Re: Evolution Online

Chapter 103 - Our Leader Is Too Kind?

[Rock Giant] (Elite Boss)

Level 25

Health: 999800/ 1000,000


The giant opened its mouth and yawned loudly. ”Who dares to disturb my slumber? ”

All the demons immediately started running towards the gigantic monster, shouting equally loudly. 

All they knew was fighting, so each one of them gripped their spears and hatchets and started running towards it.

Liam watched this and instantly ordered them to stop. ”NO, don ’t run towards it! ” 

Approaching an elite 10 levels higher than them without knowing about any of its attacks or strengths was the same as committing suicide.

He didn ’t care if these demons died but he didn ’t want to lose his bonus points. Also, he was just starting to fatten them up. How could he afford to lose them so soon?

”RUN AWAY and wait for my command! ”

Liam as well distanced himself from the rock giant and then sent out a condensed fireball, the best attack that he could conjure after all the training.


A chunk of dust flew from where the fireball hit the giant, and then the damage number popped up.


What the hell? Liam ’s eyes widened in shock. Some elite bosses had a high defense which reduced the efficiency of the attack but wasn ’t this a little too much?

Were they supposed to grind this thing by chopping off 10 health every attack? Wouldn ’t they all be dead by then?

He didn ’t know what the damage output of the giant was but just judging from its size, he could tell that it was definitely well above 500 or even more.

A single attack was probably going to take a huge percentage of their health.

As Liam quietly pondered what to do, the demons ran back to him to regroup and waited for his orders anxiously.

But he took his time to first observe the boss. This was a boss that he wasn ’t familiar with. So he didn ’t know its attack patterns beforehand or even have some sort of general idea.

And as for the health that was already missing from the boss, it was probably from their ’practice session ’ tossing fireballs at the still rocks.

While Liam continued thinking about what could be the best approach for dealing with this, suddenly more rumbling sounds started to appear.

Hmmm? A bad premonition popped up in his mind and the very next second it was confirmed. The few rocks that were scattered here and there… they all started to move!

Liam chuckled wryly as he watched this terrifying sight. Now, not just one but about a dozen rock giants all rose up to stand like tall moving mountains in front of him.



”Who is making all this noise? ”

”Who dares to step into our territory? ”

”What is the ruckus about? ”

In a matter of a second, rocks sprouted out of the previously calm grassy ground one after the other and 13 rock giants in total now stood in front of him!

13 elite bosses!

All of them with high defense and terrifying strength! Even the ground caved in not able to withstand the weight of their footsteps.

The newbie demon soldiers had never seen anything like this before. 

They trembled in the presence of such strong monsters and they anxiously looked at their leader, hoping that at least he had some sort of solution to this sudden development.

However, as soon as they saw Liam, their faces paled even further.

”An absolute fucking disaster. Ha Ha Ha! ” Liam was laughing loudly as if he was in his own world. 

He couldn ’t see the giant rock monsters in front of him? Had their leader gone insane from fear? The five newbie demons gulped.

The demons had no idea what they were going to do now and from the looks of it, their leader was also useless. How were they going to survive this calamity?

No matter how they looked at it, they were just completely fucked!

They stood like stone statues similar to rock giants, trembling in fear. It was as if they were simply waiting for their death.

At this moment, unexpectedly, Liam ’s loud voice sounded. ”MOVE! ”

His single word was like a command from hell, from the demon lord himself and the five newbie demons scurried in different directions running away from the giants.

Liam also did the same as he began running away while also simultaneously shooting out one fireball after another at the several rock giants.

He made sure to grab each and every one of their attention. The 13 rock giants all chased after him. 

Their speed was considerably less when compared to their defense and attack power but not too bad either.

To maintain a significant distance between the giants and himself, Liam had to use his mana speed boosting technique and expend some of his mana.

He ran away from them until they were far apart and then started sending out fireballs to keep their attention.

And when they came close enough, he ran once again, leading the group of 13 rock giants by their noses.

It was as if he was playing with a bunch of overgrown giant toddlers, teasing them and making them run by showing candies.

And as for the abysmal damage output, he didn ’t care about it at all.

Liam had indeed considered different strategies to fight these rock giants when there was only a single one in front of him.

But when more giants showed up… things suddenly became much simpler. All those other possibilities simply disappeared, leaving behind only one option!

All they had to do was… RUN!!!

When surrounded by a dozen elite bosses, really that was the only option anyone had!

And thus… began the long game of running and seeking.

Liam ’s figure blurred as he continuously moved, taunted the giants by shooting fireballs at them, and then moved again. 

He was running around in circles, back and forth, so much so that the ground where they were playing had considerably gone down, changing the landscape itself.

They had created a barren valley where there was previously lush green flatland!

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