Ch11 – I’ll Help You

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Xu Ze and Yang Yan had their eyes facing each other.
Xu Ze’s eye sockets were slightly flushing, and the bottom of his eyes was sparkling.
The peach blossom eyes were washed by the spring water, and were as bright as a bright moon. 

Because of Yang Yan’s unexpected appearance, Xu Ze couldn’t not stop.
Xu Ze liked to eat self-served meals, a self-serve meal for one person.
He especially liked baked golden corn cakes.
The corn cakes were filled with minced meat that Xu Ze liked, and they were baked golden on both sides.
After that, just smelling the smell made one’s food finger open.

When Xu Ze’s corn cake was half-baked, Yang Yan, this uninvited guest, suddenly appeared.
He stood in front of him, and stared tightly at him without saying a word.



What? He wants him to share and let him eat his corn cake?

It’s not that he couldn’t, but Xu Ze’s good mood was interrupted by Yang Yan.
Xu Ze was feeling quite unhappy because of him being suddenly interrupted. 

Xu Ze decided not to bake the corn cake anymore.
He arranged his clothes and got up planning to leave.


What happened next made Xu Ze’s peach blossom eyes turn even colder.

Yang Yan came up with one step.
Yang Yan not only fiercely went close, the next moment he pressed Xu Ze’s shoulder, and pushed Xu Ze back, who had just gotten up.
Yang Yan bent down and met Xu Ze’s cold yet gorgeous eyes.
He smiled full of great interest.

Xu Ze suddenly squinted his eyes and said indifferently, “Get off!” Xu Ze asked Yang Yan to remove his hand.


A sliver of a smile appeared in Yang Yan’s pupil.
His eyes were filled with a strong aggression, only to hear him say: “I just interrupted you.
As an apology, I’ll help you, is that okay?”

His mouth was asking, but his actions weren’t seeking one’s opinion and directly did it.

Xu Ze wanted to kick Yang Yan with his foot.
He stared at Yang Yan coldly.
The latter seemed to be prepared early on and grabbed Xu Ze’s hand that was baking the corn cake.
Xu Ze instantly lost his strength.

The corn cake was turned over with Yang Yan’s help.
That other side slowly began to turn golden, and the smell of meat wafted out.
Xu Ze smelled the attractive fragrance, and the intention to reject slowly faded. 

Xu Ze seemed to only just know that if there was someone helping, the corn cake baked out tastes even better than the ones baked by himself.
The crispy and delicious corn cake could be crunched with one bite.
Xu Ze ate the corn cake, a happy expression appearing on his face.

After eating, Xu Ze gave Yang Yan a thanks based on the fact that the other had helped him.
As for Yang Yan, he also wanted to eat a corn cake.
Xu Ze wanted to return the gift, but reality didn’t allow it.

The auntie came and knocked on the door.
The two had stayed in the room for too long, and the food was getting cold.

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Compared to returning the gift, it was still breakfast that was more tempting to Xu Ze.
He got up and washed his hands.
He raised his eyebrows to look at Yang Yan. 

“I’ll go out first, you hurry!” Xu Ze raised the corner of his lips, the meaning was clear.

Yang Yan’s finger bones bent.
At that time, he wanted to drag Xu Ze over, pulling Xu Ze to have him help.
But when he saw the rippling waves on Xu Ze’s peach blossom eyes, Yang Yan didn’t move.
He watched as Xu Ze walked past in front of him, and even closed the bathroom door for him very kindly.

It took a while for Yang Yan to finish dealing with it.
When he left the living room, Xu Ze was sitting in the dining room eating.
Yang Yan followed and sat beside him.
He softly caressed his fingers that landed on his side, on top still had the remains of some strange touches.
It really made one nostalgic and go wanting for a deeper contact.
He wasn’t satisfied with just this.
Yang Yan’s eyes ever so darkened.
He knew that he wanted to eat Xu Ze, this head-turning grass, and he wanted to eat it carefully and thoroughly.

Xu Ze didn’t know what Yang Yan was thinking about.
He didn’t know that this so-called ex-boyfriend was planning to eat the head-turning grass. 

Although there was a little accident this morning, Xu Ze didn’t take it too seriously.
Yang Yan wasn’t short of people around him to the point that he would turn back for him.
Besides, even if Yang Yan really had any thoughts, now is now and then is then.

Or taking a step back, even if he wanted to cooperate, this pregnant body of his wasn’t suitable.
He only became a little bit angry and got a cramp in his abdomen.
If there’s something else again, maybe he won’t be able to leave the hospital on the same day he goes there.


Just based on this point, Xu Ze was actually quite satisfied with this body of his.

For men, sometimes when the interest comes, it’s really hard to control it. 

