Im currently with a baby now as I support the babys head and neck, she seemed to have calm down a bit which was pleasing for me. It seemed all I needed to have done was to show just how much I cared for them. Deena said bonding with the babies helps to promote an emotional connection with them. It seems the attachment helps to contribute to the babies emotional growth and sometimes physical growth.

She said that babies thrive from having a parent who loves them unconditionally. For almost an hour now, Ive been cradling each and every one of them as I gently stroke them to which all babies remained silent, it was really amazing compared to how they were just a few hours ago.

With limited materials needed for the babies growth present in the house, we set out to get some clothings and baby materials for all three. Aside from the enthralling maid dress, the white sleeveless dress Deena wore presently was also captivating to the eye. I love how her dresses accentuate certain parts of her body, this was simply euphoria at its peak. I LOVE IT!!

As we headed towards the supermarket, we bought two baby carriers while I held Miss creepy glaring face in my arm. The experience of strolling around the market with babies and a super hot gal by my side was so exciting, it felt like we were newly weds. To be honest I truly hoped we were because having a super hot gal as my wife would grant me nothing but joy whenever I wake up every morning. We bought a lot of stuff from the baby store ranging from newborn hats, several pairs of baby socks and baby sleepers, several packs of baby diapers, disposable wipes, baby sponge, baby bath tubs and several others.

Though I would prefer we stay a while longer but it seems one of the babies had soil themselves and Deena said it would be better if wed hurry up and return home quickly so as to prevent the baby from getting rashes around her private areas.

”Wueee!! ”

Upon our arrival back home, Deena and I both changed the diapers of one baby each but when compared to my earlier inexperienced method of clothing babies with diapers, Ive become knowledgeable in the act of dressing a baby. Good for me. With two babies cleaned and changed, I thought it would be better if I cleaned the baby with the creepy glare myself since she doesn allow Deena to touch her but what surprised me was that she had begun to cry even before I touched her. Did I do something wrong, I doubt thats the problem but I really can be too sure.

”Master do not worry, Ill handle it from here, ”

Deena said as she asked me to excuse them. I do not understand, did I really handle her roughly? I do not think I did cause Ive been listening attentively to whatever Deena tells me on how to take care of all three babies. I left Deena and the little one alone hoping whatever misunderstanding I had with the baby goes away once Deena returns with the baby.

”It wasn anything serious Master, she was just shy thats all, ”

Well isn that cute, a baby who could feel shy whenever she soils herself, yep theres nothing creepy about that at all. At least now I can be at ease knowing that she isn abnormal. Whew!!. For a while now Ive been contemplating on whether to return her but the truth is Ive somewhat grown attach to her. I think I can do this, its nice having a partner… Oops…I mean helper around. Although I would prefer Deena stops referring to me as Master, to be honest it feels a little cliche or maybe its just me because the moment I informed her of my desire to be referred to as Dante, she was instantly opposed to my declaration as she insisted that with the shelter, feeding and everything else I was going to provide her, it was mandatory she referred to me as Master.

Baby girl I know all that but the law isn here right now, can you just refer to me as Dante or better yet you can refer to me as babe or honey pie or whatever makes my sausage rise because I feel like an old man whenever you refer to me as Master.


Eventually we both decided it would be better if she referred to me as young master. Come on Dante just tell this lady how you feel. *Sighs* How the mighty have fallen, for I Dante Lustwood well actually Count Dracula, was well known around the world as the most fearless and most valiant warrior to have ever set foot on this world and now look at me I can even express my feelings to the woman of my dreams, it seems I do not have a brave heart.

”Young master? Have you thought about a name for them?, ”

”Huh?….Name?… I haven yet, ”

Oh, thats right she doesn know I had intentions of returning the remaining two right after the night of the blue moon. I never really thought I would have to name them but I think I can come up with some pretty good names.

”I think you should think of a name for them and once you do, it would help them in feeling a lot closer to you but not only that, you are also going to have to tell them how you feel as you name them, make them feel cherished as you proclaim your love for them, ”

” Oh! Im not sure if they
e triplets but for cases whereby parents have twins or triplets, the parents would have to inform each child on how they hope to be addressed. It serves as a message to the child that you are pleased with them whenever they refer to you as such, ”

Though Deena may have a vibrant and alluring feature coupled with her well endowed deportment, still Im pretty sure shes around my age but yet shes had several years of experience taking care of babies on a daily basis as a childminder and on rare occasions during the weekends as a babysitter, that would explain why she is so knowledgeable about stuffs relating to babies. She is really a life saver or should I say my angelic savior, either way Im glad shes here with me.

And so all three babies were placed on the bed sheets, the baby whose eyes were locked onto me continued her tasks as though her life depended on it. Seriously, am I ever gonna get used to her stares, at least take a break and do something else for crying out loud, can you see Im at my wits end with you already. Okay calm yourself, I do not want to make an annoyed face to the little girl.

” Daddy woves you, yesh I do, yesh I do, I wove my beaushiful Delilah. Sho grow up and become a beaushiful girl for your daddy okay? ”

”hehe….hehe, ”

I said to the little baby girl who chuckled a little by the weird and silly face I made, so I guess I won have to be calling you creepy any longer and then again why would I, not after seeing such a cute and adorable smile. Seeing this now, I guess Im glad I adopted you, my little Delilah.

”Hehe!! ”

Yep shes definitely got her cute side when compared to those inscrutable looks Ive been made to endure all this while, I smiled back to Delilah before turning towards the other two babies. Though all three babies aren triplets, I guess I should still give them different names of how I wished to be addressed based on the fact that all would be growing up as a triplet.

”Hello there little one, can you hear me? ”

”Can you hear me too? ”


I said as I gently stroke the cheeks of both babies but to my greatest surprise, both babies brought out their right hands as they aimed to locate my whereabouts, I inserted both of my index fingers into their tiny little hands as they gripped it tightly with every ounce of tenacity they possess. This is so amazing. Hold on Dante, try not to cry, you are living the dream, so you mustn shed any tears, not while the dashingly enchanting Deena is standing directly behind you.

” Yes my baby girls, Im here. ”

”Papa is here for you Leah, ”

”Your Dada is also here for you too Mia, ”

”I wuve you both and Im gonna keep you both safe forefer and efer, ”

”Hehe…hehe!! ”

Though I may be lacking in my baby speech but Im glad to see both babies appreciative of my sincere feelings as both gripped my indexes tightly while sending me a toothless smile and giggle.

Oh no, its okay right? I tried holding it in but the emotions is just too overwhelming,

I said to myself as streams of tears drizzled down my face and Deena seeing all this, made a motherly smile which expressed how touched she was as a solitary tear trickled down her face. Theres nothing now that will ever make me return all three babies as I promise to love and cherish each and every one of them till I breathe my last breath.

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