Queen Of Slaves

2 The family I can\'t Accept

Ma Juns Pov

The night is extremely weighty for the family.

Home in the wake of saying the last farewell to Su Jun Ah, So Hyun begins weeping for her mom and swoons. Ma jun Took care of her While he saw Kim shik Doesn emerge from his room.

For a couple of days, Kim shik doesn talk and evades his kids, not meeting anybody, Not in any event, emerging from his room,

he isn eating and drinking anything when Ma jun leaves meals on his doorsteps.

That stresses His Boy Ma jun over his dads nonexistent way of behaving.

Ma jun likewise assembles the boldness to go inside his space for a discussion,

Indeed, even Kims companions came to meet him however Ma jun knows that Kim shik needs to be separated from everyone else for some time.

Its getting harder to deal with So Hyun when she falls sick once more,

On a day of downpour,

Around midnight Ma jun sitting in So Hyuns room, She is resting as of now while she holding his hand. He gazes at her briefly.

”I have lost my delightful mother, The individual I love the most before you. Envisioning existence without her is Shaking my spirit, I would rather not lose you as well, Please try to remain sound So Hyun. My heart isn in harmony, My heart isn in peace, what should I do? ” Ma jun said slowly.

Ma jun strolls outside the room and watches Clothes are hanging

on the rope as of now and downpour falling on it.

”Assuming you were here, you could have brought all of the garments down to safeguard them, very much like you generally used to do in the downpour and I was consistently there to help you, whom I will help now? ”

Ma Jun Takes off the garments from the rope in the downpour. As he turns around,

he watches his mom remaining at the entryway, no she doesn reawaken,

he knows that his Thirst to meet her again shows him an illusion of hers, it is only a deception to him. she waved her hand while signaling at him to return to her with a delightful smile.

”Mother You were the piece of me. How can you fine abandon me? Is it true or not that you are missing me?

How I will go through my time on earth without the individual from I have been made ”

Ma Jun Fails to get a handle on his feelings,

He is crying quietly when drops all the garments down.

standing solitary in the downpour.

while covering his mouth, he doesn maintain that his voice should draw in others, He squats down and Hitting on his weighty chest.

That moment tells each aggravation he is suffering from.

He is hurt profoundly, that wound can be mended or it will require a long time to recuperate, don have the foggiest idea how long.

”For what reason is it hard? For what reason does life become meaningless out of nowhere? Losing you cost me a Heartbreak.

I can blame you for leaving me, its not your fault, I need to feel you close to me consistently however I realize youll disappear by that time.

keeping you close to me for a quite long time is impossible. you will remain in my memory and I Won feel the aggravation after years, I am Aware.

people come and go, however, If I have the opportunity to bring you back I would effectively resurrect you, I would do Anything To bring you back, Anything. ”

One more day

Ma jun strolls inside Fathers room and brings the food.

He observes all the stuff and the bed immaculate. That makes sense to Ma jun that Kim hasn dozed for quite a long time.

The meals he has been leaving at his entryway are likewise immaculate.

Kim shik sitting on the corner with his head kneeling.

”Father? ” Ma Jun said delicately.

Kim shik doesn answer even in the wake of hearing Ma jun two times.

Ma jun ends up being upset and has abnormal contemplations about his dads wellbeing.

Upset Ma jun puts the food aside and surges over to Kim.

”Father? ” Ma jun said a bit loud.

Kim shik gradually raises his head to watch him,

Ma jun becomes miserable watching his red eyes with Wet eyelids. Dark circles under his eyes.

His drained face shows that Kim cried

”How is So Hyun? Is she fine? ” Upset Kim Asked in a breaking voice.

Ma Jun Nods his head when

couldn express a word while watching Kims more regrettable well-being. He attempts to control his tears while watching Kims untreated injury on his hand.

”I can stand to lose anybody, on the off chance that you would surrender like this with such ease, she would be more frustrated in you than us, ” Ma Jun said with a breaking voice.

Kim dodges eye-to-eye connection with Ma jun as he is in weighty culpability and holding confidential his moms demise.

Ma Jun is upset to watch his dad feeble without precedent for his life.

