Ch33.2 – Meeting Again

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Translator: WhenEverIWantTo

“Pretty handsome.” Xu Ze said. 

Hearing this answer, Gao Cheng finally felt that Xu Ze was a normal person.

“I really thought that there was something wrong with your aesthetics.
However it’s really a pity, such a handsome man’s child is already able to get soy sauce.
You don’t have a chance!” Gao Cheng pretended to say pitifully.



“What’s there to pity? It’s only you that’s restless.
I’ll be satisfied with a self-help meal once in a while.
You better be careful or else you’ll get early kidney deficiency!” Xu Ze gave Gao Cheng a sideways glance and hurried forward before Gao Cheng replied.

His two long legs walked so fast that he was about to leave Gao Cheng behind in the blink of an eye. 

Gao Cheng shook his head and laughed, then chased behind Xu Ze.


On the road, Gao Cheng asked Xu Ze if he was spending Valentine’s Day alone again, and whether or not Xu Ze wanted him to give up a bit of time to accompany Xu Ze.

Xu Ze pushed his elbow over, causing Gao Cheng to groan in pain.
Xu Ze simply replied “Leave“.
Gao Cheng pretended to be hurt and wept tears.

Xu Ze ignored Gao Cheng who was acting.
He went downstairs and walked to the car parked on the side of the road.
When he went to get a driver’s license, he bought a car at the same time.
Xu Ze had not calculated the specific amount of his current deposit.
Since due to his European emperor attribute, if Xu Ze made any investment, he would always make money.
However, Xu Ze still had a sense of measure.
Even if he wanted to, how much he made wouldn’t be a problem.
Xu Ze was not so greedy.
He, one single person, slept on a two-meter wide bed.
It’s only when he spread his arms and legs that the entire bed was filled.
So from Xu Ze’s view, having enough money was just fine.


When he separated from Gao Cheng, it was already dark.
Xu Ze drove his car home.
When he got home, he placed the purchased decorations in the corresponding positions.
He then went to the bedroom to grab pajamas before showering.

When he wore his pajamas, the time was still early.
Gao Cheng sent a text message.
Xu Ze glanced at it before chatting a few words with the other party.
Afterwards they didn’t talk much.

Sitting in front of the desk, Xu Ze had some basic drawing skills.
He was a freelancer, not bound by any company rules, so he could arrange the time freely.
He occasionally drew, but such occasions were still very rare.


He accidentally met the baby in the mall today, and suddenly he wanted to draw a portrait of the baby. 

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Xu Ze took out the white paper and pencil, lowered his head and began to sketch.
The baby’s eyes were a pair of peach blossom eyes.
Xu Ze was very familiar with those eyes.
As for the baby’s small face, although it was still not very obvious, the outline was like Yang Yan.
And not long after the pencil landed, from the white paper appeared the baby’s cute little face followed by Xu Ze drawing the body and limbs.

Although it was not as good as a professional artist, this drawing was drawn with sincerity by Xu Ze.
The characters in the painting were strangely vivid.

Picking up the drawing paper and staring at the baby’s cute little face inside, Xu Ze suddenly had a kind of urge to hug his baby.

Knowing that this idea was impossible to achieve, Xu Ze took a slow breath and then slowly exhaled. 

He put away the drawn portrait.
This was the past of this world.
Now he had a new identity and a new life.
He does not need to have any relationship with the past.

At the same time, Xu Ze sealed up the drawn paper together with his thoughts about the baby

Xu Ze alone knew about his transmigrated identity and the fact that he died and changed his body.
He would not reveal it to anyone.
The system’s settings for Xu Ze’s identity were quite complete.
The past of Xu Ze’s body was also fully prepared, so there was no need to worry about anyone investigating.

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What Xu Ze usually had more of was time.
The friend he had made probably knew Xu Ze’s situation.
Although Xu Ze was not wearing expensive clothes since Xu Ze’s dressing habits were mainly focused on comfort, Xu Ze had never been concerned about money.
The friend knew that Xu Ze should have quite a bit of money.

Though based on the people Xu Ze knew, that probably answered that money question.
It’s said that similar people gather in groups.
If the person Xu Ze was in contact with was not a rich second generation, then it was a dismantling second generation.


