n’s hand.

The corners of Xu Ze’s mouth moved slightly, though he didn’t say anything. 

After this episode, Xu Ze didn’t eat much snacks.
On one hand, he already ate enough, on the other hand, he was keenly aware that Yang Yan who was beside him was staring at him.
Although Yang Yan’s gaze had narrowed, continuingly being stared at by someone like this, Xu Ze really couldn’t ignore it.

Before today, Yang Yan didn’t stay here for too long.
Looking at the situation today, it seemed that he would be sleeping here tonight.
Do those little lovers of his not care about this? Running over to accompany him, a pregnant person, who wouldn't please others.

Although he was thinking like this in his heart, Xu Ze wouldn’t ask it out loud.

After some time, Xu Ze smelled the scent of food coming from the kitchen and knew that the porridge was ready.
He usually would be in his room when the auntie would come over to call him.
Today, he took the initiative. 

Xu Ze got up and walked towards the kitchen, pretty much pretending that Yang Yan didn’t exist.

Walking into the kitchen, Xu Ze went to the cupboard to get the bowl and told the auntie that he would scoop it himself.
As a result, Xu Ze scooped too much at one time and the whole bowl almost couldn’t fit anymore.
Carrying it carefully, he still put a spoon in it and walked toward the table outside.
There was too much porridge in the bowl, so even if Xu Ze paid more attention, he still accidentally scalded his hand.

The porridge that was just cooked in a pot could be said to be quite hot. Being scalded, Xu Ze loosened his hand and the bowl slipped out of his hands.
With a bang, the porcelain bowl fell to the ground, the porridge splashed out, and the broken porcelain fragments scattered all over the ground.

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On the living room sofa, Yang Yan was using his phone to chat with his friend.
The friend asked him to go camping in the mountains this weekend.
Yang Yan asked the other party for the address and the friend sent the address over.
Yang Yan hadn’t had time to see it clearly when a bang rang out. 

Yang Yan looked up abruptly and saw that Xu Ze dropped the porridge and the ground was in a complete mess.

Yang Yan’s heart tightened, he got up and walked over quickly.
He walked up to Xu Ze and pulled up Xu Ze’s hand in one go.


“Did you get burned anywhere?” As soon as Yang Yan’s voice fell, Xu Ze let out a cry of pain.
It turned out that Yang Yan grabbed the spot where Xu Ze was scalded.

“Why are you so careless?!” 

Yang Yan was both distressed and angry.
Looking closely at Xu Ze’s right hand, there were two fingers that were burnt red.

Yang Yan quickly let go and took Xu Ze into the kitchen.
The auntie also walked out when she heard the sound and she probably knew what was going on by looking at the situation outside.

She stepped aside and said at the same time: “Go and rinse it under cold water first!”

Yang Yan pulled Xu Ze’s wrist, turned on the faucet, and rinsed Xu Ze’s scalded hand.
His face was particularly ugly.
Those who didn’t know might think something major had happened.
However, it’s just that Xu Ze accidentally burned his hands.
It’s not that Xu Ze had never suffered any similar injury before.
It seemed like a minor injury to him, but Yang Yan acted as if it would endanger his life. 

Xu Ze only felt that Yang Yan was making a big fuss out of nothing.
But suddenly, Xu Ze remembered something that had happened a few hours prior.
At that time, the crazy man had actually only bumped into him once, but afterwards he was beaten to the ground ruthlessly by Yang Yan.

What happened afterwards caused a thought to appear in Xu Ze’s heart.
He sized up the Yang Yan in front of him.
The tension and concern in Yang Yan’s eyes couldn’t be faked.
Although Xu Ze has never been in a relationship with anyone, it’s not like he couldn’t even see this.
He knew that Yang Yan cared about him.
Maybe this kind of caring wasn’t only because his stomach was carrying his child, but also for a certain different reason.

But what could be done even if this was the case? He wasn’t interested in being with the same sex forever, not to mention that was forever impossible.

He would take the money and leave after giving birth.
He, as a person, has always kept his promises. 

He hoped that Yang Yan would maintain his original intentions when it was time.

Deep love wasn’t the kind of characteristic that was compatible with Yang Yan.

They had medicines for scalds in a small medical kit in the house.
Yang Yan prepared this after sending him to the hospital last time when Xu Ze had a sudden stomach ache.