”He wasn enamored with my mom, as he never focused on her I used to think like that,

how could an individual seclude himself in Grievous

when he got separated from that person he never loved?

He was in love, he never Realized yet he was in love with her ”

Following a half year

Ma jun prepares food after his mom is gone, he cleans the house and deals with So Hyun very much like she is a little child. He doesn allow her to accomplish any work. He treats her pleasantly and safeguards her.

Kim shik returns to his old self.

Kim shik Capture more Criminals who attempted to obliterate the country.

Ruler Shi Jung adulates him more nowadays in City B

A few legislators feel undermined by Kim shik. Since he works for ruler shi Jung and they generally Make plans against the lord.

In light of Kim shik, even they plotted constantly to bring lord shi Jung down from the high position but failed in the end

At the point when Ma jun misses his mom So Hyun is generally there close to him, she doesn have the foggiest idea how to comfort him. Ma jun thoroughly takes care of So Hyun to fulfill her. Both siblings have an extremely extraordinary bond.

Nothing different, Kim shik still arrives behind schedule from his work, and ma jun deals with So Hyun and figures out how to deal with the house.

Kim Shik is as yet battling for equity.

He has sent a couple of his men to find Sub Ji since he had incomplete business with him. He abhors Sub Ji in light of the fact that during the time spent killing him he lost his wife,

In the house in the evening, Ma jun holds tight to the tree while So Hyun advises him to descend.

Ma jun attempts to arrive at the birds home on the tree. He needs to catch the bird for his Sister however he tumbles from the tree.

So Hyun surges over to him and starts crying while at the same time watching a little physical issue on his knee.

So Hyun is exceptionally delicate towards her brother, and similar to him is an extremely valuable individual to her, on a little physical issue she turns out to be more bombshell, that is Ma jun likes the most, He prefers when she focuses on him a ton.

”This injury isn anything for me, I am fine. ” Ma Jun Said

”Because of me you fell, if I wouldn advise you to catch that bird for me you could not have possibly fallen. ” So Hyun said.

Ma jun smiles and Pulls her cheek happily.

”Im entirely fine until you are around to safeguard me, ” Ma jun said laughing.

The entryway opens and Kim shik brings Song with her 14 years of age kid Yong chal. Kim shik puts their bags down. Yong chal and the mom Song he looking around.

Ma Jun thus So Hyun becomes confused when Kim shik presented Yong chal and Song as his subsequent spouse.

Many inquiries emerge to Them, for what reason did their dad out of nowhere got remarried?

What is the explanation that he brought his new family here? Why father could wed an unfortunate poor woman?

Who is this kid? Could it be said that he is the child of my dad?

Ma juns defiant nature triggers and he leaves.

So Hyun ends up being stressed for Ma jun because she realizes that he wouldn acknowledge his new relatives.

Kim shik advises Song he and the Yong chal to make themselves agreeable. From here onward they would live here.

Yong chal has long hair, wears an old dress, and utilized shoes very much like his mom. They are looking very poor

This enormous news is extremely difficult to process for siblings.

Ma jun converses with Kim shik the later evening.

”Is that why you never adored my mom? Since you were having another family as of now? ” Ma jun inquired.

”She was the only one around then, I have my justification for this marriage. ” Kim shik said.

” Why don you come clean with me? You were keen on another lady that is the reason you never adored my mom. I have seen her sitting tight for you however you were never there at whatever point she needed you, Justice! You battle for equity yet you have never done equity to your family. ” Ma jun said forcefully.

Kim shik smacks ma juns face.

Ma jun looks dumbfounded and difficult to process that he slapped him for talking about reality.

Ma jun leaves and Kim shik ends up being disturbed.

Ma jun doesn converse with Song he and yong chal at whatever point they attempt to converse with him. After Mothers demise, Ma Jun was talking less to Kim shik yet after this marriage, Ma jun Doesn address Kim shik months for the time being.

Ma jun doesn go to family gatherings, he doesn participate in family matters,

Yong chal feels left alone when he watches ma jun and so Hyun talking pleasantly to one another,

He wants to be a piece of the family, and he generally makes a solid attempt to fit in yet never got acknowledged as of long ago.

