f pressure might not be the normal kind.


Sitting there was Xu Ze, whose skin brings its own gentle light, looking like a beauty that came out of a painting.
In the end it was still better to look from a distance.

Speaking of which, If they couldn’t be a couple, maybe they could be sisters? 

Some girls roughly understood the homosexual group.
Using a tone that didn’t incur people’s dislike, they politely asked Xu Ze about whether his position was top or bottom.

Xu Ze didn’t expect the girls to accept him so naturally after they knew he was gay, and even immediately asked him if he was a zero or a one.

Seeing that the girls didn’t have any malicious intentions, Xu Ze answered that he was a zero.
If it was the original owner, he was indeed a zero too.
If he wasn’t a zero, his stomach wouldn’t be carrying a child.

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They left each other’s contact information.
Some girls said that if there was a good one around them, they would definitely introduce them to Xu Ze first. 

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Withdrawing his all-searching sight, Xu Ze placed his hand on his slightly protruding abdomen.
He thought it might be due to pregnancy that caused his nerve to be relatively sensitive.
Shaking his head and waving away that discomfort, Xu Ze returned his attention to the dinner table.

Just two seats away from Xu Ze, a few people were sitting there.
A partition was blocking them.
The people inside could clearly see Xu Ze’s side, but Xu Ze couldn’t immediately recognize the other.

Because it was in the lobby, even though there was a partition, the sounds of talking were still audible.

Yang Yan had heard Xu Ze’s conversation at that table.
The smile on Xu Ze’s face looked as if he didn't want money, never breaking since the beginning.
When Xu Ze faced him, he always kept an indifferent face.
He was bearing his child yet smiling happily with men and women from outside.
Even if he knew that these people knew Xu Ze’s sexuality, understood that Xu Ze would not like them, Yang Yan’s eyes weren’t blind yet.
The eyes of a few girls were basically glued to Xu Ze’s face.

The steamed dishes in this restaurant tasted good, though Yang Yan didn’t really like the sweet taste that much.
After seeing Xu Ze eating the ribs and revealing a delighted expression, Yang Yan found that it was actually okay when he ate it again.


However, his good mood didn’t last long.
When he heard a girl say that she wanted to introduce some boys to Xu Ze, Yang Yan almost stood up at that time, walked to Xu Ze’s table, then pulled the person up to hold him in his arms, telling them Xu Ze was his person, that his stomach was bearing his seed, and don’t casually have ideas about Xu Ze.

Yang Yan clenched his fists hard until he finally restrained himself in the end.
He knew that if he really did this, the bright smile on Xu Ze’s face would definitely disappear immediately. 

He didn’t know when it started, but Yang Yan began to miss Xu Ze’s smile, those beautiful peach blossom eyes bending slightly.
The spring colors at the end of those eyes fascinated Yang Yan.

In the past, Xu Ze would choose to find a reason to leave midway.
Today however, because he was too full from eating, he wanted to sit a little longer.
When everyone is leaving, he’ll just randomly find a reason and leave.

A classmate went ahead to settle the bill, Xu Ze also followed along, though he was going to the bathroom.
However, when he was returning through some aisles in the store, the discomfort of being secretly watched resurfaced.
Furrowing his brows, Xu Ze looked around again, but still couldn’t find anyone secretly watching him. 

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He wouldn’t have met with some perverted stalker, right?

Xu Ze quickly walked back to his seat.

He sat for about 20 minutes after returning, before everyone at the table finished eating and got up to leave.
Xu Ze walked relatively behind everyone.
When he was walking out of the store, the feeling of being watched suddenly became stronger and even followed him like a shadow.
Xu Ze violently turned to look behind him.
In his field of vision, he saw a figure.
That figure was currently walking around a corner.
The back of that figure unexpectedly gave Xu Ze a sense of familiarity, as if it was someone he knew.

But to make Xu Ze turn that person around just like that to confirm who the other party was, Xu Ze wasn’t curious to the point where he had to do this. 

Because he really can’t imagine someone he knew having this kind of hobby which was different from ordinary people’s, liking to track and secretly watch people.
The key point was that there was no sign of such behavior before this.
After walking out of the store, that kind of feeling faded a little, and Xu Ze’s pupils contracted slightly.

Coming down from the upper floor, a group of people stood on the side of the road to discuss where to go next.
They finally called the girls out and some of them had already made a good conversation.
No matter if it was the boys or the girls, neither wanted it to end like this.

While several people were discussing, Xu Ze interrupted the conversation, saying that he had some matters to deal with, so he’ll stop accompanying everyone and go ahead.

The girls were a little regretful, but Xu Ze had explained it so clearly, it wasn’t good to keep him anymore.
The boys winked at Xu Ze one by one, thanking Xu Ze for his selfless dedication.
Xu Ze smiled and waved goodbye to his classmates. 

Turning around, Xu Ze only took two steps when he saw a pedestrian in front of him walking in a hurry.
Xu Ze even deliberately walked aside to make way for him, yet the result was that person directly rushed forward like his eyes were growing on the top of his head, hitting Xu Ze’s shoulder directly.
Fortunately, that place was flat ground, so Xu Ze only staggered a step back from the collision.

Standing still, Xu Ze turned to look at the person who hit him.
The other party did not apologize, as if he had never hit Xu Ze.
Xu Ze pursed his lips, thinking that there is no need to lower himself to this kind of person’s level.
Suddenly, there was a slight pain in his stomach.
Xu Ze placed his hands on his abdomen and rubbed it gently.

Yang Yan happened to see this scene when he followed Xu Ze out of the mall.
He saw the passer-by walking rampantly and had almost knocked Xu Ze down.
If Xu Ze really fell to the ground… Yang Yan’s eyes burst forth a chilling, terrifying light in an instant.

Because he saw Xu Ze only staggered a bit, looking like it wasn’t a big deal, Yang Yan endured it and did not go up.
He told his friends next to him that he had something else to do.
He then walked on another road, intending to drive his car and follow behind Xu Ze.

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