Yang Yan took out the medical kit and found the medicine inside.
After carefully reading the precautions, nothing saying that pregnant people shouldn’t use, Yang Yan took a cotton swab and gently smeared a layer on Xu Ze’s finger. 

“Actually, it’s not a problem.
It’s a lot better now.” There was still a slight stinging, but it was completely bearable.

As soon as Xu Ze said it, Yang Yan raised his eyes and stared at Xu Ze.
That look seemed to be blaming Xu Ze for not caring about his body at all.

The main point was that it was really just a small burn.
Xu Ze didn’t say this though, keeping it in his heart.
Although he didn’t spend much time with Yang Yan, Xu Ze had the original host’s memory and he still knew what kind of personality Yang Yan had.
A little bit domineering and arbitrary.

After rubbing the medicine, Yang Yan went to wash his hands.
After washing his hands, he went to the kitchen and served Xu Ze another bowl of porridge.
The one that fell to the ground was being cleaned up by the auntie with a mop.
Yang Yan went around auntie and put the bowl on the dining table. 

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Xu Ze came from the living room, sat on the chair, and used his left hand to hold the spoon and slowly drank the porridge.

Yang Yan returned to the living room and picked up the phone that was just put down to continue chatting with his friend.
It’s just that he looked up towards where Xu Ze was.


After eating the bowl of hot porridge, Xu Ze’s entire body felt nice and warm.
After eating to his satisfaction, it seemed that sleepiness was up next.

He got up and told the auntie that he’s going to bed first and walked towards his room. 

After walking two steps, he suddenly stopped as if he just realized that there was another person in the house.
Xu Ze turned and looked at Yang Yan.
He intended to tell Yang Yan that he was sleepy and he’s going to bed first, but Yang Yan thought that Xu Ze was waiting for him.
Xu Ze’s pair of peach blossom eyes were rippling in autumn waves.
Even if there were not many expressions, there was some seductiveness in them.

Yang Yan turned off the TV and walked over.

Seeing Yang Yan coming over, Xu Ze blinked: “I’m a little sleepy, so I’m going to bed first.”

When Xu Ze said these words, Yang Yan suddenly realized that he was thinking too much.
His expression had a momentary change. 

He seemed a little disappointed.

Xu Ze was not interested in comforting Yang Yan.
Couldn’t this person get whoever he wanted with just a word? Xu Ze just pretended not to see it and turned around, returning to his room.

Now that the weather was getting colder, he wouldn’t take a shower every day.
Sometimes he would bathe every other day.
Xu Ze nested into the bed after bathing.

He was sleepy, but after lying down for a while, his body was a bit dry.
Xu Ze turned on the desk lamp.
In the dizzy yellow light, Xu Ze put his arm under the quilt and started the occasional self-help again.
But it seemed that doing by himself always just missed that little bit of excitement.
It’s like after eating a delicious delicacy that certain day, the taste was so good that he couldn’t forget it.
Eating the dishes from before again, he would always miss the delicious delicacies that someone else helped to cook. 

Xu Ze raised his head and looked at the ceiling above.
It seemed that it was better if there was no comparison.
As soon as he compared, his desire to eat it again one more time became more and more obvious.

Say, after having one, then comes a second.
It seemed that there wasn’t much difference.
For men, let’s talk about it after feeling good.
Xu Ze was amused by this idea in his mind, not expecting that one day he would be like this.

Fortunately, although Yang Yan had many lovers, he regularly took physical examinations, so he didn’t have any illness.

If he really has an illness, he would immediately get as far away as possible. 

The self-help meal was not as good as his-help.
Xu Ze lifted the quilt and walked out of bed.

Perhaps because of the dark night, the darkness gave people a kind of faint bewitching.
If it was daytime, Xu Ze might not have surrendered to his body’s desire just like this.
But in the dark night, Xu Ze only felt the silent, raging fire that was in his heart, needing another person to help him extinguish it.

There’s no author’s note for this chapter because the author placed chapter 16 in chapter 15’s author’s note.
The author made a mistake and they were too lazy to fix it.

No short for this week, since guess what? I finally have an extra chapter in the stockpile now! Yay! After so long I finally did it.
Now if I keep this up I can finish this novel in 1.3 years! 


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