Kim shik Bought new dresses for Song he and yong chal. gradually they are turning out to be important to the family on account of Kim shiks caring nature

towards his new family.

Ma jun couldn endure his new

Relatives and he cannot throw them out so he chooses to leave the house for some time.

Ma jun takes So Hyun to one more city B to remain With uncle Kwang for a couple of months without telling Kim shik,

Ma jun needs Kim shik to be vexed for him since he is playing stunts to stand out on these occasions when Kims consideration is on his new family.

Uncle Kwang invites them pleasantly, he resides with his 3 children, no young lady in the house which is the reason So Hyun felt Weird being the main young lady in the house.

So Hyun visited for the first time.

Kwang loves being near So Hyun, he deals with her like his own daughter, She feels much improved around him. Kwang has an extremely enchanting character.

Following 4 days, south of City A

Kim shiks witness returns and tells

That his children went to Kwangs home, and he followed them en route, Kim shik isn stressed at this point. Kwang is Kims childhood friend, They grew up together.

North of the city A

Ma Jun and lee won are rehearsing blades at night.

Not a single one of them appears to lose, sweat all over them, they look drained too yet not surrendering.

Eventually, the two of them point their blades around one anothers necks. They start to grin.

The two of them are the best contender,

Uncle Kwang teaches them since they were kids, Now they know exceptionally progressed blended hand-to-hand fighting. Thoroughly prepared.

Young men having a discussion.

”Try not to make it hard for your dad, If you have lost your mom, He lost his significant other ” Lee Won said.

”How is it that he could carry that lady and her child to our home? I actually couldn say whether that kid is my dads child or not, He could care less about his own blood ” Ma jun said disappointedly.

”Try not to be so judgemental, he Lived all of his existence with the lady he never cherished, yet He was a decent spouse and a decent dad,

He made an honest effort, Its undeniable that he was unable to give himself however He made a respectable attempt however much he could. He has probably been desolate his life, Don Take away his bliss, he wants you.

Simply wear his shoes and afterward consider it ” Lee Won Said.

Ma jun Becomes insightful,

Lee won Is thin, taller, has a light complexion, and has long hair, His enchanting character draws in others. He is a mature and great advisor.

he offers the best guidance to his closest companion when ma June makes all his wrong decisions emotionally.

One more day in the evening.

So Hyun feeling exhausted and strolling around, watches Uncle Kwang educating the young men on a couple of sword moves.

So Hyun holds a sword and telling that she is likewise keen on learning.

Young men are looking dumbfounded,

Lee wons brothers criticized her.

Kwang consented to teach her as well. Kwang is an extremely liberal Man, He prefers ladies who can Come out of their usual range of familiarity and face difficulties.

Later around the evening time.

Kim shik pursuing Criminal, he gets severely harmed, and in some way or another, he arrives at the house.

Upset Song he Treating his injury while sharing her anxiety about So Hyun and Ma jun, she is feeling remorseful since they went out.

North of the city A

So Hyun rehearsed around midnight,

Lee prevailed upon strolls toward her and tells weak points in swords. Lee attempts to discuss this with her as he hasn seen an alternate sort of young lady previously.

”Why do you want to learn Sword? ” Lee won inquired.

” I would safeguard my brother, He has a temper issue, more often than he remains in the difficulty, I should safeguard him ” So Hyun said.

Lee won giggling.

”He would rather not be saved that is the reason he jumps into trouble, I have known this person since childhood he is the one miscreant, individuals would require security from him. ” Lee won said.

So Hyun points her sword at Lee and won

”I don like people who Talk bad about my brother, ” So Hyun said.

”you are extremely delicate about your brothers wellbeing, let me show you a few new sword maneuvers ”

Lee won said after a long gaze.

Lee won shows new moves of the sword.

Lee won prefers her different nature.

Also, he is the main man she is drawn to. The two of them begin pondering each other nowadays.

In the meantime, In City B

Kim shik stands in the royal palace, and King Shi Jung rewards him for the best representation. Legislators are likewise there to cheer him yet some of them plot against him.

Cutting Kim shik down can make harm lord Jung too.

