Chapter 6 Carrying a Scandal

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《Double Crime》was a story unfolding from the perspective of police officer Zhang Mu.
Zhang Mu was a young and promising police officer promoted because of his outstanding performance in many cases.

    The first significant case he encountered after his promotion was several homicides that had caused social panic.
Currently, under the investigation by the police department, considering the possibility of serial killings.

    During the investigation, Zhang Mu discovered that the methods of these cases were very similar to a serial murder case ten years ago.
Through the files, he found the person in charge of that year, the current high-ranking police officer, Luo Wen.

    Through Luo Wen, Zhang Mu pinpointed several criminal suspects from that year.
This serial murder case was not convicted ten years ago due to insufficient evidence.
When Luo Wen talked about this incident, it seemed he had something to hide.
Zhang Mu followed the investigation and found that the suspect, Chen Jingwen, had an impressive family background.
There were many obstacles in the investigation process.

    Just as Zhang Mu followed Chen Jingwen’s line to investigate deeper and deeply felt that such a scumbag with power cannot go unpunished.
He accidentally discovered that several of the current victims were once suspects in certain cases but escaped for various reasons.
As for those who have the opportunity to come into contact with these cases…

   《Double Crime》 has two male protagonists on the surface.
Still, Zhang Mu, who appeared in a positive image throughout the process, was more inclined to be the leading male protagonist, and the characters were more blurred.
And Luo Wen, a special police officer who was currently a high-level police officer, but has committed numerous crimes, was the most brilliant character in the show.

    This film was intertwined with reality and flashbacks.
In fact, Luo Wen uses the image of an ugly and somewhat disheartened predecessor to solve the protagonist’s problems and provide critical clues and investigation directions on multiple occasions.
It seems that he hopes that the protagonist can bring Chen Jingwen to justice with new evidence.
And in the flashback, the process of young Luo Wen’s investigation of serial murders was reproduced, making people amazed by Luo Wen’s excellent logical ability and simulation ability.
In the flashback, Luo Wen repeatedly pushed Chen Jingwen to a dead end and was interrupted and rejected again and again.
When people were grieved by Luo Wen’s grief and indignation, Luo Wen, in reality, also showed a hint of his hind leg.
All victims were actually inextricably linked with Luo Wen.

    And director Lou asked Song Que to audition for the role of Luo Wen.
He did not specify the segment and allowed Song Que to choose.
This was a different test, but Song Que was like a salesman.
What he had to do was to use his best performance to sell himself.

    On the day of the audition, no other candidates were at the scene.
This was an audition for Song Que.
This treatment was a qualitative leap compared to the last time he auditioned for Xiao Zuoyi’s role.
Song Que, who has read the script, also understands that if he can seize this opportunity, the dire situation during Xiao Zuoyi’s period will be hard to appear again.

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    As soon as he entered the door, the director’s brows wrinkled.

    For no other reason than Song Que’s temperament of a melancholy youth was not in line with Luo Wen ten years ago or Luo Wen ten years later.
The temperament between the eyebrows and eyes was challenging to change.
Letting a sexy actress play a pure character can easily make the audience feel out of character.
Even if it was not, it would make people subconsciously squirm.

    Song Que noticed Director Luo’s expression and stepped forward calmly.

    Director Luo asked, “Which scene do you want to try?”

    Song Que said, “I want to try the two scenes in which Chen Jingwen’s case was suspended ten years ago and Luo Wen’s crime ten years later.”

    Director Lou thought to himself, at least he still focused on the characters.
These two clips cannot be said to be high-energy clips, but they can reflect Luo Wen’s duality.

    Seeing Director Lou nod, Song Que bowed and began to perform.

    When Song Que raised his head to look at Director Lou, the melancholy between his brows had disappeared, and Director Lou raised his eyebrows and became interested.

    “Do you think this is the end?”

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    Director Lou pondered, but Song Que regarded him as Chen Jingwen.
Director Luo was still thinking about whether to pick up a sentence to cooperate, but he was attracted by Song Que’s micro-expression.

    Song Que’s expression was not hideous but made people feel a kind of disobedience.
Director Lou took a closer look and found that the disobedience stemmed from Song Que’s mobilization of muscles, which made the muscles of the entire face in a very tight state, making people think that this person was calm at first glance.
Still, if you look closely from time to time, you can feel that this person was “pretending” to be calm.

    Director Lou looked at his hand again, but Song Que didn’t clench his hand into a fist but didn’t put it there loosely.
His hand kept repeating a process; his fingers stretched hard, far from the angle where he wanted to make a fist.
But he was trying very hard as if he was using this method to dispel the excess anger in his body and prevent himself from doing uncool things.

    Song Que’s whole body was in a state of being ready to go and forcibly stopped, like an arrow that forced himself to stop on the string.
He didn’t need Director Lou’s speech, and after a suitable pause, he picked it up on his own.
When he paused, the expression on his face was not the same, as if someone was really laughing at him.
Song Que’s heart fires more and more.

