Am I going to confront our kids? Consider the possibility that he would know one day. Im terrified, throughout everyday life, I have never been frightened, in any event, even when I nearly tasted death serval times.

I would rather not uncover it however reality will come out one day, losing her brought me torment as well as a disgrace, and Im embarrassed about myself ”

Kim Shik gazes at his wifes grave.

”That was my selfishness or you can say I simply needed a break for a while from our relationship, that didn imply that I want to lose her.

why does she have strategies to win constantly? she needed to dispose of me and she won once more. ”

Toward the finish of the scene, a butterfly sits on the grave of Su jun Ah,

”Once the body dies, so does the soul ”

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