uite strong, so don’t drive by yourself.
When you’re going back, call a driver.” The friend knew Yang Yan’s habit.
Yang Yan doesn’t like staying in a hotel outside.
Even if it’s to work with someone at a hotel, he’ll still leave after the matter was done.

But thinking of this, the friend remembered another thing. 

“There seems to be no one around you recently.
Why? Are you planning to fix your body and raise your libido?” The friend showed a gossiping expression.

“Yeah, taking a break.” Yang Yan smiled with a deep meaning in his eyes.

The friend made an “oh” sound, with the ending sound stretched long.
He didn’t continue to ask Yang Yan for the specific reason.
He just curled his lips, smiled, and said, “Then when it’s fixed, let me know and I will arrange the best for you.”

Yang Yan did not reply, his silence was regarded as a tacit approval by the friend. 

Party lasted till night, ending when it was about 12 o’clock.
Seeing it was about to finish, some people wanted a second round.

Yang Yan didn’t go for the second round.
After drinking half a bottle of the red wine, the wine’s effects slowly came up.
After telling the friend, he left first.
He called the driver by the side of the road, and the driver came over with a folding bicycle.
They put the bicycle in the trunk of the car, then took the driver’s seat and sent Yang Yan back.

At first, Yang Yan told him the address of a certain random residence.
But when the car drove to a red light, Yang Yan temporarily changed the address.
The driver in the front looked at Yang Yan sitting in the back seat through the rearview mirror.
Yang Yan looked only more than 20 years old.
He should be a college student and younger than the driver.
However, that pressure around his body revealed that he wasn’t an ordinary person.

In fact, this car alone could tell that Yang Yan’s family conditions were not ordinary. 

Driving this kind of luxury car that cost tens of millions, the driver had encountered it before during his work, but basically every time he drove the car relatively cautiously.
He was afraid that if something happened, he wouldn’t be able to afford to pay for it even after selling everything he had.

The employer suddenly said that he wanted to change the address, this naturally was a trivial matter.
The driver immediately nodded his head and even confirmed at the same time.

The car drove over to Xu Ze, almost getting there at exactly twelve o’clock.

Getting out of the car, Yang Yan was a little light headed.
His drinking capacity was still good, but the wine he drank today was stronger than he thought. 

Taking the key to open the door, the living room was completely dark.
Xu Ze and the housekeeper auntie were both asleep.

But it seemed like he was afraid of disturbing someone.
Yang Yan deliberately lowered the sound of his footsteps and turned on the light in the living room.
Yang Yan first poured a glass of cold water and drank it, feeling that his drunkenness had not diminished much.
He thought about whether to go to the kitchen and cook some hangover soup by himself.
After thinking about it, he gave up.
He drank good wine, so waking up the next day wouldn’t make him hangover and his head hurt.
Yang Yan walked towards the stairs and planned to go to the upstairs bedroom.

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After just two steps, the door of a room on the first floor opened from inside.
A slight door opening sound sounded through the living room over to Yang Yan.
He paused slightly and turned around to look at the door, thinking that the sleeping person was wearing loose-fitting pajamas at this time and walking out with sleepy eyes open.

Xu Ze was a little surprised when he saw that the lights on the stairs were turned on accidentally.
He thought it was the auntie who forgot to turn it off, but he didn’t walk over to turn it off immediately.
He slept at ten o’clock and had already fallen asleep for a while.
But he suddenly woke up with the inside of his mouth dry, so he came out to pour water to drink. 

The whole person was now in a half-awake state, his eyes weren’t even fully open.

Walking to the living room and taking a cup of hot water, he took a sip and then returned to the bedroom with the cup.
When he was walking back, only then did Xu Ze look carefully towards the top of the stairs.
With this one look, he saw Yang Yan standing there like a statue.


“You came back!” Xu Ze originally didn’t want to say anything.
But seeing Yang Yan staring at himself heatedly, Xu Ze was still confused at the time, so he said something.

His voice had a sticky nasal sound.
When Yang Yan’s ears heard this, he felt that a kitten’s paws were scratching his heart. 

This scratch made Yang Yan feel numb all over.

Before he realized it, Yang Yan’s body acted before he could think .

He walked up to Xu Ze with a few strides and then hugged Xu Ze, who was still holding a water glass.

Yang Yan looked tall and thin, however, his thinness wasn’t the same as Xu Ze’s.
Under his clothes were the covered strong muscles that were gained from the gym and even the sports field. 