Everyone’s economic situation was basically the same.
It also seemed that there were few obstacles to communication.

Xu Ze didn’t have anything to do at night.
He occasionally came out to drink, but not very often.
The bar had red lights and green wine and there was a lot of hustle and bustle.
Not to mention most of the people inside, there were a portion of the people with the mentality of hunting for beauty.
Of course, everyone was an adult and both physically and mentally healthy.
It was normal to have needs. 

It’s just that for two-person meals, Xu Ze was still more keen on seal-help meals at the moment.
Even if the amount of his self-help meal wasn’t much, at least it wasn’t as much as when he was pregnant.

Xu Ze didn’t drive to the bar since after he drank, he’ll have to find a chauffeur.
He took a taxi and rushed to the bar that Gao Cheng said.

Xu Ze had never been to this bar before so it was his first time here.
As soon as he entered, the noisy sound and the flashing lights made Xu Ze’s brows jump.
Gao Cheng told Xu Ze about his approximate location.
After entering the bar, Xu Ze stood in the crowd looking for him.

Before he could find Gao Cheng, he was bumped into by someone who didn’t really look at the road.
This collision made Xu Ze think of the scene where a little guy bumped into him not long ago, so Xu Ze didn’t feel angry. 

It was a girl who bumped into Xu Ze.
The girl immediately panicked and apologized when she realized that she had bumped into someone.

There was a lot of noise in the bar, so Xu Ze couldn’t clearly hear the girl’s sorry.
Although he didn’t hear it, he knew that the girl was apologizing by looking at the other party’s mouth and demeanor.

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Xu Ze shook his head and smiled lightly: “It’s okay.” His gaze fell on the girl’s face, only to find that the girl suddenly looked shy and her eyes were staring at him with a slight glow.

After Xu Ze nodded slightly, he walked past the girl. 

After Xu Ze walked away for a while, only then did the girl suddenly react.
She turned her head and wanted to find Xu Ze in the crowd.
She had never seen such a gorgeous handsome boy.
The shallow smile ran directly into the girl’s heart.
The girl thought that she seemed to see snowflakes falling from the sky, so white and beautiful.
She inhaled slowly, unable to control her beating heart.

But after looking for a long time, the girl couldn’t find Xu Ze.
Her expression instantly became lost as she went back to her friend.
The friend saw the girl leave for a moment yet came back weird, so she asked her what was wrong.

The girl raised her eyes and wanted to tell her friend that she had just met a top-class handsome guy, that she fell in love with that person at first sight.
After thinking about it, the girl decided not to say anything.

But after that, that face would always occupy the girl’s heart, making the girl become absent-minded. 

After separating from the girl, Xu Ze hadn’t taken two steps when Gao Cheng suddenly stood up from a position and waved to Xu Ze.
Passing through the crowd, Xu Ze walked to Gao Cheng.
It was not just Gao Cheng, but also some of his friends and a few unfamiliar faces.

After seeing Xu Ze appear, those few people stared at Xu Ze’s face with varying degrees of surprise and amazement.

Especially a certain one of them, that gaze could even be considered blatant.
When Xu Ze looked over, the young man leaned back slightly.
His posture was a little lazy as he lightly smiled and greeted Xu Ze.

Xu Ze looked at the other person’s pair of slanted fox-like eyes.
Xu Ze was relatively sensitive to other people’s gazes.
Almost instantly, he sensed something familiar from the fox-eyed man, which was that the other party liked men. 

Perhaps because of Xu Ze’s face, the young man instantly became a bit interested in Xu Ze.

It didn’t matter if the young man was interested, Xu Ze didn’t mind others staring at him.
However if they wanted to do something, then forgive him for not complying.


Xu Ze sat down as Gao Cheng took an empty glass, poured a bit of wine to wash the glass first.
Only then did he fill it up for Xu Ze.

Gao Cheng introduced some of his friends to Xu Ze.
As for Xu Ze, Gao Cheng had mentioned Xu Ze to his friends before he came here.
The friends basically all knew that Xu Ze was a friend Gao Cheng met online. 

