Rage Ethereal Dominion

Chapter 2: Legit Wishing Star

[Playing: Until I Found You by Stephen Sanchez]

It was raining cats and dogs. That even if you walk slowly youll get wet by the water on the pavement. The splash of water every time the car passed by and the nonstop drip of raindrops on the wet ground. The scent of cement lingered in her nostrils. She was shivering under her coat.

”The music is so good yet the weather is killing me. ” She silently complained while walking holding the umbrella in her right hand with her other hand in the pocket of her jacket. She was wearing the school uniform of Gillette Academy. Knee-length black and blue checkered skirt with pleat, white three-forth polo and black shoes. The upper left of her calf was wet and she was annoyed that on the first day of her school she felt like it was a disaster.

She checked her phone and looked at social media if there will be any announcement of class suspension but to her dismay, only Elementary and secondary school has the class suspension. Their first day was moved next week.

”I know its the first day. I was so excited before, but now I don . I even wish that they also cancel the first day of class today in college but it seems they won . The college department really looks down on the weather, especially at times like this ” she shook her head in disbelief.

”It was sunny yesterday and the forecast said that it won rain today. What an unreliable weather forecast app. Oh, look. Its 25 degrees Celsius. It seems it just got updated now. And whats with this fifty percent chance of rain? Its already f*ckin raining. Duh! ” Greigha rolled her eyes at her phone and turn it off before putting it back in her pocket.

She stopped for a while and saw a convenience store so she walked inside and decided to stay there first. She would wait at least ten minutes. If the rain didn stop she would dash in the rain under her umbrella.

She was constantly looking back at her left hand where her watch was. And fortunately, before ten minutes would pass the rain calmed a bit so she decided to walk faster now to be on time for her first day of school.

When she reached the tall gate she saw a lot of students gathering in a lot of corners near the gate. And there were even cars and vans that were leaving the school premises. She was so curious as to what is happening so she roamed her eyes and when it landed on someone familiar to her. She approached, Lea. Lea was her classmate way back in Tanlan Town. They were both HUMSS students who take engineering.

”LEA! ” she called her to catch her attention and the latter looked at her and then wave to Greigha. ”Hey Grey! ” the other girls looked at her. They
e also her circle of friends.

They greeted each other. Chen, Chen Lu who has shoulder-length black hair, is five feet and five inches in height. An asian beauty smiled at her. Hailey Gibson, blonde curly hair and has a pale complexion, she is also has the same height as Greigha. Shaira Sakurai has straight long jet black hair, is five feet and seven inches tall and has a fair complexion. Greigha also has a pale complexion, she has a black shoulder-length layer style haircut. While Lea is the tallest of them all. Lea Michele is five feet and 10 inches tall, and black beauty.

”Why are you all gathering here? ” Greigha asked while looking at other students. She was scanning through the crowds waiting for her luck in finding him.

”Oh… The Principal just cancelled the class. They moved it tomorrow. If it will still rain tomorrow then, the next day again. They announced that theyll give us notice tom if the class will start. ” Hailey said to her and sighed then looked at the sky that was covered by dark grey clouds.

”… ” Greigha was speechless. She was about to say something but then she hesitated and then she opened her mouth and closed it again and just smiled vacuously.

” What…? ” she asked in disbelief suppressing her pissed emotion.

”Then why they didn cancel it earlier? I was waiting on the announcement on their official page, ” she complained with irritation plastered on her face. The four of them shrugged their shoulder.

”We are just waiting for the bus, ” Chen said with her arms crossed across her chest.

”Like, seriously… Anyways guys. Ill leave first. Bye girls ” She sighed and bid adieu to her friends and started walking again to go back home. This time she didn care if shell get totally wet. She just walked faster so she can go home.

After entering the apartment building she saw Hark with someone in the lounge area. She was about to approach him when the cold socks pricked her flesh so she decided to change and thought that shell just ask him later.

(Five months later)

”Harkin!! Whats my purpose in life? ” Greigha asked with her tired face. For the whole five months that shes studying. She felt like she was going to die because of the units she was taking for this semester.

Both of them were lying down while looking at the clear night sky. The news said that there would be a meteor shower so she asked Hark to watch it with her. Since shes scared if she watches it alone on the rooftop of the building.

”Your purpose in life is to find that missing piece inside of you. ” Hark seriously said. Both hands were at the back of his head. Greigha frowned at him and pouted.

”What missing piece. The missing piece I need is money. Im broke man. ”

”I even plan on taking summer classes to advance my unit. Now I think that I deserve that summer vacation. I need a break!! ” she shouted and Hark laughed at her rants.

She wanted to watch the other falling star but she was so sleepy. She yawned and closed her eyes and mumbled mindlessly ”How I wish this world will turn upside down and a dungeon will emerge so that I can earn money by killing monsters and solving puzzles and sh*ts. ” Without her knowing while she said that, a shooting star that was supposed to fall to earth goes back to heaven. She heard Hark say something but she didn notice it anymore since she was so drowsy and was half step to her dreamland.

The ground was shaking and she thought that she was dreaming, she opened her eyes and saw how the world turned upside down. The city was cut in a half and screams are vivid like in horror movies. The sky broke in half and a city opposite the land emerged. She looked confused and because she was sleepy she thought that this was all a dream.

”This feels so real to be a dream. ” She snorted at herself.

”Ah yeah. I think Ive read a lot of fantasy novels and my mind is tricking me. I think Im dreaming I should sleep so Ill wake up in reality ” She literally slept, its as if the ground didn split in a half in front of her eyes. Even the uproar in the whole city didn wake her up.

Dungeon emerge and monsters and demons crawled out from the cracks. The underworld, the human world and the outer heaven merge. It was the definition of chaos. It seems like the Dark Ages arise from the past. They were creatures flying across the sky in between the two cities that face each other. And other things from earth levitating across the sky. Peter Pan has come and sprinkled Thinker Bells Dust. Other people were also levitating on air. The screaming didn die for the whole night and even when the sun rose. The world was still in havoc.

Then she woke up next to the debris, still seeing what she saw last night. She laughed it off and still thought that she didn wake up and still dreaming so she slapped herself and it was real. The pain was real. She looked at the jaw-dropping scenery. It was just a normal world last night and now it was something only in the fantasy world you could see.

”Holy cat!!! This happened and no one even bothered to wake me up. And wheres Harkin? HARKIN!! Are you fine? Bloody h*ll!! What if he was floating too!??! ” She was panicking, worried at Hark and yet there was an excitement in her voice.

”And why on earth I am excited for? ” she laughed at herself and she slap her forehead for her disbelief in herself.

But she did try swiping her hand in the air. And did some weird poses and hand gestures trying to popped up something in the air? She laughed awkwardly and said. ”So theres no taskbar or stats? No class or race? This is not a gaming system?!? Even a notification doesn exist?!?! I refused this world!! I must be dreaming. I need to wake up! ” her tone met with the emotion of incredulity.

She hissed and scratched her forehead.

”What the h*ll happened to earth? ” she whispered and walked toward the door only t

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