Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 1 - Second Chance


A big bulky leg landed on a young man ’s stomach who looked like he was just a bag of skin and bones.

”Did I or did I not ask you to bring more lunch money today? Do you expect me to starve, bitch? ” A short and healthy youngster wearing a school uniform spat out as he landed another kick on the skinny figure.

This made him buckle down and collapse, coughing up more blood on the ground.

”Aish… Be careful, dude. Don ’t kill him or something. ” Another student standing near chimed in.

”Nah… this bitch might be spineless but he is pretty durable. Isn ’t that right, Liam? Aren ’t you the best punching bag in the entire school? ”

The healthier student raised his leg to land another kick on the seemingly almost dead and curled-up boy lying on the ground, but luckily for him, the school bell loudly rang the very next second, grabbing everyone ’s attention.

”Alright. Let ’s go. It ’s that nasty old woman ’s class. I don ’t want to spend my evening in detention staring at that ugly ass face again. ”

The group of tall and sturdy high school students chatted amongst themselves and casually strolled out of the small alleyway, where the so-called punching bag was left behind without any care or concern.

Liam laid still, completely silent and frozen, afraid to even take another breath, but it was not because he feared the bunch of high school bullies who had just thrashed him. Rather it was because of something entirely different…

Just a few seconds ago, he had been battling for his life, fighting for an elixir that was one of the heavenly treasures.

But how could he compare to the other monsters who were also competing with him for the same treasure? After all, he was just a small fry.

So in the end, an attack landed and he was killed without any sweat but somehow instead of dying, he had instead returned to the past, to 3 years ago when everything began.

As seconds slowly ticked by, Liam became more and more sure that everything that was happening was in fact real and not just a twisted wishful dream.

There was no doubt! He had somehow miraculously returned back to the days when he was younger… when he was still in high school… when everything was yet to happen.

It was as real as his loudly pounding heart and as real as his burning injuries, giving him stabs of pain everywhere on his body.

Liam was not someone who was new to this sort of pain. In fact, he was quite used to this feeling. The thing that he was not used to was… luck!

That ’s right! Somehow he ended up lucky enough to get such an unbelievable second chance!

Liam ’s lips curled upwards as he slowly picked himself up from the ground, his body unsteadily wobbling as if he would fall down again any second now.

However, contrary to his trembling body, his eyes were sharp and cold. There was unfathomable darkness that swirled within them which would probably scare the kids who were just seconds ago pummeling him down.

”I am back. ” Liam grinned, as he banged his bleeding hand made into a fist on the shabby vandalized wall near him. A loud thud echoed and the shock wave which as a result traveled through his body revitalized him.

He slowly and steadily limped out of the alleyway and from there, he directly started walking back to his house, not even bothering to take a look at the school where he was currently supposed to be sitting.

Liam dragged his bruised body all the way to his cramped apartment which was about ten blocks away from the school. Though it hurt like hell, his face only wore an obscene wide grin.

As he neared his apartme

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