With the three babies back home with me, i decided to take a nap. To my greatest surprise, all three were fed peacefully without any trouble. Thats right. I knew it would be a piece of cake. I switched off the light of my room as I lay on the bed with my face on the bed surface.

I kept the babies in a room opposite to mine, I think it is a good idea right? Well since all is well for now I don think I have anything to worry about. It didn take long for my eyelids to become too heavy as I fell into a deep sleep.

”Wueee!!! ”

”Wueee!! ”

”Wueee!! ”

Several hours later, it was currently a few minutes past midnight but yet the incessant cries of the babies didn grant Dante the rest his body so desperately deserved. He knew he had to stand up one way or the other or he might not get the chance to sleep at all.

Upon heading towards the babies room, he tried whatever came to mind on how he could keep the babies silent but nothing seemed to be working. He tried feeding them but all seemed to not be interested in eating. Then whats the matter? Dante was left with more questions than answers. Immediately after half an hour went by, all three babies became silent.

Noticing this, Dante decided to covertly exit the room but the demon baby with the creepy glare suddenly began to cry again. Dante immediately stepped back to the room and as if being notified of his presence, the baby kept quiet once again. Dante decided to leave this time around but the same event occurred over and over again. Eventually Dante yielded and decided to stay in the same room with the babies.All three babies currently slept on the massive bed while Dante laid on the edge of the bed.

But little did Dante know that the worst had yet to come, for the next three days it had become a hectic nightmare for Dante, one he could have never imagined. Days after days, night after nights, it had been the same nightmarish horror. Had it not been that his mansion was situated far away from the city and near the woodlands, Dante knew he would have had a lot of angry neighbors lining up at his doorsteps. In fact, that was nothing.

The worst that could happen was if the neighbors filed a complaint about a human mistreating three demon babies. The consequences of such an event occurring would be anything but therapeutic and thats not including the number of years he would have to serve in the slammer.

Who said raising a kid was easy?!

Certainly not me, this was way more difficult to execute than slaying dragons, at this rate I won be able to last one more day with these three babies,

Oh yeah! I know, what if I sneak into a bordello unnoticed and kidnap…*cough*… I mean bring a hot female into my abode to take good care of the three babies,

No no no that won work. And then again, I could just walk into an alley and wait patiently for any horny couples trying to make out. But before they indulge themselves in any foreplay, Ill knock the man out and claim the woman for myself. Ill become a scum bag that steals another mans woman. I will be referred to as the ultimate villain.

”Muaah!! ”

Sh*t I just laughed out loud. Uh-Oh it seems the creepy girl is watching me again. What am I gonna do with you, *sighs*

That reminds me, its been over three days now but she is yet to soil herself. Is she alright? If she were the only one with me, Id think its a normal thing for demon babies to do but seeing the other two release some indescribable fecal matter Im bound to think otherwise. Talking about fecal matter, what exactly are they putting inside this baby formula. What comes out from the end of these babies are just too frightening for a human like me to digest.

Well I should have suspected as much, after all, the baby formula did have a bizarre purple hued glow. I guess I shouldn expect humans and demons to consume the same color of milk. By the way, Im yet to confirm what type of demons all three babies are, Im pretty sure all three must be a crying demon because they cry like clockwork. Especially the two whose eyes still remained closed, both can cry for six hours without stopping and the funny thing is that no matter what I do, they won stay quiet. Should I just return all three babies? Im feeling fed up with all these troubles. I doubt I ever troubled my parents like this. I must have been the most decent baby ever. Yep Im sure of it.


One would think with how composed I am right now, that all was okay around me. But in actuality, the babies were back to their usual routine. It was always like clockwork, they use six hours for crying, one hour serves as a cooling period and sometimes it served as feeding period for the two babies and for the remainder of the day, they continue as though doing it would ease their demonic heart.


As for the creepy girl who kept looking at me still, hers is on a whole new level, Im to never leave her sight. For the past three days now, Im yet to take a shower. If I were to leave her alone for just a second, her crying would be three times more revolting than the rest.


This wasn what I was expecting when I decided to be a father. I honestly can take this anymore, Im just gonna have to accept the fact that Im still inexperienced and unprepared to raise a child yet.

”Wueee!!! ”

Well isn that just great ,now the troublesome one has joined the fray. Im definitely gonna return you three tomorrow. Im sure the orphanage keeper would understand. Who cares if they keep on crying, Im true with these three babies. I might as well just go back to the tavern and drink my sorrow away. At least bottles don talk.

And just like that, I left the room and headed towards the kitchen. Ill take some snacks from the fridge and then head to my room to get some sleep. Im pretty sure all three babies would eventually stay quiet when they feel like it. And as I aimed towards my bedroom…..

*Knock*. *knock*

What now?! Wait! Don tell me people actually heard the cries way out here. Now thats insane but judging on how insane these past three days have been, I won be surprised if that were to really be the case.

*Knock* *Knock*

”Im coming!! ”

*Door opens*

”Good morning My Master, Deena is here to satisfy all your needs, ”

”Huh? ”

I hurried towards the door and as I opened it , to my greatest surprise, a beautiful plumped gal…*cough..I mean maid greeted me.

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