Chapter 1 Carrying a Scandal

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 Song Que looked at the man in the mirror.
He was obviously in his thirties, but he looked like a greasy old man because of the puffiness.
The eyes were slightly bulging, and the corners of the eyes were red and bloodshot, without any spirit.  He didn’t even look like an ordinary person, not to mention a star.

    Song Que squinted his eyes, looked at this familiar yet unfamiliar face, and tried to speak in his mind.

    “System, this is…my own body?”

    Song Que was brought into this strange world by this self-proclaimed god system but found he had no memory of what happened before, only a hazy shadow.
It seems that he was born to be carried by this system to travel between different worlds, and all his common sense and thinking come from nowhere.

    “Yes, host.
The next world will also use your own body.”

    Song Que licked his thirsty lips.
Although he had no memory, he could feel that he was not like this.
In other words, the face was his, but it was not that fat, nor did he have the greasy temperament of a middle-aged man and a loser.

    “Although the host’s body is used, the body will be adjusted accordingly at the beginning of each world to match the host’s status in that world.”

    That’s right! The Song Que of this world was a loser who carried scandals and  lost all his reputation.
What could be a better fit for his identity than this temperament of a homeless dog?

    However, Song Que opened the system panel, which showed various values ​​of his body, and various skill bars that had not been unlocked.
At the bottom was the winner in life parameter.

    The system did not offer fancy high-tech products; the only thing that it could provide was this digitized function.

    Aware of Song Que’s thoughts, the system reminded: “All qualities or skill points that have been improved by the host’s efforts will never be regressed.”

    The system felt a little wronged by Song Que’s idea that it was useless.

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    Song Que didn’t care too much.

    “What I learned, I rarely forget.”

   Intelligence and willpower were turned into digital existences in his personal interface.
In comparison to these two statuses, everything else seems so shabby and pitiful, especially his physical fitness, which seems  weak and can fall down at any time.

    The system can’t wait to justify itself: “Physical fitness can also be increased, not decreased.”

    This was quite useful.

    Song Que was not afraid of exercising.
Theoretically, the body cannot be strengthened infinitely, but it will be a different matter with the system.
And for some unknown reason, he felt it was quite novel to exercise his body.

    Song Que saw the system’s name, smiled, and said, “God system?”

    The system didn’t make any sound.

    Song Que seemed to be in a good mood.
Seeing it didn’t make a sound, he didn’t force it and gently brought the topic over and confirmed it to the system again: “You won’t release the task?”

    “Please explore by yourself; as long as the progress bar of the winner in life can reach more than 80%, the system will have enough energy to go to the next world.”

    Song Que did not ask what would happen if he failed to complete the task after his lifespan was reached; he had this confidence.

    The system reminded again: “Theoretically, the system has no restrictions on how  the host completes the progress bar.
That is to say, although the host is an actor now, he can also become a winner in life through other professions.”

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    Song Que expressed the rare childishness and muttered: “When you fall, you have to get up, not to mention, I don’t seem to have been an actor yet.”

    The system: “…”


    However, Song Que was not a popular actor.
He was already thirty-three years old and had gradually faded out of the public eye.  Still, he’s been pulled out these days, and his corpse whipped  again and again because he was caught in a scandal.

[bian she (鞭尸) whip corpse refer to venting anger against the people who have deep hatred] 

    The other party was Song Que’s wife, or ex-wife, Miss Zhang Menglu.

    Zhang Menglu publicly accused him of cheating and domestic violence and put Song Que on  moral low ground.
Even under the official Weibo of the domestic violence law, support for Zhang Menglu to sue Song Que can be seen. 

    While the crowd was in full swing, Song Que and Zhang Menglu had already agreed to divorce.
The two of them had a pair of phoenix and dragon twins, and both of the children followed Zhang Menglu.
Let alone the property, except for the duplex apartment where Song Que was living now, he was practically netted out.

    However, Song Que failed to inherit the memory of the original owner.
But seeing Zhang Menglu’s hatred for him and this humble and unjustifiable agreement, he himself would also think that the original body had a guilty conscience.
But how could a man who was cheating and capable of domestic violence sign such an extremely unfair agreement with only a little pressure from public opinion? There was also nothing in the agreement that required Zhang Menglu to keep secrets; in this way, Zhang Menglu was able to jump and break the news outside.

    Song Que began to look for various clues with this bit of doubt.


    No trace of cheating at all.

    The chat record between Song Que and the actress suspected by Zhang Menglu of having an affair with the original owner was still there.
There were no ambiguous words in it.
Of course, it was also possible that the original owner carefully deleted it.
But after Song Que turned over all the original owner’s things, he also had a certain understanding of the original owner.

