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Chapter 105 - Up Up And Up!!!

As soon as they saw the wide open grassland, all the five demons instantly stiffened up and started looking around for rocks or giants.

The trauma from facing the several rock giants was still too fresh for them. 

Even Liam was visibly shocked as he checked for the same thing. However, except for a few trees and a lake, nothing else was visible.

Just as they were looking around, a gentle breeze swept past them and some weird sounds came from the distant lake.

Amongst them, the small fox was the first to react, as it leaped towards the lake and started running.

”Hmmm? ” Liam followed it as well and he immediately saw a group of water blobs jumping up and down near the lake.

[Water Slime]

Level 26

”Oh! Not bad! ” He quickly prepared to attack. This time their luck had turned out to be quite good. These were monsters that they could easily slaughter.

More importantly, he observed a key fact. Though their destination seemed to be completely random, no matter where they landed, the beasts and the monsters were around their level.

They were only faced with things that they could handle. The elite rock giant farm and landing in the middle of a Kobold nest were extreme exceptions and tough challenges.

Even then, only one skilled member was required to ensure survival. But besides that, the others were not that difficult.

Considering all of this, Liam couldn ’t help but wonder about the awesomeness of the portal inscription.

These invasion missions were possible only because of the detailed magic engraved on the scrolls. 

At his level, he couldn ’t even fathom the skill of the grandmaster who probably engraved this. There were so many intricate details that were required.

Not to mention the fact that the safety of millions of demon soldiers relied on this portal inscription. 

A single mistake could produce catastrophic results and send squads to dangerous locations, resulting in their deaths.

Liam gazed at the several blue water slimes in front of him, completely different from the enormous rock giants. These looked like plushy dolls when compared to those monsters.

The way they sounded was also equally cute. 

Gu Gu! Gu Gu! Gu Gu! Gu Gu!

The plump slimes bounced up and down on the ground, all running towards Liam. This time he didn ’t ask his pets to hold back.

These slimes were not really a threat. This kind of monster was in fact the best option available for unskilled noob players to grind and practice.

They had a weak defense, weak attack, and also weak agility. All in all, they were simply bags of experience points.

His two demon undeads, the fox, the bird, and the five squad demon soldiers all attacked together and slaughtered the plump blobs.

The sight of the grotesque shaped demons hunting the plump slimes was almost too comical to watch. 

They also seemed to be giving it their all and fighting with full gusto, making all sorts of exaggerated grunting noises.

Even Liam was confused. ”Did I do something to boost their morale? ” He chuckled and started doing his part as well. 

He had intended his actions to harbor some goodwill but he didn ’t expect the effects to be so exaggerated.

Ptu Ptu Ptu. The water slimes sent out small water bullets as attacks which were pretty heavy when combined together. They sliced through the air and did huge chunks of damage.

Liam waved his sword, blocking the water bullets easily, and then decided to return the favor. ”Time to try out my improved fireball. ”

He was kicked out of the previous invasion before he could do this but now he had a lot more time left.

[Fire ball]

He first conjured a ball of fire in front of him and instead of sending it out at the nearest slime, he first compressed it quickly.

The big ball of fire went from the size of a football to that of a small bullet. Liam gritted his teeth as he could feel the mental stress from manipulating the attack.

But he persisted and sent it out towards the slime.


The slime was hit on its right side and almost half of its right side got pulverized, water droplets drizzling on the grass nearby.


An insane damage number popped up.

[Ding. A new skill ’Fire Bullet ’ has been created due to your actions]

Liam smirked. ”Finally! ” He sent in another couple of bullets aimed at the same slime and then used his sword to finish the rest of the health.

All the other demons and the two pets couldn ’t help but gasp at Liam ’s attack. Everyone became even more motivated and started rampaging on the pitiful cluster of slimes.

The frustration of not being able to fight back against the rock giants was taken out on the cute little blobs.

Hack. Slash. Bang.

Within a matter of minutes, the situation completely got reversed and the slimes started running away from the group of blood thirsty demons.

They tried to bounce and scatter in miscellaneous directions but the demons roared loudly and chased after them with vengeance. 

They did not hesitate to even jump into the lake and finish the fight.

In the end, the group ended up cleaning the spot completely, without leaving behind a single slime. They did a run around the entire lake, taking care of each and every slime.

One of the demons jumped into the lake and swam around, even making sure that nothing was hiding.

The whole fight took about an hour and a half and it was about time for their portal to get activated.

”Gather everything and bring them back to me, ” Liam commanded and collapsed on the wet ground.

He was completely mentally exhausted after the continuous dodging in the previous invasion mission and now firing fire bullets nonstop.

So he rested on the ground as the demons scurried over to bring whatever was left on the ground. Soon a small heap began to form.

Liam had closed his eyes and when he opened them, he was pleasantly shocked!

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