Later around the evening time.

Kwang converses with Ma jun and advises him to understand his dad.

Ma Jun remains silent yet he has many inquiries to ask however father and son don talk any longer.

Father and child relationship was difficult all along.

So Hyun likes her new movement,

She is turning out to be better step by step in the sword. Lee watches her from the distance and grins at whatever point he sees her.

Ma Jun and So Hyun returns home when Kim shik brings them back, however, its difficult to acknowledge Song he and Yong chal.

Ma jun detests Yong chal because he is getting Kims consideration, Ma jun becomes touchy these days at whatever point He watches Kim shik content with Song He.

”I was off-base, I thought he cherished my mom yet he proved me wrong, this marriage is the confirmation that he never adored my mom, I am interested in Yong Chal yet still I don want to inquire as to whether he is from my bloodline. Im not that much intrigued to request any from current realities.

This is a shamefulness to my mom, She is gone, and I figured he would grieve her for a long time yet he supplanted her with another lady in a couple of months.

My dad had been dependably unpredictable, loaded with shocks, Hard to study, the extremely convoluted man he is.

I don have any idea what shock he going to give next straightaway however his eccentric marriage was the greatest one. ”

Song He is glad that Kim shik acknowledged Yong chal and treats him well. Yong chal likewise Likes Kim shik and is safeguarded around him.

Ma Jun meets an officer, he is just like a senior brother to him. Ma jun accumulated data about his mom from him.

”Han Suk Kyu, He is my brother to me, we met a couple of years prior, and my dad saved his life in the fight from that point forward he is respecting my dad and treats me well too. Ki Kim, Sub Ji, Choi suk, Rang shi, So jak, Hwa wook I got the significant names, who were associated with my moms passing. Im appreciative to brother Han Su kyn for giving me data which I have been searching for. ”

One more day in the Evening.

Yong chal making a drawing, So Hyun passing by,

Yong chal sees that a snake is Coming toward her,

Yong chal pushes So Hyun away to save her life however ma jun snatches him from the collar.

Yong chal made sense of the snake however its as of now gone, yong chal looking defenseless.

Ma jun advised him to avoid So Hyun, Right now Kim Shik Jumps in and pushes Ma jun away when he was beating yong chal.

”Advise him to avoid so Hyun, assuming he would hurt her I will kill him, ” Ma Jun said out of resentment.

”Each opportunity you get you generally battle, talk first. ” Kim shik said.

”No, I won be here to talk any longer. ” ma jun said before leaving.

After that incident, Majun turns

More insecure. He is packing his luggage before its gonna takes place again that he can endure again.

He wants his father to stand for him, not for others which makes him angrier.

Ma jun have seen Kim shik conversing with yong chal effectively and their bond is excellent when his relationship with his dad is exceptionally complicated and which makes him more aggressive.

Ma jun emerges with his bag.

So Hyun embraces him and stops him.

Ma jun stayed away from eye-to-eye connection with her.

”I will return for you, ” Ma jun said before going out.

So Hyun goes to Kim shik and solicitations to stop ma jun however Kim shik doesn move. He knew that ma jun is extremely difficult and he can stop him right now.

Ma jun went out while we heard his voiceover.

” Justice is one of the untruths, they generally Just use Justice for their potential benefit,

He doesn adore anybody.

He doesn adore his wife and children, He imagines that he is doing equity however miserably failed fizzled if you were to ask me.

His consideration is on everyone except not his family, he doesn live for his family but for the others. ” Ma juns voice over.

The scene bounces into the market, following a couple of months-long periods of Traveling.

Ma jun appears to be unique, his hairs are messy, his Clothes are grimy, seeming worse for wear, and he is sitting On the seat with a kid and keeps looking after the man begging when his family sitting at distance.

”How do you have any idea about all of this? ” Boy inquired.

”He Begged for the sake of his family however he doesn care, Yesterday I saw him beating his child for not begging more as expected in the restricted road. ” Ma Jun said.

Boy and Ma jun eating bread, the two of them are turning wrecked upward,

Somewhere far off, we have seen a man standing and watching out for ma jun as he is the source of Kim shik.

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