”Mmm!! ”

Im currently in the dining room, humming in utter glee as I await what Deena has in store for dinner. I was shocked when she asked of what I would like to eat, I mean why won I be?! I can remember the last time I made something for myself to eat, most times I feed on snacks and whenever Im in need of something new, Ive got a list of top notch restaurants here in Green Emerald City. Oh! Wait a minute, I do remember the last time I made use of the kitchen, it was probably around three months ago.

Back then all I ate was instant noodles, I had several cartons of instant noodles piled up in the store room but eventually my taste buds had gotten accustomed to the taste and the very moment I emptied all the available cartons I had in my disposal, I decided it was high time I found something else to satisfy my needs.

Aww!!.. yes!!….This is the life, The aroma of whatever she is cooking has completely permeated the air, Im so glad I get to eat the divine food of a beautiful woman right in my own home. The old elf was indeed lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful woman by his side for so many years.

”Grrr!! ”

Aww!!, Im so hungry right now, it appears my stomach has become impatient as well. Actually, the dinner table is all set and Ive got everything else ready, now all that remains is for both of us to eat alone. Did I say it right? We will finally be ALONE!! together. Yes!!. Right now all babies are asleep but as a precaution, I brought them to the living room with each of them sleeping in their own crib, I thought it would be better to watch them from afar and I also didn want to stay too far from Delilah lest she starts to cry throughout the night. Trust me when I say this, that is definitely something I would opt to avoid any time of the day.

” Im sorry young master for keeping you waiting, ”

” Its fine Deena, ”

Girl?!, Provided it is you, theres nothing I won do to be entertained by you. I replied to Deena as she places the meal on the table. As I was about to eat, I noticed Deena had yet to sit or eat.

”Are you not hungry? ”

”Huh?!…. B.. but.. I… ”

” You did remember to leave some for yourself right? ” I inquired to which she immediately nodded in response. Seeing her being shy is cute as well. I knew exactly what she wanted to say. Ive heard about slaves waiting for their masters to eat before they do and they were not permitted to eat in the same level of field as their masters. What I mean by that is that, most times the slaves were to eat the leftovers of their masters food and whenever they were going to eat, it would be done in a fashion analogous to how a dog does. Which meant that she would have to walk like a dog towards her master while her master uses a dog feeding bowl to feed her.

But theres no way in hell Im ever going to treat the apple of my eyes in such a disgusting manner. Youve got nothing to worry about cause Im a lover and not a punisher. Im nothing compared to those revolting sadists who claimed themselves to be a true slave master. Im sure youve noticed the way I look at you by now. Ive practically been staring at your sublime and yet absolute figure for quite some time now. Im positive youve noticed my gaze cause Ive noticed you blush a couple of times today already.


What is wrong with me? Can I just pounce on her right now and give her the best time of her life. What am I doing?! What is wrong with me?! Im supposed to be eating right now?! Ahhh!!!… Someone should please help me because my heads spinning in an uncontrollable pace. I definitely need help. Help? Yes! Thats it!!… Oh please please please!!… Future me!!… Come back to the past and knock this shyness out of me!!. This babe is driving me nuts.

” *Ahem* Please Deena, I would be more than happy if you could dine with me, ”

Whew!! I think that sounded cool right? I definitely won accept No for an answer and please spare me the lecture of how Im to treat a slave. My heart is already a slave to yours already.

” Thank you so much young master, ”

Hoo!!! She smiled!! Yes at last, she finally understood how I feel. Thats exactly what I want. Thats a first class fan service right there which was coupled with the way her melons swayed just now. Ahh!! I could die right now. Please navigate those juicy melons to my direction, I promise I won bite. Stop!!. Stop!!. Stop!! I could feel myself diverting towards the path of perversion. Ive gotta control myself man. Get your act together man!!. You
e Dante Lustwood and you are a man in love… *Coughs*…..I mean you
e a man of great pride and dignity. So show yourself a man.

Deena returned back from the kitchen with her plates in hand, of course the radiant smile she beamed just for a few seconds didn elude my eyes. Im a little sad because of where she chose to sit but who am I to complain, provided shes delighted to eat I think thats okay by me. We
e currently in the dinning room with a big table capable of occupying ten different people was placed directly in front of us. Four can occupy either sides of the table and as for me, Im seated by the edge while Deena chose the far end of the table. Its a little sad because Id rather she sits directly beside me. Since today is still her first day in the house, I guess I understand why she is acting as such and as for me, I would rather take it slow than to act brazen which may send off the wrong message.

With my first dinner with Deena already approaching its culmination, Deena took both of our plates and thanked me for the meal albeit I should be the one saying that but I guess its okay. The food was amazing to be precise, Im pretty sure shell make a pretty good wife. The truth is that Im a pretty good cook myself but Im the kind of bachelor that complains about how its a drag to cook a meal for myself when theres a restaurant I could easily get whatever I wanted. I said the same thing to Deena when she asked what I would have loved to eat but she said it would be better to have a meal at home than to be squandering money in restaurants where the foods barely satisfies the customers.

I guess she does have a point and based on the fact that therell most likely be more mouths to feed in the future, I guess I would have to show my cooking prowess in the not so distant future. Im pretty sure Deena and the girls would love my cooking. Strangely enough, this world seems to have some spices and ingredients similar to the ones from Earth but the lists of food recipes here are not even close to what Ive seen on Earth. And Ive got a long list of recipes I would love to try since Im not too busy fighting monsters from dungeons anymore.

Immediately we were done with the dining room, we both set out to each of our own room. At first, I thought it would be better to bathe the three girls but I immediately thought against it based on the fact that it was a cold night and I remembered the orphanage keeper informing me about not bathing them too much. I seem to recall her saying something like twice a week would be sufficient for babies their age and so with that I decided to do other things.

I directed Deena towards her room before she thanked me for the day. The babies were great tonight, none of them disturbed us while we were eating, I guess they really did wanted me to shower them with affections, well Im glad I did, as they all slept soundly. Im feeling a little bit excited about the future, Ive got some massive plans for us but I guess I will have to take it slow for now.

Im currently on my way to bed now and ever since the first night I was made to suffer the terrifying sound of a babys cry, Ive decided to keep all three babies in my room whenever Im about to sleep. And so with all lights turned off, I finally got to have the sleep Ive been deprived of for the past three days now.


Several hours after I was asleep, an abrupt sound startled me awake.

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