Ch17 – Butterfly Bone

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While thinking like this, Xu Ze felt a gaze coming from above his head.
Following and looking over, his eyes met with Yang Yan’s pair of deep, dark eyes.
Looking at Yang Yan’s expression, he seemed to have woken up way before.
Xu Ze narrowed his eyes slightly.

There was a strand of hair that fell on Xu Ze’s forehead.
He didn’t notice it himself, but Yang Yan saw it.
Yang Yan stretched out his hand and pushed the strand of hair back.
In the next moment, Xu Ze’s entire bright, clean forehead was exposed.



Yang Yan’s body acted before his mind.
He lowered his head and kissed Xu Ze’s forehead.
After the kiss, his voice had fondness and gentleness seeping through, “Awake? Did you sleep well last night?”

“…Not that well!” Xu Ze suddenly raised the corner of his mouth.
He lifted the quilt and sat up.
He fell asleep last night when he was too tired, resulting in him not wearing sleepwear and directly sleeping naked.
His body’s exposed skin had some deep and shallow marks.
Xu Ze glanced at it without any change in his expression.
He grabbed his sleepwear and put them on. 

Yang Yan probably didn’t expect Xu Ze’s answer to be this.
It seemed he was choked by Xu Ze’s words.
Although he was startled, he was concerned and asked: “Did you have a nightmare?”


“I’m used to sleeping alone.” The underlying meaning was that Xu Ze wasn’t used to sharing his bed with other people.

Yang Yan’s eyes darkened slightly.
He pursed the corners of his lips as he stared deeply at Xu Ze who was quickly getting dressed.

Xu Ze turned slightly to the side and put on his clothes.
He arched his back, causing the shoulder blades on his back to slightly protrude.
Those shapes looked like two butterfly wings for a short moment just like their name, which was butterfly bones.
Their shape was beautiful and Yang Yan’s eyes were fixated.
However, he couldn’t watch it for too long, because Xu Ze had quickly worn his clothes and covered the butterfly bones.
Yang Yan’s finger was silently clenched, yet in the next moment, he immediately released it.


Yang Yan had the misconception that his and Xu Ze’s positions were exchanged.
He used to be in Xu Ze’s position, that after sleeping with the person, he put on his pants and left.
Now the one putting on pants and leaving changed to Xu Ze.
This scene made Yang Yan feel a bit ironic.

“Xu Ze, you can just ask me for help whenever you need to.
I’ll be happy to do so.” Yang Yan ignored the unpleasantness in his heart, and his face showed calm and indifference.

Putting on his clothes, Xu Ze got out of bed.
He stood by the bed as he looked back at Yang Yan who was still on it.
Xu Ze smiled slightly and nodded.

“Okay, but wouldn’t it bother you and those little lovers of yours…” Xu Ze was only casually mentioning it, his brows contained a smile. 

“I’ll let all of them leave.” Yang Yan spoke a little fast as if he was afraid that Xu Ze would misunderstand something when he finished speaking.

Perhaps the original host would’ve been moved when he heard this, but unfortunately, the current Xu Ze was not the one whose heart was moved by Yang Yan in the past.

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Xu Ze’s expression basically remained the same, but his smile deepened a bit.
However, the meaning of that expression was equivalent to expressing that he didn’t care about these.

Leaving the room, Xu Ze went downstairs and returned to his room.
He went to the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth.
After brushing his teeth, Xu Ze lowered his head and lifted the hem of his clothes.
His abdomen was bulging.
When he placed his palm on top of it, he seemed to be able to feel a little fetal movement. 

Xu Ze and Yang Yan had breakfast together this morning and went to school together.

Entering the school, the two of them walked together.
Both had tall bodies and long legs, not to mention their handsome, gorgeous faces.
Their temperament was even more outstanding.
Many students stared at the two.

The two’s classrooms were not in the same direction.
They were not in the same major, so they walked separately at an intersection.
Xu Ze left first while Yang Yan stood there staring at his back for a while.

Arriving in the classroom, some of the classmates who he ate with yesterday surrounded Xu Ze.
Everyone was very curious about where Xu Ze and Yang Yan went afterward, and someone even speculated whether the two were together.
After all, Yang Yan was the school grass of their school, the most famous person who goes both ways. 

Yang Yan’s reputation was bad in everyone’s eyes, and Xu Ze was a simple and pure person no matter how you looked at it.
Everyone unanimously felt that Yang Yan and Xu Ze being together might be Yang Yan’s attempts on Xu Ze.

Xu Ze was their class flower.
Yes, although there were girls in the class, everyone, including the girls, agreed as one that Xu Ze, who was a boy with a beautiful face, was their class flower.


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Therefore, everyone was very concerned about the situation between Xu Ze and Yang Yan.
Although Yang Yan had appeared to help everyone yesterday, the brutality and coldness he showed made everyone fearful.