Just like this morning, Xu Ze theoretically should have refused.
In fact, going back and thinking about it, if he had a stronger attitude or pretended his stomach was uncomfortable at that time, it could be guessed that Yang Yan would have left by himself.
When Yang Yan came to help, in that one instant, Xu Ze only felt a slight tremor in his scalp.

Afterwards, he let Yang Yan do whatever.

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Pa kjrc’a Tjcu Tjc’r asqf atja tf kbeiv ilxf ja jii.

For prideful geniuses like Yang Yan, after having been held, followed, and admired by others since he was a child, unless water filled his brain, only then would he like to face another person’s cold face.

Xu Ze wasn’t so naive to believe that Yang Yan’s heart would be moved for him.

So no matter what Yang Yan thought, with Xu Ze’s view of Yang Yan, it was better to say that he’s concerned with the money Yang Yan was giving. 

There were still classes in school during the day, so Xu Ze walked to school after eating breakfast.
The place where he lived was only a few blocks away from the school, and walking over could be considered an exercise walk.

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When he arrived in the classroom, some classmates had already arrived early.
Roommate Zhou Xing and others were also there.
When Xu Ze appeared, Zhou Xing immediately raised his hand and waved toward him, signaling Xu Ze to sit down.

Xu Ze sat in the vacant seat next to Zhou Xing.
He just sat down and before he even put his books in place, Zhou Xing leaned in and told Xu Ze the results of their friendship yesterday, that the girls’ contact information were all obtained.
Among them, he and another roommate had a good chat with two other girls.
Maybe after a while they could invite them to dinner.

“……Congratulations!” Xu Ze said with a smile. 

“It’s all Xu Ze, your credit.
If it weren’t for sending your photo before, maybe they wouldn’t have come out.
Thank you so much.” At the beginning of the two dormitories’ get-together, they sent a photo of Xu Ze to the girls.
It can be regarded as them first using Xu Ze’s attractiveness to attract girls out.
And as reality proved, it turned out that Xu Ze’s personal charm was really super powerful.
The girls agreed to eat out without saying a second word.

Everyone in the dormitory knew Xu Ze’s sexuality, so they don’t worry about Xu Ze robbing people from them when the time comes.
They discussed in advance that Xu Ze would stay for a while, and then find a reason to leave later.
Afterward without Xu Ze, they could start showing courtesy to the girl who they have their eyes on.

Zhou Xing and a girl with shoulder-length short hair met eyes.
The girl’s face was one he’s quite into, and he also really liked her character, especially the other party’s voice.
Thinking back, Zhou Xing felt that his spring heart was restless.

“There’s no need for thanks, just invite me to eat two more meals.” Xu Ze wasn’t polite with Zhou Xing, directly having people invite him to dinner. 

“Dinner isn’t a big deal, it’s on this brother!” Zhou Xing raised his hand and patted his chest with grandiose as he talked.

Xu Ze bent his peach blossom eyes and smiled, the smile full of diffusing spring.


Zhou Xing stared at Xu Ze’s eyes, the next moment he reached out his hand to smudge Xu Ze’s face.

“Pay attention to your image, don’t just hook people like this whenever.” 

Xu Ze laughed out loud and took away Zhou Xing’s hand.
Not only did he not put away his smile, but he smiled even more brilliantly.

The two people’s voices weren’t loud, but the classroom was a small one.
The other classmates are also there.
Some people heard about the matter of Zhou Xing and their dormitory’s get-together with the girls from other schools.
They saw the two people talk about it again in class today.
The young youths every day, other than playing games, slept alone with their pillow, always thinking about when they could have a girlfriend.

And so someone joined over and asked Xu Ze about the battle situation of their dormitory’s get-together last night.

“I left early, so you go ask Zhou Xing about the specific situation.” Xu Ze asked the single personnel to go over to Zhou Xing. 

The other immediately rushed towards Zhou Xing with a face full of gossip.

“Hey hey hey, quickly tell me what happened last night, was there any success?”

Zhou Xing moved his classmate’s gossiping face with his palm and deliberately sold an info: “It’s almost time for class.
After class is over, your Brother Xing will tell you in detail!”

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It had to be said that Zhou Xing sold this information well, completely arousing people’s curious hearts. 

The classmate left and sat back in his seat.
Xu Ze, who was next to Zhou Xing, raised his eyebrows and did a look.
The expression clearly said, “Brother Zhou you’re quite powerful.” Xu Ze’s eyes glanced away, too lazy to pay attention to Zhou Xing’s occasional drama spirit.

A class passed very quickly.
After class, Xu Ze got up and left the classroom to feel the blowing wind in the corridor outside.
The classroom was airtight, so after staying for a long time, Xu Ze felt uncomfortable.

Standing by the corridor, Xu Ze took a fruit candy from his pocket and kept it in his mouth.
Right now he’s eating several candies a day since his mouth often felt tasteless.
If he doesn’t eat a candy, his stomach might feel uncomfortable, feeling nauseous.

