he had the courage to give him a green hat. 

So assuming that this child really belonged to him, it’s understandable that Xu Ze came to him for half of the abortion fee.

But what Yang Yan thought was that Xu Ze’s intention to abort the child was fake and that the intention to use the child to achieve some other plan was real.

It couldn’t be blamed that Yang Yan thinks this way.
A man who was pregnant did not hide and tuck, but instead told it out with a big fanfare to let people know.
No matter how one looked at it, it didn’t fit Xu Ze’s past silent character.
In the beginning, when this person was held by him while sitting in the car together, his whole body would tense tightly for fear of being seen by someone.

As for how he could be pregnant like a woman, he doesn’t care about this anymore. 

Or is it that the one standing in front of him now was the real side of Xu Ze?

“You don’t want the child?” Yang Yan asked.

Xu Ze nodded.
The child was not originally his anyways.
It was the product of the original owner and Yang Yan rolling in the bed.
He, as a person who had traveled through from the real world, only accidentally entered this body.
To him, the child in his stomach is more accurately like a parasite-like existence.

He didn’t have much affection for the meatball that was called a child, adding to the fact that the other father of the child was still a scumbag who wouldn’t love him. 

If he was kicked in the head by a pig, only then would he want to give birth to this baby.

Besides, if he really wanted to give birth, he’ll be pregnant for ten months.
He will have to go to school with a big belly.
And later during delivery when he’s lying on the operating table, he has to let people cut his belly out and take the baby out.
Thinking about the possible bloody scene, Xu Ze shivered in fright.
It’s still better to have surgery as soon as possible while the meatball wasn’t that big.

“How much money does it cost to abort it? Don’t mention half, I will pay for the entire surgery fee.” It doesn’t take a lot of money to get an abortion.
Not to mention that when Yang Yan and others go out to drink, they only cost a few thousand yuan.

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Yang Yan walked in front of Xu Ze.
The distance between the two was pulled very close.
He was about half a head taller than Xu Ze.
And now standing in front of Xu Ze, the oppressive pressure suddenly invaded. 

Xu Ze’s eyes flickered, but he didn’t speak for the time being.
He knew that Yang Yan had something to say.

Sure enough, after Yang Yan paused for a moment, there was some meaning in his words: “But Xu Ze, do you really only want to abort the child, and don’t want anything else?”


Yang Yan seemed to be smiling, but neither corners of his mouth nor the bottom of his eyes could be seen with the slightest smile.
There was only the cold air radiating from his body.

“Of course it’s true.
What use do I have for lying to you? I’m not interested in having this thing.
Even if I have it, it wouldn’t give me any benefits.
I’ll only be treated as a monster by people.
Since you’re so generous, then like you said, you’ll pay for the entire surgery.” Regardless of Xu Ze’s actions and words, he couldn’t be any more straightforward. 

Yang Yan stared closely at Xu Ze’s peach blossom eyes.
He wanted to see something else from Xu Ze.
But he didn’t know whether Xu Ze really didn’t have any intentions, or whether Xu Ze’s acting skills were so good that he couldn’t figure anything out.

“Okay, however, I can’t accompany you tomorrow.
I don’t have that much free time.
Send me your card number and I’ll transfer the money to you.” Yang Yan’s remarks are obviously expressing an attitude to Xu Ze.
Which is that he’ll give the abortion money, but after the abortion, for Xu Ze to never find him again.

If he knew that Xu Ze would become pregnant like a woman, he reckoned that he would frequently wear a condom.
That way he would not have this result now.

The reason Xu Ze approached Yang Yan was to let Yang Yan know about the existence of this child.
As the other father of the child, he believed that Yang Yan had the right to know about this. 

Now that Yang Yan knows, and that he’s willing to pay all the surgery fees, Xu Ze’s goal has naturally been also achieved.

Speaking of it, Xu Ze was originally a little worried that Yang Yan wouldn’t believe that the child was his.
After all, they had been separated for some time.
If Yang Yan was suspicious then it would be normal.
The outcome though made him surprised.
Yang Yan accepted it really quickly.