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So Xu Ze lied that he took some part-time jobs online, but he did not expect that the employer who issued the bill knew Yang Yan.
The other party asked for Xu Ze’s school.
Xu Ze thought there was nothing to conceal so he directly said it.
Then the other party told Xu Ze that he knew someone from their school.

At first, the employer didn’t say Yang Yan’s name.
One day the employer drove to their school and called Xu Ze to ask Xu Ze to go out for a meal.
Since it was his employer and the boss that’s giving money, not to mention there would still be cooperation between the two afterward, Xu Ze did not refuse.

During that meal, Xu Ze met Yang Yan.
Since they were from the same school anyway, the two of them got in touch.

“Yang Yan never pursued you?” A classmate asked with wide eyes.
Just based on Xu Ze’s looks, although they as straight men only found him to be pleasing to the eye, there was no reason Yang Yan would let Xu Ze go. 

“I said I have a boyfriend in another school.” The so-called lie was to simply make the fake true.

After hearing Xu Ze explain like this, his classmates felt less worried.
Everyone unanimously agreed that Xu Ze, who was not rich in life experience, would definitely not be Yang Yan’s opponent.

Fortunately, Xu Ze was not deceived by Yang Yan’s handsomeness and richness.

How could these classmates ever know that what Xu Ze said were all lies? That Xu Ze was even pregnant with Yang Yan’s child for more than three months. 

There were only a few minutes left until class.
The classmates dispersed from Xu Ze’s side, while Zhou Xing was holding his cell phone and chatting with his girlfriend.
The last time he went out to socialize was when he met his girlfriend.
Later, Zhou Xing launched a fierce pursuit to the girl.
Although Zhou Xing’s appearance was not as good as Xu Ze’s, he still counted as someone who was a little handsome.
Especially since he was tall, he used his height to make up for his appearance.
At present, Zhou Xing and his little girlfriend were fighting fiercely.
Sometimes even in class, he couldn’t help but use his phone to chat with his girlfriend.

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His girlfriend was going to have class too, so she stopped first.
Zhou Xing could only put away his phone.
He had divided a bit of attention to listen to the conversation between Xu Ze and his other classmates.

To be honest, Zhou Xing was also taken aback when he learned that Xu Ze and Yang Yan knew each other.
But based on his understanding of Xu Ze, it seemed that Xu Ze’s character shouldn’t like Yang Yan’s kind of playboy persona.

Looking at Xu Ze’s statement, Yang Yan knew that he had a boyfriend so he probably wouldn’t come running over to pursue him again.
Not to mention Zhou Xing remembered that he even had gossiped with Xu Ze before, that Yang Yan made a girl who was pregnant for him to have an abortion. 

He believed that Xu Ze would definitely not be blinded and confused, that he would run over and be interested in Yang Yan who had a basket of lovers.

Zhou Xing muted his phone and put it under the table.
He turned his head to look at Xu Ze.
He had been in the same dormitory with this person for several years.
Every day he saw Xu Ze’s beautiful face, yet he never produced aesthetic fatigue in the end.

If Xu Ze entered the entertainment circle, he probably wouldn’t need any acting skills.
Just with this beautiful face, he could attract countless fans.

Thinking like this, Zhou Xing’s gaze moved down a little and landed on Xu Ze’s exposed, slender neck. 

Zhou Xing frowned suddenly.
In the next moment, his finger just moved and touched it.

“Hey, what’s the matter with you here? Bitten by a mosquito?” Zhou Xing touched a small red spot on Xu Ze’s neck.
Upon closer inspection, it didn’t seem like it was bitten by a mosquito.
The shape was a bit strange.


Xu Ze turned his head, and at the same time dodged to the side a little bit.
Zhou Xing’s fingers were a bit cold and the other party had suddenly touched him without any warning, so Xu Ze trembled reflexively.

Xu Ze himself went to touch the place where Zhou Xing had touched.
At first, he was a little confused.
There didn’t seem to be any mosquitoes last night.
Besides, there were also fewer mosquitoes this season. 

Then Xu Ze’s eyes changed slightly.
There wasn’t a small mosquito.
However, he did encounter another kind of large, human-shaped mosquito last night.

That big mosquito not only made a mark on Xu Ze’s neck, but also on other places on his body.

“It’s not a mosquito.
I don’t know what I was in contact with last night, but I suddenly became allergic so I scratched it myself.” Xu Ze lied again.
The truth definitely could not be told.
If he said that, Zhou Xing would immediately jump up from his seat.

“Really? I almost thought you had a tryst with a wild man last night!” It has to be said that every time Zhou Xing’s joking guesses basically had no differences with the truths. 

Xu Ze smiled and did not speak.

