Chapter 9 Carrying a Scandal

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Wang Yi took the script away, and Song Que’s face was completely exposed.
He was still wearing a costume and a hood on his head, just like a handsome son of a noble family.

    His nose was straight and not abrupt, his lines weren’t soft but more masculine, and his eyelashes were long but still not feminine.
With his eyes closed, he looked like a sleeping child.
Only the melancholy between his brows let people who see it make their hearts twitch.

    Song Que’s personal blog did not post any selfies at all, so everyone’s impression of Song Que’s appearance was still at the time of the derailment scandal.
At that time, Song Que was slightly fat and was already the image of a middle-aged greasy man.
Today’s look…. 

“How come Song Que is so good-looking …I can’t control myself at all!”

“If good-looking people are just fat and round, then I am hideous.”

“How can this person look better as he gets older?”

    “So what kind of drama is this, and when will it be aired? I want to watch it.
It also has my sister Wang Yi in this drama; it’s so nice.”

    “Look at this costume and scene.
It feels different from those bad costume dramas.
I have a little expectation; I hope it will not open high and go low.”

    The crew packed this footage well and successfully whetted the audience’s appetite.
Still, the crew ran away after hanging, and there was no more footage.
After all, there was only a handful of footage in total.
What will they show when it’s run out? The poor audience was waiting to be fed.
Song Que knows that the editing and post-production work was only more than half done, let alone ahead of the scheduled date, don’t even mention the release date.

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    Song Que did not pay attention to these matters and devoted himself to the filming.
Director Lou also knew about the recent storm, but Song Que was not affected.
When it was time to get into the play, he went into it; when it was time to get out of the play, he went out, and the performance was the same as before, and he didn’t even mention those things.

    As a director, he didn’t like actors spending too much energy on messy things.
Still, it’s another matter if it didn’t affect the work.
Song Que resolved the scandal, which was good for the crew.
And if you count the time when《The Return of Yan》was on the air or after the broadcast finished.
By the time《Double Crime》will be released, the influence has not dispersed.
It might be possible to borrow the wind.
Director Lou smiled just thinking about it.

    Lin Tiancheng signed a variety show, and he was going to spend a week recording the first episode.
This was what he had agreed with Director Lou.
Although Director Lou was a little unhappy, he still let him go and decided to record the past section of Song Que’s role.
All the monologues were filmed.

    Ten years ago, Luo Wen’s appearance was different from ten years later.
This was a good thing for Song Que now compared with interspersed shooting.

    Luo Wen’s personality was high IQ.
This kind of high IQ was not simply a high IQ shown by a high memory, but through excellent logical reasoning to guide the collision between Luo Wen and the murderer’s thinking.
He will simulate the murder in his mind through a few clues at the scene.
By locating the coordinates of each object on the scene, repeatedly simulating the murderer’s actions and the impact of the corresponding actions on the scene.
As well as finding the most realistic one to complete the reproduction of the murder.

    Song Que liked Director Lou’s visualization idea very much.
This way of shooting makes people feel Luo Wen’s entire logical chain.
When he obtains visual satisfaction, he can also obtain psychological satisfaction.

    Moreover, as a crime film, 《Double Crime》 naturally cannot escape the discussion of Nietzsche’s sentence, “when you stare into the abyss, the abyss is also staring at you.” Director Lou’s visual thinking perspective gave the best interpretation of this sentence.
When Luo Wen simulated a crime in his mind, the protagonist was himself.

    So the audience can see Luo Wen kill the victims and clean up the traces in the crime simulation.

    Director Luo will use appropriate BGM in some parts of the scene ten years ago to make the audience feel the pace.
And the accurate thinking of Luo Wen makes people immersed in Luo Wen’s demeanor in solving the case.

    But when Zhang Mu asked Luo Wen a little about how Luo Wen imitated Chen Jingwen to commit a crime.
With the insertion of the scene of Luo Wen committing a crime ten years later, the audience could feel the maliciousness of Director Lou.

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    Luo Wen’s criminal attitude was precisely the same as the crime reappearing in his brain ten years ago.
Or is it precisely because of the crime simulations repeated ten years ago that he can imitate Chen Jingwen’s criminal methods with such a skillful attitude? This scene vividly illustrates how people who fight monsters become monsters.
It also made the audience shudder and couldn’t help but think, apart from the justice in his heart, was there any part of Luo Wen’s crime inspired by the crime simulation day after day? Was it because he really wanted to try it once? The thrill of killing is put into action?

    This question will never be answered, but it will be deeply etched in the audience’s mind.

    This was the purpose of the guide.

    Song Que, who had communicated with Director Lou, liked the idea very much and naturally contributed 120% of his performance.

    The handling of two similar scenes was an art.
Because the actions were generally the same, the similarity did not need to be overly concerned, and the difference needs to be dealt with energy.