Suddenly getting picked up by someone, Xu Ze exclaimed a muffled sound, the cup in his hand almost fell.
He woke up midway, so he wasn’t sober, and his reaction was half a beat slower than usual.

During this half a beat’s time, when he realized what had happened, Yang Yan had already taken him into the room and put him on the bed.

Yang Yan leaned down, the water glass held in Xu Ze’s hand was taken by him and put on the bedside table.

Yang Yan clasped Xu Ze’s hand, and in Xu Ze’s slowly widening eyes, he kissed him. 

The other party’s mouth was full of the smell of wine.
Xu Ze tasted the wine in an instant, so he knew that Yang Yan was drunk.
Because he was drunk, he came to find him.
What did he think of him as? A tool to solve his needs at any time?

This cognition made Xu Ze uncomfortable.
Yang Yan in a drunken state was very strong.
He clasped Xu Ze’s wrist as if he was about to break it off.
Fortunately, Xu Ze still had a hand free.
Xu Ze noticed the glass of water that was just placed.
He stretched his hand for the glass, intending to use the glass to make Yang Yan sober.

Yang Yan was originally intoxicated on Xu Ze’s soft lips, but he seemed to have felt it early on.
When Xu Ze was about to smash the glass against his head, he grabbed the glass from Xu Ze’s hand in one go. 

Holding the glass, Yang Yan didn’t stop immediately.
Instead, he sucked Xu Ze’s lower lip between his teeth, making a clear sound.

That sound was mixed with the sound of water.
Hearing it made Xu Ze’s breath heavier.

Yang Yan lifted his body slightly, and then carefully traced Xu Ze’s delicate and charming face from one side to the other with his eyes.
As if he didn’t see enough, he leaned over and kissed Xu Ze’s lovely nose.

Xu Ze stared coldly at Yang Yan.
When the two pairs of eyes met, one pair showed craving, and the other was calm as if they were a bystander. 

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The two looked at each other for a minute or two, and then Xu Ze opened his mouth to break the silence in the room first.

His voice was sticky and attractive, yet he said mockingly: “This is yet another price!”


Under Yang Yan’s stunned gaze, Xu Ze paused for a few seconds, then raised the corner of his lips and continued: “But I don’t want this money.
I’m guessing there are many other people who want it.
I suggest you give it to them.”

Yang Yan’s pupil shrank suddenly.
He could understand what Xu Ze meant.
If it was before, he would have just got up and left, but today was different.
Alcohol was fermenting in his head.
Even if it was facing Xu Ze’s sarcasm or cold words, in his eyes, he only thought that Xu Ze was bright, vivid, and attractive. 

He knew that Xu Ze didn’t want to go any further with him.
But men are more honest with their bodies than their mouths when it comes to this kind of thing.

Yang Yan kissed Xu Ze again.
His skills were superb, and he even had all of the sensitive points on Xu Ze’s body on point.
Soon, the body in his arms had the trend of gradually softening.

It was just a simple kiss, yet it made Xu Ze tremble all over.
This body was too sensitive as if it didn’t listen to him at all!

Moreover, the place where the throbbing had died down originally, had the signs of excitement.
At some point, Xu Ze groaned in his mouth.
Xu Ze himself was surprised by that soft voice. 

The sleepiness disappeared under Yang Yan’s offense.
Instead, Xu Ze only felt a fire in his body, that was deliberately lit by Yang Yan.

Sure enough, a certain saying was right, that men are all creatures that think with their lower body.

Obviously, he doesn’t like this person, yet unexpectedly likes the other person’s approach.

The enthusiasm in Xu Ze’s eyes was increasing, and the arm that had pushed against Yang Yan changed to clinging to the other’s shoulder. 

Yang Yan couldn’t be more clear about what’s happening to Xu Ze, and his eyes burned with fire.

The pajamas that Xu Ze wore were loose, and he pulled them off with a slight pull.

Unprepared, Xu Ze didn’t expect Yang Yan to do this suddenly.
His face was full of surprise as if it was unbelievable.
However, what happened next was beyond Xu Ze’s expectations.
Under Xu Ze’s shocked eyes, Yang Yan lowered his head. 


A second corn cake came out.

Author has something to say:

Mini Theater: 

Yang Yan: Happy happy~ Kissing, hugging, and lifting up high with wifey!

Xu Ze: he tui!

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