“Your physique is really not that good.
Look, even though you’re so young, it’s always this problem or that trouble.
You need to pay attention to your health.” Zhou Xing said earnestly.

The classmates in the back heard the words of the two in front.
Someone stretched their necks and leaned in.

“What are you guys talking about? Xu Ze, your body’s not well?” That person squinted at Xu Ze, looking up and down, but he felt that there was nothing wrong with Xu Ze’s complexion. 

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“Zhou Xing was saying nonsense.
Can his words be believed?” Xu Ze said with a smile, and at the same time, he also gave Zhou Xing a wink.

Zhou Xing immediately received Xu Ze’s meaning.
Joking was joking, but he still knew when to stop.
Since Xu Ze didn’t want too many people to know about it, he’ll help Xu Ze keep it a secret—the matter of a thing growing in Xu Ze’s stomach and going to have an operation.
Among his classmates, only Zhou Xing knew about this, but Zhou Xing didn’t know that the thing was actually a little baby.

Zhou Xing followed up Xu Ze’s words: “What do you mean by: can my words be believed? Xu Ze, you being like this isn’t right.
You say it as if I’m the same as a liar.
Am I that kind of person?”

“It seems like it’s true!” The classmates at the back nodded seriously. 

Zhou Xing pulled his face down, lifted a fist and punched over, which was quickly avoided by the classmate.

Xu Ze watched the two argue, shaking his head and laughing at the two’s childishness.

He spent a day in school.
In the afternoon, his classmates arranged to play basketball.
Xu Ze went and stood by the side to watch.
His classmates asked him to also play.
Xu Ze made an excuse that he had a bad stomach these past two days.
He just finished speaking when a classmate touched his abdomen. 

That person was originally just casually touching, yet they actually felt that Xu Ze’s stomach was bulging a little like it was growing something.

“Xu Ze, you look so thin yet your belly actually has this much meat?” The classmate only thought of fat.
It was impossible for them to ever think that it was because Xu Ze was pregnant.


Xu Ze pushed the person away, his face calm and unchanging: “It’s cold so I don’t want to exercise.”

The classmate gave two tuts.
Someone over by the court urged him to come over and play ball.
The classmate turned and ran over. 

Xu Ze placed his hand on his abdomen.
Fortunately, the weather was cold right now.
If he wore thick clothes, it was not very visible.
If he wore a single shirt in summer, this pregnant belly of his would be exposed.

There were also two more classes this evening, starting at seven and ending at almost nine.
The street lights on the campus were dim, yet after walking out of the campus, the streets outside were brightly lit.
Obviously, the nightlife had only just begun.

It’s also too early to go back and he was bored with nothing to do anyway.
So Xu Ze went through the traffic lights and walked towards a mall on the right.

It was getting colder every day, so Xu Ze planned to buy a set of warm autumn clothes to wear.
This body of his must be well protected.
He still relied on it to earn 10 million by giving birth to the baby in a few months. 

Now that three months have passed, Yang Yan has kept his word and has already paid 1.5 million to Xu Ze.
Adding the one hundred thousand that Yang Yan gave Xu Ze at the beginning, Xu Ze now has a good cash flow in his hand.

With more than one million yuan, one could basically buy a small flat outside the third ring.
The house prices here were more than 30 thousand yuan.
So when Xu Ze contacted the agency, he talked with the other party about his intentions for second-hand flats and second-hand houses.

The intermediary wanted to earn commissions from the inside, so they were more active than Xu Ze, the buyer.
Basically, he would contact Xu Ze every two days to send Xu Ze some listings or ask Xu Ze when does he have time.

Recently, Xu Ze has taken a fancy to a set of apartments.
No matter the land plot? or the location, they were relatively good.
The subway was not far away and there was also a large supermarket next to it.
Xu Ze and the agent made an appointment to see the house tomorrow afternoon.
The agent asked for Xu Ze’s address, going to drive over to pick him up when it’s time.

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Entering the mall, Xu Ze paid special attention to pedestrians while he walked, so that people would not randomly bump into him.
Xu Ze would even put his hands in front of his stomach when he was in crowded places. 

The store selling warm clothes was on the first floor so Xu Ze walked over and entered.
He bought the things quickly.
Once he thought he bought enough, he paid directly with his phone.

When he came out of the mall, Xu Ze also bought a bottle of shampoo along the way.
When he was checking out at the cashier, Xu Ze looked to the right and saw several rows of condoms on the shelf.
There were still people queuing behind, so Xu Ze roughly glanced at them before casually taking two.

As for whether he felt embarrassed, the people here didn’t know him anyways.
He doesn’t need to care about other people’s opinions.
After paying the money, Xu Ze stopped shopping and returned with his things.

He hadn’t walked a few steps out of the mall when a car drove over.
The car stopped next to Xu Ze then the window rolled down.
In the car was a handsome face that he had just seen this morning. 

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