Yang Yan didn’t care what everyone was worried about, he even walked straight towards the man.

The man had just been beaten down by Yang Yan.
When Yang Yan approached, his pupils shrank obviously.

He thought that Yang Yan hadn’t noticed it, but Yang Yan had good eyesight, seeing in an instant the fear that flashed across the man’s eyes.
It seems that this was also a scum that bullied the weak and feared the strong. 

“Remember well, my name is Yang Yan.
I’m a student of Polytechnic University Three Management College.
I was the one who beat you down.
If you have any ideas, come directly to my school to find me.” Yang Yan bent down as he approached the man and said with extreme arrogance.

Seemingly never expecting Yang Yan to report his identity just like this, the man’s expression was stunned.
Afterward, his face suddenly became ruthless, saying in a vicious tone that sounded like a thug’s no matter how you heard it, “You wait for Laozi!”


“Fine, I’ll always be ready.” Yang Yan didn’t place this kind of trash in his eyes.
He gave the other party his name just to let this person know who he was.
If this person was still a little sensible, he should know that there are some people that shouldn’t be provoked.
If this person was irrational, then any consequences afterward couldn’t be blamed on him.

Yang Yan transferred the man’s resentment to him just like this, but he didn’t care at all.
Towards the angry look from the man, all he used was a cold glance. 

Yang Yan straightened up and walked back to Xu Ze.
He said to Xu Ze, “Let’s go!”

Xu Ze stood and didn’t move immediately, Yang Yan also stopped.
He stretched out his hand wanting to put Xu Ze into his arms.
He actually wanted everyone around Xu Ze to know that Xu Ze belonged to him.
But when he stretched out his hand, Xu Ze gave him a look, and that look seemed to warn Yang Yan not to do anything.

The corner of Yang Yan’s mouth bent.
He really treasured Xu Ze’s vivid and lovely expression.
This reminded him of the day not long ago when Xu Ze was in his arms.
Later that night when Yang Yan recalled, he always wanted to taste that nostalgic and unforgettable delicacy.
Strictly speaking, he actually took advantage of him that day, also borrowing the use of alcohol.
Later, he wanted to sleep with Xu Ze again, but the so-called timing could be met and not begged for.

“Yang Yan and I have something to do.
You guys should go back first and pay attention to safety on the road.” Then he directly left.
Xu Ze was afraid that these students would think too much if he didn’t say a reason, so he found a reason. 

“Okay, same for you.” The classmates told Xu Ze to also pay attention to safety.
In their opinion, Xu Ze and Yang Yan were together.
Just now, they all saw Yang Yan’s violent side.
Although they weren’t the ones getting beaten, Yang Yan’s expression at the time was particularly shocking, giving people the illusion that he might kill the man on the spot.

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Right now a few people still have some lingering fears.
Suddenly Xu Ze wanted to be with Yang Yan, his classmates were a little worried for him.

Seeing the worry in the eyes of his classmates, Xu Ze smiled, telling his classmates that they don’t have to worry about him.

With such an incident happening all of a sudden, no one was in the mood to go shopping anymore.
A few people called two online taxis and took them back to school together. 

Xu Ze got into Yang Yan’s car.
He started to open the door of the passenger seat to sit in.
As a result, he was stopped by Yang Yan before his hand touched the door handle.

“You sit in the back!” Yang Yan said.

Xu Ze raised his eyebrows, as Yang Yan gave a reply: “The back seat is safer.”

Of course, Xu Ze knew that the back seat would be safer than the passenger seat, But when this was said from Yang Yan’s mouth, Xu Ze had to squint his eyes to size up Yang Yan carefully. 

Yang Yan turned his head and did not meet Xu Ze’s eyes.
Xu Ze pulled open the back door and sat in.

Yang Yan in front pulled the seat belt and fastened it on his body.
A smile at the corner of Xu Ze’s mouth was instantly fleeting.

If the car only had Yang Yan, he definitely would have driven the car very fast, but it’s different right now.
There was a person pregnant with his child sitting in the back of the car.

After a few more months, the child would be born and he would be promoted to a father. 

If someone told Yang Yan half a year ago that he would be a father before graduating from college, Yang Yan would only think that person was talking nonsense.
He had no interest in creatures like children.
He hadn’t even played around enough, so how could he want children?

Besides, he was not interested in some woman giving birth to a baby for him.


In fact, it was true that it wasn’t some woman giving him a child, but actually a man.

The car drove steadily on the road.
This car of Yang Yan’s was very valuable.
All the cars on the road that’s driving around him kept a certain distance.
If there was any bumping, it couldn’t be solved with some hundreds or some thousands of dollars. 

They didn’t encounter many traffic lights along the way.
Yang Yan drove the car smoothly.
Xu Ze, who was sitting behind the car, closed his eyes feeling sleepy.
When the car drove to the hospital, he was just about to fall asleep but was awoken by Yang yan’s soft voice.

Yang Yan walked from the front to the back seat.
He pulled open the car door, his upper body got into the car.
He lowered his waist and stared at Xu Ze with deep eyes.

As soon as Xu Ze opened his eyes, he met Yang Yan’s eyes.
There was something in those eyes that was unconcealed and too strong, making Xu Ze want to avoid Yang Yan’s gaze.

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“We’ve reached the hospital,” Yang Yan said. 

Xu Ze turned his head to look out of the car window, confirming they had already arrived.

Getting out of the car, Xu Ze walked next to Yang Yan.
When passing by the place with stairs, Yang Yan would stop and wait for the Xu Ze beside him.

Author has something to say:

Mini Theater: 

Yang Yan: Ahhhh! Don’t stop me! I want to tell the whole world Xu Ze is mine! He’s bearing my cub!

Xu Ze: Hello? Is this xx Psychiatric Hospital? You guys have a patient on the loose.

Yang Yan wrongfully eats mud.


Happy, no need to worry about the cannon fodder, there’s no threat.

The baby also wouldn’t be in any trouble.
Raising paws to promise!

So this redeemed Yang Yan a bit more.

Also, just so you guys don’t think I have “nightmares” every other day, I was going to tell you about a good dream I had before.
The keyword is ‘was’, since luckily for me, I had one this Wednesday(Oct 22, 21). 

Unfortunately, this one is… cough, mature.
I mean I don’t remember doing anything, but the topic was certainly not for children.
And because of that, I’ll just do a quick summary.

So to begin, I’ve been reading “Why do I wake up as a cheater every time?” and that influenced my dream.


In the dream, I had a lover.
But this time the relationship was much more abusive.
We did marry each other, but our love life wasn’t the best.

I apparently was very… uh, had a lot of energy.
So my lover wasn’t able to satisfy me alone.
Apparently, every time we do it, they’ll be left in a half-dead state.
I had to sleep around with other people.
And… that’s pretty all I remember. 

I never thought I’d ever be a scum though.

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