    There was no doubt that Luo Wen’s simulated crime scene ten years ago had no intention of creating a sense of horror for the audience.
It even made people feel the thrill of solving the case following his fast-paced thinking.
Song Que used a very tricky way; he decided to play handsomely.

    Not twice did Director Lou see his intention, and he was a bit dumbfounded.
Still, thinking carefully, this was the most straightforward way, and the effect will be pretty good.
In this case, there was no need to make the film obscure and incomprehensible to be good.
After all, crime films were no better than thriller films, and all kinds of special effects were indispensable.
There seemed to be a tendency to pursue depth, but it was essentially a commercial film.

    With the director’s approval, Song Que flew up handsomely, and the staff on the set were elated.
Song Que was sitting in a chair reading the script, and that gentle, restrained, taciturn temperament returned to him.

    A staff member peeked at him and initially thought Luo Wen was very handsome in the play.
He was entirely attracted by the character’s charm, but when he met Song Que, who sat there quietly, utterly different from the previous excessive vitality.
At that time, the staff even felt they liked the actor more.

    This was probably the charm of the actor himself.

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    Director Lou was delighted with filming Song Que’s scenes this week.
He felt that at this pace, they could finish filming ahead of schedule, saving a sum of money that could be invested in publicity.

    Because of this good mood, Director Luo did not reprimand him when Lin Tiancheng returned to the group.
On the contrary, Lin Tiancheng was scared to death.
After knowing what was going on, Lin Tiancheng gave Song Que a bear hug and shouted: “Brother! You are my brother!”

    Lin Tiancheng has a show that is currently on the air.
It was a variety show that needed him to go out with the crew.
The absence of others may not be a big deal, but he must not be absent as a leading actor.
So when he joined this crew, he told Director Lou in advance, and Director Lou agreed. 

It was not like Lin Tiancheng hadn’t heard about Director Lou’s temper, and he also knew that once the filming started, it would not be easy to leave the group.
Although Director Luo agreed at the time, he might not let him go if the shooting did not go well.
Lin Tiancheng knew in his heart that he had an inseparable relationship with Song Que when he was released from the group.
If Director Lou didn’t feel that Song Que could hold on to the filming and that Lin Tiancheng would not affect the progress after being away for a week, Director Lou would not have been so friendly.
Even if Lin Tiancheng left the group in the end, he feared that the relationship with Director Lou would become strained.
Even if he left the group easily, Lin Tiancheng was prepared to be criticized and given a cold face for a few days by the director when he returned.
Who would have thought? Because Song Que was doing too well, he followed in his glory again.

    Song Que took the mature route, while Lin Tiancheng’s main focus was emerging adolescence.
The two people’s competition lines did not overlap.
Lin Tiancheng was naturally not jealous, so he regarded Song Que as a brother in his heart.

    Seeing him like this, Song Que was also happy and said, “Come down quickly.”

    Lin Tiancheng hugged him tightly and said, “I won’t.”

    Song Que thought, “Fine,” and picked the person in Princess hug…

    Lin Tiancheng hugged Song Que’s neck in a panic and said in shock, “…Brother, I was wrong.”

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    Lin Tiancheng was about the same height as Song Que, and his physique seemed better than Song Que’s.
It was his first time being picked up like this, and he almost cried from fear.

    Not to mention Lin Tiancheng, the party involved, and the film crew was all frightened.
Seeing Song Que, who usually looked gentle and graceful, giving a princess hug to Lin Tiancheng, who was lively all day, wasn’t it reversed?

    The film crew was staring, and Lin Tiancheng wanted to cry: “Brother, I was wrong.
I don’t dare anymore.
Let me down; it’s too embarrassing.” 

    You must know that Song Que not only hugged him securely but also took a few steps.
Everyone on the set would see it if it went on like this.

    Song Que smiled and finally wanted to put him down, only to be caught by Director Lou.

    “What are you two doing! Come here!”

    Then the two of them were scolded for playing around on the set.
Lin Tiancheng never imagined that he had escaped at first, but he could not escape on the fifteenth day, and he was finally lectured.

    After Lin Tiancheng went to put on makeup in despair, Director Lou came over, poked the muscles on Song Que’s arm, and said, “Why are you so strong?”

    Song Que has a bath scene in the movie, the scene after Luo Wen’s first murder.
Therefore, Director Lou has also seen Song Que’s figure, which feels like a pure photogenic figure trained by a male star.
Although there was no fat, the muscles didn’t look particularly strong.
Why did he look so strong today?

    Song Que, whose physique has reached 50, smiled and said nothing.
Song Que’s willpower can’t be defined.
After thinking about how to maximize profits, no matter how busy he was, he has not stopped the pace of training, and now it has reached the level of being efficacious forever.

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