”Huh?!…. what?…why?..….how? ”

No matter what I tried to say, the words just doesn seem to correlate with whats in my mind. First of all, what is a dashing gal like her doing here. Why is she dressed as a maid and how did she get here? If I were man enough, this would have been my most likely questions.

”Oh please forgive me, Im to give this to you, ” Sensing I was dumbfounded by the whole situation, the lady who called herself Deena brought forward a letter to me. I do hope its a love letter cause I would definitely say yes to such a beauty before me. Everything about her was flawless, there was simply nothing about her that wasn praiseworthy. Is it her lustrous tanned skin or her majestic silver colored hair or her enchanting smile and thats not including her seductive maid uniform which failed to conceal her alluring voluptuous curves. Yep she is absolutely my type.

After stepping out of my trance, I glanced at the letter before me and just then was when everything became clear to me.

[[ Sorry boy, I thought I could gather enough money to send your way but this old geezer is simply too incompetent to raise enough funds to pay for my debt. Moreover Ive got several other debts to pay for. All I can do is send to you one of my prized possession. She is one of the few slaves Ive got with me. I do hope she introduced herself the way I asked her to. She is a shy one but tends to be really wild once she gets excited. I heard humans have a really high sexual drive, just go easy on her for me. Haha. Im just kidding. As for the documents, Ive done all the necessary requirements that will be needed. The official document granting you full ownership of the girl will be given to you by her. If you
e wondering if shed been approached, the answer is no. Sadly Im not interested in those kind of things. My only hope is that she helps you in achieving the dream you told me about. Have a nice life kiddo. ]]

It turned out that the old geezer I got drunk with a few days back sent a maid my way rather than cash. It turned out he took an interest in buying dark elves who had been sold or raised in slavery based on the fact that he himself was a dark elf. He did told me about how he had grew annoyed by how slaves of his race had been mistreated by their owners and so he took it upon himself to do something about it by buying the few he can and providing them with a life they can all be proud of.

Aside from that, I do not recall ever mentioning my dream to him. Just how drunk was I that day? Still I didn know one could claim ownership of a slave on proxy without being their themselves. I guess all that is needed for authenticity is just the copy of the original documents which will be in the possession of both the slave trading agency and the old elf while Im to have the original document with me.

But lets be real here, theres no way a goddess such as herself should ever be referred to as a slave. In fact I would rather call her my…..

”Um?… PL….. Please…. ”

Huh? Whats wrong, whats making her all flustered and flushed right now. I don think Ive got anything on….

Oh no! I totally forgot I was half naked right now. All I had right now was a boxer.

”Oh!! please forgive me, I didn …. ”


”Oh no no its not that its just…. ”

Its not that? Girl look at yourself, you are totally blushing right now and you are telling me its not that. Wait a second!! She blushed right?! Does it mean Ive got a chance. Oh YES! Thank you goddess from above. I guess all I have to do is….

”Wueee!!!! ”

Oh yeah, I totally forgot about the babies. Maybe now I can just focus on living a blissful life with a goddess sent beauty by my side for the rest of my life. THANK YOU ONCE MORE.!!

” Um? My master? Do you have babies with you? ”

”Huh? Babies?… ”

Huh? What is this? The vibes Im feeling from her seems more radiant than the ones shed been expressing ever since she got here. Im sure she could hear the cries of the babies but she just wants me to confirm her suspicion.

” Um, yeah. Ive got three babies in there, ”

”Really?!… Three?!… I love babies!! ”

”Im single!! ”

Wait, what!! Why did I mention that last part? Oh man the stimulation was just so intense for me to handle. Seeing her so excited made my heart skipped a few beats, she jumped so high that my eyes couldn help but follow her huge plump buxom as they swayed alongside her. Why didn I just say I love you Ahh!! I just missed my chance.

”Wow!!… So you adopted them then. My master is so amazing!! ”

Its official, I love this woman. Right now she held both of my hands with hers as she expressed her new profound respect towards me.

Aww!! Her hands are so soft, please do not let go, . Where are the love cupids, Im certain they are around here somewhere, Ive gotta catch and keep them safe by my side cause Ive certainly been struck by a love arrow of immense proportions. Is this what they mean by love at first sight. This is certainly the best way to retire. Please please please!! God of time, wherever you are, just listen to my plea and let the world pause as I am right now. It is but a simple wish from your once devoted worshipper. Thats all I ask of you.

Im grateful I do not have nosebleeds cause Im certain I would have squirted gallons by now. With all said and done, I welcomed her in as she carried her bags into the mansion.

”Can I touch them?! ”

”Oh please, be my guest, ”

I replied to her inquiry about the babies but to my surprise she also inquired about the whereabouts of the kitchen to which I gestured the location to her. She returned back to the babies room with her hands wet, it seems she had washed her hands. Was that really necessary? I do not think babies carry germs on them or do they?, Im not sure but I inquired nonetheless and she replied that based on the fact that babies do not have a strong immune system, they are at risk for infection and so to prevent that she had to make sure her hands were clean.

You see why I adore her? Shes even clean. Wait a minute, when last did I take a shower? I think Id better not smell some part of me right now cause Im positive about what my reaction would be. Id better take a shower after Im done here.

”Wueee!!….. Wue!… mmm, ”

Wow shes totally a pro at this. One of the two crying babies which had yet to open her eyes was made to quiet down Immediately when Deena touched her. How did she do that?

”Oh! Master?! They are demons? ”

”Is that bad? ”

”Oh no!! My master, its just that I thought since you were a human, I thought you would prefer to raise a human as your baby but seeing you now with three demon babies, I can help but feel touched because there are still humans out there who doesn share the same passion as you do. I think I will love staying here with you, ”

Thats it. Im keeping the babies for now or who knows how long, as long as Deena is happy I think I can cope with whatever trouble comes my way. I think she possesses angelic hands cause the baby had yet to cry till this very moment.

”My master? I think they are in the imprinting stage. Were you accepted by all three? ”

”I guess so, ”

”Then in that case, i think you should be the one to nurture her. Theyve been crying for you to bond with them, ”

”Bond with them? ”

”Yeah, just as how that little cute girl over there keeps watching wherever you go, she does that to not only study you but she hopes you bond with her by you stroking her gently or patting her softly as her connection towards you deepens. These two over here desire your affections as well but since they can see you, they cry with the aim of you noticing just how lonely they are, if you had simply sing them a heartfelt song or lullaby or simply say to them how much you love them, that would have surely calm them down. ”

It seems theres still a lot I do not know about babies. Im glad the old elf sent her to me.


The reason why the baby quieted down when Deena stroked her was because it could sense the affections Dante had towards Deena so the baby used her as a substitute. Thanks and take care.

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