Ch5 – Ten Million

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The car stopped beside Xu Ze.
The car window rolled down, Xie Chengzhou leaned over and smiled as he greeted Xu Ze to board the car. His smiling face was full of confidence.
The good family background made Xie Chengzhou’s eyes contain absolute confidence that ordinary people couldn’t compare to.

Opening the car door and sitting in the front passenger seat, Xu Ze reached his hand and pulled over the seat belt to tie onto himself. 

“Thanks, I’ll be troubling you to specially run this trip.” Xu Ze expressed thanks towards Xie Chengzhou.

Xu Ze’s eyebrows contain smiles, his peach blossom eyes rippled spring.
Today’s weather was good, the sky was clear, it was the most suitable time for dating.
This thought instantly passed by the inside of Xie Chengzhou’s heart.
After his sight landed on Xu Ze’s abdomen, he put away that bit of fascination.

What trouble? I happened to have nothing to do.
I already said hello to the doctor over at the hospital.“ Xie Chengzhou slowly drove out of the roadside, merging with the line of cars right beside.

As soon as possible, he showed off what he had done.
Obviously he was trying to use this to pull his and Xu Ze’s relationship closer. 

If he really was doing this for Xu Ze’s good, Xu Ze of course would be grateful.
Unfortunately, Xie Chengzhou wasn’t doing these without a scheme.


“En.” Xu Ze nodded his head, his body leaning back against the car seat.

It seemed his emotions were normal.
Even though from Xu Ze’s position, he was a man yet suddenly got pregnant.
But if his spirit was high, perhaps then there would be a problem.

Xie Chengzhou understood that Xu Ze didn’t want to communicate more with him, because he was Yang Yan’s friend.


The car went on the road.
Xie Chengzhou’s driving was skilled, with the car driven being completely steady.
Xu Ze felt quite comfortable sitting in the front passenger seat.

“You really thought through on aborting this child?” Xie Chengzhou brought up this topic once again.

Xu Ze tilted over a glance.
That glance was bland, but he was born with a pair of peach blossom eyes, making the eyes like small hooks.

“If I don’t abort it should I give birth to it? What would I even do after birthing it? If my dad and mom knew about this, I’m afraid I’d be beaten to death by them.” Xu Ze hooked the corner of his lips as he ridiculed himself. 

“Wouldn’t just not letting them know be enough?” Xie Chengzhou used an indifferent tone.

Xu Zu pursed his lips, smiling yet wasn’t smiling: “Wait until when you get pregnant, then you come back and discuss this question with me.”

Xie Chengzhou raised his eyebrow in surprise, before he shook his head and laughed out loud.

“Xu Ze, you’re way too interesting.
Don’t know why Yang Yan would even break up with you.
If you were with me, I definitely wouldn’t let go of you so easily.” 

Normally, people with similar identities as Xu Ze, Xie Chengzhou and Yang Yan had a lot by their side.
These people, because they knew the two’s background, were often submissive and obedient.

However, with Xu Ze, he clearly wasn’t afraid of them no matter how you look at it.

Furthermore, when Xie Chengzhou matched up with Xu Ze’s peach blossom eyes, there was a feeling as if Xu Ze looked down on them.

Xie Chengzhou didn’t take this seriously, thinking it was his own illusion. 

If Xu Ze really looked down on them, he wouldn’t have slept onto Yang Yan’s bed.

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In the end, Xu Ze was most likely purposefully doing this to catch them off guard later.
Though the method was different, the goal he wanted to achieve was probably very different from those people.


Xu Ze did not make a sound again.

Xie Chengzhou afterward also didn’t really talk either, focusing on driving the car. 

On the road they didn’t encounter any red traffic lights, so the car quickly arrived at the hospital.

It hasn’t been a long time, yet it was almost time to eat lunch.

Xu Ze did related inspections at the hospital.
After all, it was surgery.
It’s not like he had to immediately lay on the operating table as soon as he arrived. Related body inspections were still necessary.

The hospital had a lot of people.
However, there were Xie Chengzhou’s connections, so the results came fast.
But time flashed, and the hospital staff had to eat lunch. 

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It wasn’t to the point where it forced people to skip eating to do surgery.
Therefore the abortion surgery was arranged for the afternoon.

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No matter what, it was still a surgery to cut open his stomach.
Xu Ze has never done this kind of surgery before.
Reaching the hospital inevitably produced a bit of anxiety, and Xie Chengzhou helped him relieve some. 

Xu Ze and Xie Chengzhou found a restaurant outside of the hospital to eat.
After eating they’ll return to the hospital and wait for the surgery.