They didn’t expect that there was still such a beautiful person on the Internet.
Generally speaking, they are all dead from seeing light.
Not only did Xu Ze not die from seeing the light, on the contrary, this appearance was really in the top three out of the beauties that the friends had seen over the years.

Everyone was about the same age, so they sat and drank together.
Even if some of them had never met before and it was the first time they met each other, drinking friends don’t need so many requirements, just being happy from drinking was enough.

The body that the system gave Xu Ze had a quite good drinking capacity.
This point Xu Ze was very sure of.
But as far as he was concerned, he liked the feeling of having control of everything in the palm of his hands.
He didn’t like losing control.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, Xu Ze would not let himself get drunk. 

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This thing called wine, just drinking for fun was enough.
If one drank too much, they’ll hurt their body.
He had no emotional injury that needed treatment nor did he have any troubles in work, so he won’t get himself drunk.

Of course, just drinking was a little less interesting.
Some people run to the dance floor to dance after sitting for a while, which at the same time could be considered hunting.
Xu Ze stayed sitting and didn’t go.
He didn’t care for the body sticking to body scenes on the dance floor.
Though the little snacks provided by the bar were alright.

Xu Ze took the small snacks and ate quite a bit.

In the middle, Gao Cheng went to the bathroom.
That fox-eyed young man came over and sat beside Xu Ze. 

There were English songs playing in the bar.
They talked very close to each other, otherwise they could only look at their mouths.
The main point was that there were not many people who could read lips.
So naturally, the young man came close to Xu Ze’s ear.
He used a tone that contained a smile and said to Xu Ze: “I heard Cheng-zi say that you gamble very well and have never seen you lose.
How about we play a few games?”

The young man invited Xu Ze to play dice with him.

Xu Ze was not used to others being so close to him.
Not to mention this person even looked at him as if he was staring at his prey, which gave Xu Ze a feeling like he was already the other party’s meal.

However, Xu Ze reached out his hand and picked up a dice on the table, holding it with his fingertips as he started to play with it. 

Xu Ze raised his lips and looked at the young man who was close range with deep meaning.
In the eyes of the young man, he only felt that Xu Ze was deliberately seducing him.

“How do you want to play?” The European Emperor physique added by the system wasn’t exaggerated.
He could even win by guessing blindly with his eyes closed.

The young man wanted to play with him, but he found the wrong person.

“How about going outside and taking off your shirt then running for five minutes after losing a round?” The young man was obviously someone who knew how to play.
After digging the pit, he felt that Xu Ze would definitely jump in. 

“Do you have exhibitionist tendencies?” Xu Ze rolled his eyes and even deliberately sized up the young man.
His eyes were equivalent to saying, “You really can’t judge a person by their looks.”

This reaction of Xu Ze was beyond the expectation of the young man.
He thought that Xu Ze would be a little unhappy, but it seemed that Xu Ze’s inside was a bit different from the outside.


However if it was like this, then it seemed to make the young man even more interested.

“Of course, if you don’t like this mode of punishment, then why don’t we change it to the loser taking the initiative to kiss the winner for five minutes? How about that?” The young man’s tone was soft, however he stared at Xu Ze as if he had already won. 

“Alright!” Xu Ze nodded.

The cup was held by the young man and began to shake.
After shaking for a while, it was placed on the table.

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Before starting to guess, Xu Ze suddenly reminded the young man, “It’s a little cold outside tonight.”

The young man was stunned at first, then realized what Xu Ze meant. 

“Don’t worry, my body’s in good health, but you on the other hand, I think your body is a little thin.” The young man said as he reached out and held Xu Ze’s wrist.

The young man’s hand retreated quickly.
He probably knew that Xu Ze didn’t like it, just that Xu Ze didn’t show too much expression.
However, it was exactly Xu Ze’s kind of expression that brought along a bit of coldness that made the young man very much look forward to the following loss or win.

So, an important announcement.

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As I read more and more of this novel, I just sort of started to dislike every character.
Except the baby.
The baby is the best character.

For everyone else though, I’ve begun picking faults with everyone as you can see if you read the pop-up notes.

Basically a Rant: (PS you can just skip this.
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