*dab* *dab* *dab*

Foot steps of dozens of men running can be heard in the corridor. A young and handsome army officer is running in front followed by dozens of soldiers in uniforms, fully equipped with guns.

”Quick, we have to catch him before its too late. ” The young officer commanded his subordinates in an anxious tone. After taking a turn they saw a corridor which had a large room on the other side. Everyone increased their pace and the young officer quickly opened the large door and entered the room.

What they saw almost made them puke their guts out. A bloody stench invaded their nostrils and the room is littered with corpses of dozens of armed men. One look and they recognised them as a private force.

The soldiers who entered the room are special forces of USA and they saw many bloody scenes. Even they created many bloody scenes. But what is in their sight gave even these soldiers chills.

Every corpse has a face full of fear and agony and not a single person is without a protruded bone. Yes, protruded bones. Each and every person has at least one bone protruded from their bodies and some of them even had a bone shard pierced deeply into their eyes, throat, hearts and other vitals. These bone shards are taken from their limbs and ribs of their comrades which can be clearly understood after observing the limp arms and legs of some corpses.

In midst of the corpses lying on the floor, there is a young man who seemed to be in his late twenties or early thirties standing with his upper body exposed. He has blood all over his body and face. There are some bullet wounds and blade scars on his well-defined muscles. His jet-black hair is soaked in blood. His palms are equipped with a pair of weird claws. These claws only have sharp nails which resembled a wild beasts, made of metal and each nail is individually connected to a small disc like thing on the back of his palm with small metal joints between which a type of string is passing through. If anyone doesnt know better, they would think that it is a normal metal string but it is a graphene string, the sharpest and the strongest thing in the world.

Looking at the scene the young army officer stopped in his tracks and just stood there looking at the bloody figure.

”You finally came here captain Richard. I was getting tired of waiting. ” The bloody figure said as he is still looking towards the window from where one can look at the vast ocean.

”You were waiting for me? ” the young and handsome army office replied in a somewhat surprised tone.

”Yeah, I was waiting for you. I want you to be the witness of my final master piece, so that you wont have to suffer from it. ” The bloody figure replied.

”Just surrender Sam. You cant run away anymore. Why are you making it so hard for yourself? Just follow me to pentagon and you can live your rest of the life peacefully. I know you are angry, but your vengeance will shake the balance of the entire world power. I will help you negotiate with them to handover whoever is responsible for the incident. ” Richard said without caring about the so called master piece.

”Bahahaha, do you really think its that easy captain? Do you know who the culprits are? The heir of Rothschild clan, the heir of the McGregor clan, the prince of morocco, the heir of Samarita family, the heir of Hestia house. Are you confident in getting me their heads? ” Sam answered while laughing.

Listening to his words Richard was dumbstruck with shock. He knew the incident has something to do with these families, but he was unaware that it was related to the direct heirs of these families. He was at a loss of words. Before he could reply Sam continued.

”Richard, do you know how much I love her? The only girl who cared for me. The only person who didnt look down on my status as an orphan. But now she committed suicide due to jealousy and l.u.s.t of these rich bastards.

Do you know how I feel when I recall, that while I was working my ass off to save this f.u.c.k.i.n.g world from the global warming which they created without a care, the only person I love was brutally r.a.p.ed for twenty days straight and tortured until she committed suicide. Just because some rich bastards are jealous because their fathers compared me with them since we are of Same age. Do you know how I feel? I hate myself. I hate all the titles I earned as a scientist, engineer, musician, painter, doctor, super

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