Xu Ze sat on a chair, and beside him was Xie Chengzhou leaning on the wall.
Xie Chengzhou wanted to smoke a cigarette, so he took out the cigarette case before subsequently putting it back.
His pair of eyes fixed on Xu Ze’s body.

The more he looked, the more he felt that Xu Ze’s face and stature were good.
This such high-quality lover, if he landed into his hands……

The tip of Xie Chengzhou’s tongue reached the top of his jaw.
If Yang Yan doesn’t want him, he’ll be taking over. 

After Xu Ze aborts this child, the female reproductive organs in his body would still be there.
If there’s a chance after, he doesn’t know if him sleeping Xu Ze a few times would make Xu Ze also conceive his child just like now.

Xie Chengzhou’s pupils turned dark.

Knowing Xie Chengzhou was staring at him, also knowing Xie Chengzhou might be pondering something, Xu Ze stayed calm.
He wasn’t to the point where he couldn’t stand getting a few glances from people.

The surgery was already doing preparation work.
A medical worker came and called Xu Ze.
Before doing the surgery a surgery agreement needed to be signed.
Xu Ze didn’t have any accompanying family members, so he signed it himself. 

Xie Chengzhou followed to the door and didn’t enter inside.
If he really wanted to enter, it was actually fine too.
But looking at someone else aborting, Xie Chengzhou felt that there’s no need to raise this interest.

The surgery door closed and Xie Chengzhou stood outside for some time.
The time to do the entire surgery wouldn’t be too long.
Xie Chengzhou originally planned to wait until the surgery finished, but suddenly someone gave him a phone call.
There was something a bit urgent he had to go over to.


Seeing the red light above lighting up made Xie Chengzhou hesitate for a moment, but afterward he still turned around and left.

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Sitting in the car and activating the engine, Xie Chengzhou thought about Yang Yan.
He could see that Yang Yan would not eat Xu Ze this returning grass.
Xie Chengzhou had asked Xu Ze whether he has contacted Yang Yan about today’s matter of coming to the hospital for abortion. 

Xu Ze’s answer was he didn’t, since there was no need.

But Xie Chengzhou felt that there was a need to say a word to Yang Yan.
After all it was aborting his seed.

Xie Chengzhou dialed Yang Yan’s phone number.

“I’ll tell you something, Xu Ze is at the hospital and already entered the operating room.
It’s estimated after another half an hour your child would be removed.” 

Yang Yan at this time was eating with the lover Lu Sheng.
Xie Chengzhou suddenly came with a phone call and straight-up said this phrase.
In an instance, it brought Yang Yan’s thoughts back to last night, the images that appeared on the screen in the color doppler room.

The food ordered on the table had a plate of tomatoes and scrambled eggs.
The bright red dish suddenly was like blood.
Yang Yan stared at the tomato picked up by Lu Sheng, suddenly feeling obstructive. 

“He took the initiative to contact you?” Yang Yan sounded cold.
The meaning in the unfinished sentence was Xu Ze took the initiative to contact Xie Chengzhou, letting Xie Chengzhou accompany him to the hospital for abortion.

Aborting his child, yet found another man for company.
Didn’t he say before he’ll have him accompany him?

“That’s not it, I just happened to be free with nothing to do, so I sent him to the hospital.
Right now there’s a matter I have to leave for.” Xie Chengzhou said.
He paused for a while, before asking Yang Yan again, “If you’re free, take a trip to the hospital.
It is a fetus aborted for you.
Once the surgery ends, there’s no one besides him.
He then has to squeeze into the subway to return to school.
He might cry!”

This was a bit exaggerated.
Though he was still able to imagine the cut on the body and the lonely person by himself.
Maybe he couldn’t even get down from the surgery table. 

Yang Yan’s fingers holding onto the phone gradually tighten.
His eyebrows also wrinkled along.

The phone call ended.
On the side, Lu Sheng picked a piece of meat to place in Yang Yan’s bowl.
As soon as he saw that piece of meat, Yang Yan thought once again of Xu Ze laying in the operating room.

He didn’t know why he suddenly had any appetite.

Smelling the dishes on the table also made him wrinkle his brows. 

He sat for a few minutes, before Yang Yan suddenly put down his chopsticks.

“You eat yours, I’m going to do something.” Yang Yan stood up and walked away as he finished talking.


With a bang the door closed, and only then did Lu Sheng react.

Chasing the door and pulling it open, he already couldn’t see Yang Yan’s shadow in the hallway outside. 

The car drove to the hospital, and Yang Yan walked out from the car.

