it was still a little difficult to completely stop smoking for people who had smoked for a long time.
For Yang Yan, every time he wanted to smoke, he let himself think about the baby in Xu Ze’s stomach.
He would think about the pictures that he saw in the ultrasound room when he went to the hospital that day.
The baby was more than three months old and had already grown cute little hands.
Sometimes an idea would appear in Yang Yan.
He hoped that the child would be born soon so that he could hold the baby’s little hand. 

Thinking of the baby, Yang Yan’s urge to smoke died down some.

He sat in the living room and turned on the TV, setting the sound of the TV really low.
The doors in the house were all wooden.
Even if it was quieter, it wouldn’t be completely silent.
A while ago, Yang Yan went to the Internet for intense learning.
He learned some knowledge about pregnant people and babies, now knowing that pregnant people preferred quietness and didn’t like environments that were too noisy.

Furthermore, the reason why Yang Yan came here today was because he remembered the doctor’s advice.
When pregnant people are bearing a baby, they could easily feel lonely.
It was best to spend more time accompanying them.

Yang Yan used this reason on the surface, but in fact, he knew that even if the doctor didn’t mention about accompanying, he planned to move here anyway. 

Aunt Dong finished cooking the soup and filled a bowl.
Yang Yan got up and walked over.
He received the soup from Aunt Dong and expressed that he would send it to Xu Ze to drink.

Holding the fragrant soup in one hand, Yang Yan came to Xu Ze’s doo.
He used his other hand to knock on the door before gently pushing it open.

In the room, Xu Ze sat on the bedside while holding his phone and watching a video after he took a bath.
Because he knew that Aunt Dong was stewing soup, Xu Ze did not sleep.
He watched the video as he waited for the soup.

When Yang Yan came in, Xu Ze was not too surprised.
He closed the video and looked up at the oncoming Yang Yan. 

“It’s a bit hot, drink slowly.” Yang Yan exhorted.

Xu Ze took the soup and said his thanks.

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He lowered his head and slowly blew on soup to cool it down.
Xu Ze then drank it in small sips.

The noodle soup gave off waves of white gas.
Xu Ze’s beautiful face seemed to be shrouded in mist. 

It was very strange.
He didn’t know when it had started, but Yang Yan felt that no matter what Xu Ze did, even if it was just a simple thing like drinking soup, he only felt like it was a colorful, bright, and moving painting in his eyes.

Yang Yan’s mouth gradually pursed.
He knew that the like he has towards Xu Ze might not only be to possess the other person, that his feelings had some other extra things in it.


That kind of thing was once something that Yang Yan felt was fake and non-existent.

Yet it turned out that it exists. 

Xu Ze drank the soup while Yang Yan stared at him right beside him.
This scene appeared to be strangely tranquil and peaceful.
Yang Yan couldn’t bear to make a sound and break it, so he kept watching until Xu Ze finished drinking the bowl of soup.

“Do you still want more?” Yang Yan asked.

“Not drinking anymore.
If I drink more I’ll have to get up in the middle of the night.” As for what he’s doing getting up, of course, it was to get up and solve the urge to urinate.
Xu Ze reached out and handed the bowl to Yang Yan.

Yang Yan walked out with the bowl.
After Yang Yan closed the door along the way, Xu Ze got off the bed and walked towards the bathroom.
Yang Yan paused for a moment, hearing the sound of running water and gargling inside.
After the sound stopped, Yang Yan slowly pulled Xu Ze’s bedroom door close when the footsteps came out. 

After going out, Yang Yan gave the bowl to Aunt Dong, also asking Aunt Dong to go to bed early after being busy.
Yang Yan returned to his room upstairs.
After taking a shower, Yang Yan put on his sleepwear.
It was still too early.
Usually, at this time, he would live a wonderful nightlife outside with people outside.
Yang Yan walked out to the balcony and looked up at the night sky.
There were a few dimly lit stars in the black night sky.
When the cold wind blew over, Yang Yan felt a little emptiness in his heart.

This kind of feeling was something he basically never experienced before.
That kind of emptiness was even a bit tormenting.

Yang Yan knew the reason.
As long as he would walk downstairs and push open a door, that emptiness would be relieved.
However, he just stood there without any extra movements.

He knew that Xu Ze was asleep at this time.
He couldn’t go and bother Xu Ze. 

The phone on the bedside table rang.
Yang Yan turned around and returned to answer the call.

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“What’s the matter?” The call was from a friend, Cao Mingyong.
Yang Yan directly asked the other party to talk about the reason they called.

“Where are you right now? Come to Burnt Colors and drink!”

Cao Mingyong’s loud voice irritated Yang Yan’s ears through the phone and Yang Yan moved the phone back a bit. 

“Not coming, I’m going to sleep.” Yang Yan refused.

“No way! Look at the time right now, it’s only half-past ten.” Cao Mingyong didn’t believe that Yang Yan could sleep at this point.
Suddenly he let out a long oh, “Is there someone besides you? I found that you‘ve been a little unusual lately.
Your soul couldn’t be caught by some little fairy could you?”

“Be careful not to destroy your playboy persona.”

Yang Yan’s eyes appeared extremely gloomy in the dark night: “You guys play well, I won’t be coming out tonight.” Yang Yan did not deny Cao Mingyong’s guess, so his non-denial was directly regarded as acquiescence by the other person. 

“Alright, alright.
Next time remember to also bring the little fairy beside you out for fun.” Cao Mingyong left these words and hung up the phone.

Yang Yang hooked his lips as he chuckled.


It was indeed a little fairy, the kind that could seduce people’s hearts and souls.

The next day, Yang Yan took advantage of the fact that there was no class in the afternoon and drove back to his previous residence.
He packed some of his luggage and put them in the suitcase.
He then put that in the trunk of the car and drove the car outside the school again. 

Now that he has thoughts about Xu Ze again, adding that Xu Ze’s stomach was carrying his child, he still moved here in the end.
Only when he could see Xu Ze every day, would his heart feel some relief.

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Changed it a little.


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