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    The original owner was not too bright , both in terms of IQ or in terms of wits.
He debuted as a little fresh meat and starred in several popular idol dramas.
After gaining popularity and money, he chose to get married, which can be said as a significant purge of his fan base.
After getting married, he diverted his attention to his family, deliberately abandoned the traffic route and switched to the powerful route, and concentrated on practicing his acting skills.
According to this plan, the original owner’s career development will not be too bad.
However,  the original owner’s child was born at this time, so the original owner’s energy was put on the child.
The television drama became a hit before it was broadcast because of an incident where the original owner and the female protagonist of that drama went out of a hotel.
Song Que went on top of the hot search for the hotel incident.
All the reports only contained a blurred photo, and there was not even a video that could prove the length of time.

[Little fresh meat is an internet buzzword in China used to describe handsome young man]

    Obviously, the original body’s IQ and nature do not allow him to do two things simultaneously.
When he is distracted by many things, he will show blatant carelessness.
If he really did it, something like cheating wouldn’t be so subtle that it wouldn’t leave any trace.

    If cheating was fake, then what about domestic violence?

    When Song Que crossed over, there was a pile of wine bottles lying beside him, but there was no broken glass residue.
It can be seen that although the original owner used alcohol to relieve his sorrows, he had no tendency to violence.
Looking at the whole house, it was chaotic, but there was no typical sense of dominance.
The photo of a family of four on the table was still in good shape, and the wife’s portrait was not damaged.
Before meeting Zhang Menglu, Song Que had opinions about domestic violence.
Anyway, he didn’t think the original body was violent.

    Song Que was standing in the messy room, analyzing all the information he could get, and suddenly the doorbell rang.

    He  walked over and opened the door; a middle-aged man was followed by a little girl.
Song Que took a step back and looked at them calmly.
He recognized the middle-aged man as his manager, Brother Li, and the little girl was unfamiliar.

    Brother Li didn’t stand in the corridor for too long and led the little girl into the door.

    As soon as he entered the door, he smelled the smell of alcohol, and when he saw Song Que’s lack of energy, what else was unclear.

    “The company has already issued a statement to you.
What do you think? Do you want to post something on your personal blog other than Weibo to explain it?”

    Song Que quickly integrated into the role and gave a wry smile.
Let the two sit down on the sofa and shake his head at Brother Li.

    Brother Li was a little angry and said angrily: “Have you done those things? It will be more difficult to explain, if your divorce agreement is exposed.
Now the matter has been exposed, you must be honest, and the company can help you.
And I don’t think Zhang Menglu is clean.
Otherwise, I’ll pull her into the water, and if the water is muddy, you can get out.”

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    Song Que shook his head again and said, “Don’t pull Lulu down; since the company has clarified, let’s do it this way.
After a long time, this matter will pass.”

    It’s just that the reputation of a cheating man and a  domestic violence perpetrator will be slapped on him.
Causing him to be ridiculed every time he appears in the public eye.

    Song Que has made concessions to Zhang Menglu to this point.
Brother Li can’t help but think, “Damn, this guy really only has love on the brain.” He snorted coldly, thinking that Zhang Menglu might still have a more terrifying handle on Song Que.
Until now, Song Que still stubbornly thought he could handle it himself.

    Thinking of this, brother Li also gave up on Song Que.
He had brought him for nearly ten years, so he naturally had feelings.
But now, Song Que’s future has been blocked, he has no repentance, and the most basic trust between the two is gone.
Brother Li naturally does not want to waste resources on Song Que.

    It’s not easy to say these kinds of words.
Brother Li adjusted his facial expression and said, “I have a few newcomers in my hands now; all of them are on the rise.
Xiao Ke will take care of your business from now on.”

    The girl next to him stood up at a loss, and it seemed that she was the Xiao Ke mentioned by brother Li.

    Of course, Song Que knew what this meant and was silent for a while; in the end, he said nothing and only nodded lightly.

    Brother Li breathed a sigh of relief as if he had gotten rid of some big burden; he made an excuse and left in a hurry, leaving Xiao Ke and Song Que behind.

    However, Song Que noticed that when Xiao Ke first entered the door, there was a trace of contempt in her eyes.
Obviously, she was not on Song Que’s side in this scandal.
But when Brother Li transferred Song Que to her, the excitement and the bewilderment overshadowed Xiao Ke’s negative emotions towards Song Que.

    It seems that Brother Li decided to give up Song Que after the meeting, and helped him find a new agent.
Although Xiao Ke looks really inexperienced, only this type of inexperienced agent can focus their mind on him, an outdated actor who has no work and plenty of black material.  In this way, Xiao Ke was the best choice for Song Que at this stage, and brother Li Ge can still be said to have  benevolence and righteousness in doing business.

    Song Que smiled at Xiao Ke, looking very tired, and said, “I’m sorry for letting you see me like this.
It’s nice to meet you.
Would you like to  introduce yourself?” 

Xiao Ke froze for a moment.
Somehow, there was a hint of reserved tenderness in the haggard man in front of him.

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