His gaze was cold, and his entire body was surrounded by a low pressure.

The operating room was easy to find.
In a blink of an eye, Yang Yan stood outside of the operating room.

The bright red red light was lit, signaling that inside was going through a surgery. 

He didn’t know if the child was removed yet.
Him driving the car over took around 20 minutes.
It’s estimated that it’ll be finished soon.

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Just as the moment Yang Yan was thinking this, the operating room was opened by someone, but the light above was still red.
Obviously the surgery wasn’t over.

The medical worker that came out was wearing a mask, and his expression was heavy.
Yang Yan went up and asked what the situation was.

The medical worker originally didn’t want to care about Yang Yan, but Yang Yan’s aura was too big.
Not to mention that the doctor inside also noticed Yang Yan. 

The doctor knew the inside matter, even more so that the child was Yang Yan’s.

The doctor quickly walked out and he raised his hand to have the medical worker go grab things.
He stood in front of Yang Yan to explain to Yang Yan about the situation of the surgery.

“……The patient’s body isn’t suitable for abortion surgery.
Just now there was almost excessive bleeding.”

“What does it mean?” Yang Yan inquired. 

His uterus is too fragile, causing a bit of damage.
Right now the surgery is paused.
Wait until the situation is better before doing this again.” The doctor explained.

“Wait till the situation is better before doing the surgery again? At that time there wouldn’t be a massive bleeding?” Yang Yan doesn’t understand the matters relating to abortion, but the doctor saying the uterus in Xu Ze’s body was fragile, it wasn’t to the point where he couldn’t understand this.

“This point has to rely on the follow-up situation.” The doctor didn’t dare to say nothing.

Xu Ze was pushed out of the operating room.
His physique was different from girls and couldn’t abort like women.
He could only open a small hole in his abdomen. 

Right now the small hole was stitched together.
He took half-body anesthetics so Xu Ze wasn’t lethargic.
The entire person was sober.

When he was pushed out, he noticed that a person stood outside.
He was mentally fatigued so he didn’t see clearly who the other was.
He thought that it was Xie Chengzhou.


After going from the operating room to the ward, that person walked in front of Xu Ze.
Xu Ze slowly raised his eyes to look over,

This one look made him discover the person who came wasn’t actually Xie Chengzhou but Yang Yan. 

Afraid that his dizzy eyes saw wrong, Xu Ze blinked them and looked closely.
It was indeed Yang Yan.

He reckoned Yang Yan was here to confirm if he aborted the child or not.
This result also wasn’t expected by Xu Ze.
He thought that the child was still little, aborting it when it hasn’t taken form, there wouldn’t be any risk.

He underestimated this body’s fragileness.

Xu Ze even felt like there was some sort of secret power forcing him to give birth to this child. 

How would he birth it? After giving birth how could he raise it?

Xu Ze sat on the head of the bed.
His face didn’t have any blood, yet those pairs of peach blossom eyes were still filled with water.

“Sorry, the child temporarily wasn’t aborted.
I can give you back the 100,000 yuan.
Wait until next time when my body is better I try to abort again.
At that time you can give the surgery fee again.” Xu Ze’s face looked weak, but immediately expressed an attitude to Yang Yan, lest this person assumed that he was purposefully not aborting the child.

Yang Yan looked at Xu Ze.
There seemed to have a sticky bloody scent faintly floating in the air.
Yang yan twisted his eyebrow.
He didn’t like the hospital, this kind of cold environment. 

“What if I say that……you can give birth to this child, would you give birth?”

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Xu Ze looked closely at Yang Yan’s expression, not knowing why Yang Yan would ask this.

“Not birthing, I can’t raise it.” Xu Ze declined.

“Ten million, you give birth to the child.” Yang Yan suddenly mentioned a number. 

Xu Ze was stunned and said in astonishment: “What?”

Yang Yan walked in front of Xu Ze and drooped his eyes.
His look and tone were like discussing a normal transaction with someone.

“I said I’ll give you ten million and you’ll give birth to this child!”

This explanation Xu Ze understood, but he didn’t nod his head.
Instead he used an expression of feeling that Yang Yan went crazy to look at Yang Yan. 

“Yang Yan, are you crazy?” Letting him birth a child was ridiculous.

“Your surgery almost made you lose a lot of blood.
This matter I already talked with the doctor.
Your body’s too bad.
When the time comes, before even aborting the child, don’t lose your life first.
Xu Ze I will only give you one chance.
If you refuse this time, when you want to repent again next time, you won’t have a chance to.”


Yang Yan’s brows were aggressive: “You think this through clearly!”

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