Fortunately, apart from these minor situations, his body didn’t have any major situation. 

It’s not that Xu Ze didn’t think about it sometime.
He would have to risk heavy bleeding when he aborts the child.
When he gives birth a few months later, maybe this kind of situation would appear again.
It’s just that the future was unpredictable.
If there really was a day, it could only be said that it’s the destiny of this body of his.

He didn’t worry about death.
He was originally a lone soul who came into this world accidentally.
If he left unexpectedly one day, maybe that would actually be normal.

No matter what the future would be like, he’ll try his best to live well every day from now.

Thinking about it, he also felt God shouldn’t treat him too badly, so to a certain extent, Xu Ze was still full of expectations for the days to come. 

For example, he was looking forward to the little guy in his stomach.
He definitely would be a particularly cute baby.

Feeling that the second class might start soon, Xu Ze turned back and returned to the classroom.
Before he reached his seat he found that the atmosphere of the male classmates surrounding Zhou Xing was a little strange.
Several people stared at Xu Ze with vaguely crazy eyes, as if Xu Ze was just like their male god.


Xu Ze got a layer of goosebumps immediately.
Instead of continuing to move forward, he hid to the side.

He just hid, when someone stretched out their hand, taking Xu Ze to sit in the seat.
Not only that, but the other party even held up Xu Ze’s hand affectionately.
That expression and posture seemed as if they’re about to confess to Xu Ze in the next moment.
In Xu Ze’s memory, this classmate was a heterosexual and liked soft girls.
Suddenly doing this, Xu Ze wasn’t surprised, only scared. 

He immediately withdrew his hand, and judged his classmates with the expression ‘Is your head broken’.

That student still smiled like an idiot, grabbing Xu Ze’s hand once again to excitedly say: “Ze Ze, you have to help me!”

Ze Ze?

Xu Ze’s entire body got goosebumps when he was called by this person’s numbing nickname.
His body was actually shaking, his face was instantly cold and merciless: “If you still don’t let go of your hand, I’ll hammer a dog’s head for you!” 

Xu Cho wasn’t threatening him, but really intended to move his hand and hit people.

The classmate was frightened by Xu Ze’s sudden violent aura, and immediately let go.
But after that, he was possessed by a dramatic spirit.
He slumped his mouth, a look full of grievance from being bullied by Xu Ze.
He even pretended to be aggrieved till choking.

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“If you still don’t talk human to me, I’ll beat someone!” Xu Ze went to pick up a book on the desk after he talked.
If that book was smashed down, it would still be able to hurt people.

The classmate immediately changed his face, becoming flattering: “Xu Ze, Zhou Xing just told us that it was only because of your relations, that girls came out.
So can you please do us a favor and also help us.” The classmate bent down on the table, his star eyes looking up at Xu Ze expectantly. 

He was thinking about what it was, and it turned out to be this.
So these people all learned from Zhou Xing.
It’s just having him do a favor, no need to act out a play.

“How can I help? Help you guys get the headcount again?” Xu Ze asked with a smile, curling his lips.

The classmate nodded like smashing garlic: “Yes yes yes! Xu Ze, you just say how much appearance fee you need.
Although we don’t have a lot of money, we could still combine all our money together.”

The advantage of being able to eat for free wasn’t taken for nothing.
Not to mention if he returned there at night, there was a person who talked in every family, even though there was an auntie who took care of him, the two couldn’t chat and talk about things. 

“There’s no need to gather all your money.
Based on the fact you’re my classmates, I’ll just help you with friendship.
If something happens, you can just invite me for a meal later.” Although to say that he’s going there was a deceit, the get-together between the dormitories originally was only the most preliminary understanding anyways.
No one stipulated that there must be any result after eating a meal.
You have to get the girl’s contact information, and then start another pursuit.

And the girls who are willing to come out to the get-together, to a certain extent, were like this group of young boys whose spring hearts were agitated.
They also want to develop a little bit.

Therefore, Xu Ze won’t have a psychological burden for being invited to brush his face again to match the number of people.

Author has words to say: 

Mini Theater:

Yang Yan: Ah ah ah! Wifey’s going out to eat with wild men and wild women again! Puffing up like a pufferfish!


Xu Ze: A certain wild man should look in a mirror.

Phew~ That was a fun start to the chapter.
I want to bake some corn cakes too now.
The food corn cakes, not the other one.
I’m hungry, not thirsty. 

Cough, by the way, I thought of two more story ideas! One is a fluffy modern horror and the other is a fluffy f*** destiny cultivation.
Both are going to be cub-raising shorts, and since they’re actually BL, I might just make them their own novels and post them on CG, which is why I’m not expanding on them.

But that’s for a later date when I can TL faster.
Now it’s time for the short!


That’s that.
Right, since you guys already know how FL really is, here’s a Mini Theater.

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