Of course, this was better, and it also saved Xu Ze from having to spend more time explaining.

After getting the answer he wanted, Xu Ze took out his phone.
The level of technological development in this world was about the same as reality.
Both could transfer money online. 

Xu Ze pulled out the QR code and signaled Yang Yan to transfer the money.

Xie Chengzhou on the side looked at the two of them with a face full of interest.

Yang Yan scanned the code and directly transferred 100,000 to Xu Ze.

Xu Ze raised his eyebrows as soon as he saw the transfer amount. 

He said outright: “No need for this much.”

“After aborting the child, use the rest to buy some nutrients.” The Yang Yan slag returned to being a slag.
He was generous when handing out and at the same time towards caring about people.
It was probably a natural-born skill, so it came easily to his fingertips.

“Thank you then.” For ordinary people, 100,000 yuan was about one or two years of salary.
But for a rich second generation like Yang Yan, his brows wouldn’t even budge a little.
Therefore while holding this 100,000 yuan, Xu Ze didn’t have any psychological burden.

Just as Yang Yan said, he really has to nurse his body after the child was aborted.
After all, it’s taking a piece of meat from his body. 

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In addition, Xu Ze also has another plan.
That was after his body recovers, he considered cutting off the extra set of reproductive organs in his body.
He doesn’t need that set of things that shouldn’t have even existed in the first place.

In this way, it’s the perfect use for these 100,000 yuan.


Now that the matter has been negotiated, the sky was getting darker, and after being so busy for a while, Xu Ze felt sleepy.
After becoming pregnant, this body was weak and couldn’t stay up late at night, otherwise the reaction would be particularly obvious the next day.
Which was morning sickness and dizziness.

“Xie-Shao, you’ve also seen it.
My body cannot drink too much at the moment, so I can’t drink with you anymore.
When my body gets better let’s make another appointment, is that okay?” This was a polite remark that Xu Ze said deliberately. 

Xie Chengzhou looked at Xu Ze’s pretty face.
Against Xu Ze’s peach blossom eyes that seemed to contain stars inside, he just smiled and nodded.

“Of course it’s okay.”

On the side, Yang Yan saw Xu Ze talking with Xie Chengzhou, his eyes darkened.
It seemed to him that Xu Ze was deliberately seducing Xie Chengzhou.

His belly was carrying his seed, yet he couldn’t wait to hook up with the next person. 

As if feeling the strange look from Yang Yan, Xu Ze turned his head.
Yang Yan’s expression narrowed.

“I see that it’s getting late.
Recently when night comes I easily get sleepy, so I won’t be accompanying you two anymore.
Thank you for coming to the hospital with me.
Also, thank you for the money you gave.” After Xu Ze finished talking, he turned around and went outside.

The two people behind him looked at each other, before following behind.

After arriving outside the hospital, Xu Ze, on the grounds that everyone’s taking their own road, took the initiative to express that he’ll just call for a car for himself. 

Then he took out his phone to call a taxi online.

The car came quickly and was just on the opposite side.
The online taxi turned a bend and drove in front of Xu Ze.
Before getting in the car, Xu Ze said goodbye to the two standing on the roadside.

The two people’s expressions were about the same.

The car drove away, Yang Yan and Xie Chengzhou watched the car driving Xu Ze farther and farther away. 

A moment later, Xie Chengzhou put his arm on Yang Yan’s shoulder, and he joked: “If that child was mine, I might let him give birth to it.”

“A man’s pregnancy sounds particularly interesting.
And no matter if it’s you or Xu Ze, both people are so handsome.
Presumably, the child must be a little cutie as well.”

Xie Chengzhou released his hand and patted Yang Yan on the shoulder, then walked in the direction of the parking lot.

He was just saying that casually.
It was precisely because that this matter wasn’t happening to him and the child wasn’t his, that he can express his opinions like an outsider. 

However, he didn’t see that behind him, underneath Yang Yan’s deep dark eyes, something seemed to be surging.

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