    The director’s eyes lit up.

    That’s right, Luo Wen ten years ago and Zhang Mu ten years later were somewhat similar in character.
They were both young and promising young talents, and both faced the same situation of finding the real murderer but without evidence.
But Luo Wen’s ability was more prominent; his self-esteem was also higher.

    So at such a time, Zhang Mu would hate, be frustrated, and be powerless.
But Luo Wen would not, or rather, he would not allow himself to have such emotions.

    So Song Que took this scene as an addendum.
To prevent the audience from thinking that Luo Wen was too calm or even had a paralyzed face, he put a lot of effort into the details, which excited Director Lou.
This was the performance he had always wanted to pursue!

    After confirming hopelessness, Song Que’s body suddenly relaxed.
He raised his eyes again; his expression was heavy, his eyes were gloomy, and he said, “This matter is not over, I tell you, this matter is not over.” 

He smiled.
Compared with the muscles on the left, more muscles on the right face were mobilized, and this unbalanced smile caused goosebumps to rise.

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    Now, he seems to have changed from the calm and composed high-IQ police officer to another direction.

    The corners of Director Lou’s mouth couldn’t stop rising, but he still remembered that Song Que still had a clip to perform.
He didn’t want Song Que to see his satisfaction and felt that only in this way would he be able to force out Song Que’s best performance.
Director Lou was really curious, how far can Song Que play?

    Luo Wen’s last victim was Chen Jingwen.

    Zhang Mu had already discovered that the real culprit was Luo Wen, and he would not target Chen Jingwen again.
Chen Jingwen’s criminal evidence ten years ago had already been destroyed.
Ten years ago, Luo Wen failed to catch Chen Jingwen, and ten years later, Zhang Mu was even less likely to catch Chen Jingwen’s little tail, which meant that Chen Jingwen could not be convicted.

    Luo Wen chose to do it himself.

    When a wise man chooses to sin, he is hard to stop.
In particular, this intelligent man has also been a police officer who has been chasing criminals for more than ten years.
He knows all criminal methods and investigation methods.
Even if Zhang Mu pinpointed Luo Wen as the murderer with his excellent intuition, he couldn’t find any reliable evidence, and Luo Wen even kidnapped Chen Jingwen under his nose.

    Luo Wen took the person to the abandoned building rooftop and patted his face with a knife until he woke up.

    Chen Jingwen was a pervert, a pervert who always felt that he was superior and above the law.
But when he realized death was coming, he also showed the ugly expression of crying bitterly.

    But Song Que slowly wiped his hands against the air, and Director Luo realized it was Chen Jingwen’s clothes.
The calmer he is, the more terrifying it is.
How scary can a man who makes a perverted killer cry bitterly?

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    Song Que smiled at Chen Jingwen, which completely overlapped with the laugh after he said, “this matter is not over” ten years ago, pulling people’s thoughts back to ten years ago, making people realize that this was not a simple change of a good policeman.
The process of becoming an evil killer.
It was the two sides of a person.
These two sides exist naturally; as yin and yang coexist, light and dark coexist naturally.
Different environments and events will stimulate different aspects.
Once one aspect is wholly stimulated and overshadows the other, yin and yang will be out of order, and people will be entirely out of control.

    Song Que was holding a knife; he was cutting Chen Jingwen alive, but his movements were exquisite, reminding Chen Jingwen: “Do you remember your first victim? Oh, not necessarily the first; it can only be regarded as the first corpse being discovered.
She was a lovely little girl before her death.
After being raped, she was dismembered by you.
I am not interested in that kind of thing with no original form, and I also don’t want to cut you directly.
After all, there are still many things that I want to say.
It was too beneficial to you.
Are you happy?”

    Song Que’s voice was steady, and his tone was slow, but there was excitement in his eyes.
What he was doing now excited his entire central nervous system and made people suspect he was experiencing some kind of intracranial orgasm.

    This thought made the viewers shudder.
Even if Luo Wen killed a heinous person and counted every person’s crime in his mouth, others would not regard him as a righteous policeman but as a criminal.

    When Song Que stood up, and the melancholy that once made Director Lou unhappy appeared on his brows, the fat director who had been holding his breath finally breathed a sigh of relief.
Although he felt that Song Que was good at acting, Director Lou also doubted for a moment whether a perverted murderer had really mixed in his crew.

    Seeing that Song Que has become a normal person, Director Luo secretly feels jealous and nagging about his melancholy temperament and becomes sincere.

    Seeing that Director Lou didn’t speak, Song Que had to ask, “Director Lou, I’m done; what do you think?”

    Director Lou patted his thigh and said, “It’s you.
When do you have time to sign the contract? Now, let’s discuss the script carefully.”

    Song Que smiled very gently, not too excited, but it didn’t make people think that he had no reaction to his winning.

    Everyone who sees it thinks that he is a very profound person.

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