<1000 years ago>

”So this is the end huh? ”

Thats all I could say as I stared at the moonlight which seemed to be in delight as it illuminated the night sky in utter bliss contrary to how I feel right now.

Indeed I am anything but happy right now, after all I had been shot by the group of people I thought I could call comrades.



Those guys do not deserve such words. I guess thats what I get for joining the bandits guild. At the time I thought it would be fun. I mean why wouldn it be? I get to go on missions where I would intercept a group of merchants from the merchant guild.

Other missions include going into the central city market square and stealing any consumables worth stealing.

There was even a time when I was asked to sneak into a nobles abode just for the sake of stealing an artifact worth thousands of gold coins.

From the outside view, one would think I was living the dream, after all I was admitted into the guild I had applied for a long time now. The truth was I had initially opted to apply for the adventurer guild but the incessant desire of millions of newbie applicants makes it difficult for someone like me who was born from a poor background to gain admission.


Just as how the adventurer guilds was difficult to gain admission into, so was the assassin, merchant and fashion guilds. With the ceaseless war against the demons from the other side, the adventurer guilds would always be the most coveted guilds in all of Crystal City.

I did applied for the merchant guild and fashion guild but with my amateurish knowledge towards business and fashion, I was immediately rejected straight from the onset.

I heaved a huge sigh of anguish as I recall my last mission with my supposed comrades. It was supposed to be a simple sneak, steal and scram routine just like every other E rank missions. Most E rank missions had little to no security from the adventurer guilds, so when it was discovered that the goods being transferred were worth billions of gold coins, the party I had joined turned against me in a blink of an eye.

They needed someone to take the blame, luckily that wasn me, instead it was the assassin guild but till now I still do not understand why I was shot.

Well, I guess I should have expected it.

I was nothing but a liability to them.

I had heard the rumors of guild members dying when they joined this party but I ignored such rumors, why? Well thats because I was in desperate need of money. My rent was overdue and my landlord kept nagging me to pay for the rent.

It is your house and I am borrowing it for a while, so yes I know I have to pay


Can he be more annoying?

Well if he did become more annoying I guess I would have to kill myself.


The irony. How can one feel so sad while laughing? I guess it is because I am about to die.


I don want to die.

It was all those idiots fault, I guess Im the bigger idiot for joining their party. The other members gathered all the goods, killed the merchants and faced their guns at me.

”Its nothing personal brother, ”

”Haha… nothing..you get it…it means you get nothing…haha, ” A gang member chortled.

”Come on Jack that was cruel, I was beginning to like the kid, sorry sport no hard feelings, ”

”Lets just kill the twerp and get outta here, ”

*Pow!* *Pow* *Pow* *Pow*

What was cruelty?!

This was cruelty. How could four armed men kill just one unarmed man.

Yeah you heard right.

Im a man, Im 19 and I live on my own, so yeah technically Im a man since I provide for myself.

The truth is none of that matters right now, no one wants to hear the legend of an half assed man, living in a cramped apartment analogous to a wasteland and feeding on scraps all day long. If I was a hunk, Im pretty sure I would be respected in the society.

*Sighs* I guess beggars can be choosers.

”Ouch!!.. Ouch!! ” I yelled in agony as I tried to sit up straight on the park bench. Right now Ive got four bullet holes on my body apparently caused by my comrades.

Okay thats it, Ive gotta stop calling them comrades, after all, they stole my month savings. Yep they were definitely anything but comrades.

”Ouch!! ”

The pain is becoming unbearable, I think I will have to kill myself, just for me to end the misery. I took the pistol I had in me.

Why am I having a pistol?!

Im a bandit, so duh! Ive gotta have a gun.

But using it

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