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Chapter 109 - Evolution

[Ding. New quest available – Conquer your fate.]

[Obtain the First Kill of 20 Elite Bosses. Challenge the beasts that no one has managed to defeat and prove your determination.]

[Requirements: Unknown elder ’s trust and respect]

[Reward: Elder ’s true identity]

[Ding: Do you wish to accept the quest? Y/N]

”First kill for 20 Elite Bosses? ” Liam was somewhat taken aback as he read the details of the quest. 

The difficulty was quite high and it looked like the next part of the chain quest would be even more difficult but he knew that the rewards were equally lucrative. So, in the end, it would all be worth it.

Liam instantly accepted the quest.

”Senior…? ” He saw that the old man was already mentally checked out. He looked somewhere else in the distance, no longer responding to him.

So Liam shrugged and started walking out of the crowded market without lingering there. 

Other players had been unable to listen in on their conversation, so they continued trying to talk to the old man using all sorts of tactics.

”Ha… I wonder if I can again go back to visit those rock giants. I could have finished this quest with a single invasion mission. What a waste! ”

Liam began formulating a plan in his mind about which Elites he could tackle. His movements were fast as he went in and out of the crowd, disappearing quickly.

A couple of seconds after he walked away, the figure who had been following him all this time crossed the old man ’s stall as well.

Once again, the other players could not sense the presence of this person. However, the old man instantly recognized him.

”Eh? What is this old monster up to now? ”

Before the figure hurried after Liam, the two parties glanced at each other and did not exchange any words.

Meanwhile, Liam had already reached the city outskirts. He was engrossed in deep thought.

All the elites that were yet to be spotted and brought down by other players were located in the higher level areas. So the quest would be a lot easier if he reached Level 50.

However, the minute he reaches level 50… things might start changing… 

Liam was still unsure if this was the trigger or it was simply a coincidence but the last time the second patch was introduced in the game, it was when a player reached Level 50.

This event had happened approximately one and a half months after the beginning of the game. 

Now Liam was capable of reaching Level 50 a lot sooner. However, did that mean his actions would possibly accelerate the other things?

Though this was not necessarily bad for him, he didn ’t want to lose whatever little time he had. This was his only advantage, after all.

”Hmmm… The level 30 to 35 elites… I should try to get them. ” Liam squatted down and picked a vacant spot to start feeding his two pets.

The evolution process was quite simple. After acquiring all the items required, he only needed to feed them to his pets, and they would grow and become stronger.

He patiently took out one ingredient after another and fed it to the two.

However, all of a sudden, a twig snapped behind him. 

Liam immediately jolted up to stand in a defensive position, his sword drawn. Someone had actually managed to sneak up on him?

Who was there? He looked around and his expression froze when his gaze finally fell on the unwelcomed intruder.

Liam stared agape at the old man whom he had previously met in the blacksmith association a while ago.

He clearly remembered him as he had said something very creepy, something about coming to find him when the time was right. 

And now the same person was once again standing in front of him?

Ah! Realization instantly dawned on him! Was this perhaps a forced quest?

”Heh. What are you thinking about so seriously lad? ” The old man muttered.

Fine, I will just take a look at what this quest is. Liam quickly recovered and sheathed his sword back.

”Please forgive my rudeness, senior. Were you perhaps looking for me? ”

”Of course, I am. I already told you that, didn ’t I? He He. ”

The old man locked his hands behind his back and casually strolled closer to Liam. ”By the way, why do you seem to be more interested in that charlatan than me? ”

”Huh? I am sorry, senior. I do not follow. ” Liam was genuinely confused. Why was this guy here and what was he talking about?

He already knew everything about Yleka city. It was not like the nether realm, largely unexplored. Everything about Yleka city was detailed from top to bottom in several forums.

So he knew that this person couldn ’t possibly be anyone important and yet he was here in front of him once again, talking in riddles.

”I am talking about the weaponsmith from whom you recently accepted a quest. Forget about him and forget about whatever he has to offer you. ”

”I can see the path ahead of you. Your life is destined to be free and unfettered. Don ’t let your brain be muddled. ”

Okay… Liam nodded dazedly. The chain smithing quest did end in a hidden class reward but that was not why he was doing it.

His sole purpose in pursuing that quest was something else altogether…

Irrespectively, he couldn ’t understand what this person had to do with anything and why was he advising him?

Moreover, he was also from the blacksmith association…

Had he perhaps exploited too many loopholes that the system was conjuring something to reign him back? 

Liam ’s brain was spinning with random thoughts as he tried to make sense of this scenario.

Looking at him, the old man chuckled with a snort. ”Don ’t think too much lad. Our meeting might be fate, but it also could be a mere coincidence. ”

”For now, I am going to simply leave you with a… hmmm… let ’s call it a path… but I am not sure if you are fit enough to walk it. ”

[Ding. New Quest Available]

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