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Chapter 11 - Class Selection

”It ’s my honor to exact vengeance on your behalf, senior. ” Liam ’s lips curved upwards into a big grin, immediately bowing and accepting the quest.

Without waiting any longer, he then opened the small vial and emptied its contents into his mouth, gulping down every last bit.


Instantly, a strong gust of wind picked up and loud whooshing sounds echoed almost startling everyone on the training ground. Some players even started running out in fear.

Liam ’s entire body was covered with swirling winds from top to bottom, but if one had the ability they could see that these were in fact waves of mana enveloping him in a sort of cocoon.

The few drops of liquid in the vial were breaking his body down from top to bottom, reconstructing his meridians, his blood vessels, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and every inch of his fleshly body.

The inferior alchemy potion which Liam had brewed was nothing in comparison to these few drops of liquid in the vial. One was trash while the other was a heavenly elixir, albeit a low-grade one.

But more importantly, this quest in itself was the starting point for obtaining the highest-grade legendary blood elixir which was why Liam had chosen to start with this set of quests, giving them more priority above all others.

One ’s body was one ’s foundation. It was the core, upon which everything else was built.

Without a perfect vessel, mind, soul, mana core, and everything else would crumble. The importance of body tempering couldn ’t be stressed enough.

And when the mana cocoon finally broke, Liam stepped out, his body explosively transformed. He almost looked as if he was an entirely different person from top to bottom.

His eyes were sharp and sword-like, the pitch-black orbs within them seemingly containing the entire universe.

He had long inky black hair that swayed in the gentle wind. His skin was as white as snow, not a single scar or blemish visible.

His body which was merely a bag of skin and bones before, now had defined muscles. His lean figure looked as if someone had sculpted it to perfection.

Though his appearance was still similar, all the imperfections had been erased out, leaving behind a flawless body.

Liam who once looked like a cowardly stray dog, now had the charm and charisma of an immortal from the heavens.

”Status window. ”


Name: Liam

Species: Human being

Gender: Male

Level: 1 [0/200]

Title: Rolling in Debt

Class: N/A

Health: 150/150

Mana: 250/250


Stamina: 50

Intellect: 50

Strength: 50

Defense: 50

Vitality: 50

Agility: 50


Liam clicked his tongue in satisfaction. ”This is what I call a perfect opening. ”

He grinned wildly, even though everyone else standing in the training ground looked at him, utterly shocked, unable to grasp what had just happened.

The fool who had been doing random movements and weird poses had suddenly received a mysterious quest and had undergone some sort of magical transformation.

They could even feel a domineering violent aura surging from him, an aura reeking of pure strength and power!

But unfortunately, they were all only worthless bystanders. They could only watch on with their jaws on the floor as the mind-blowing scene continued to unfold in front of them.

”Ah! You are indeed a genius! ” The instructor clapped his hands, his eyes shimmering with admiration.

”Thank you, senior. Could you please also help me in choosing a class? ” Liam casually asked, picking back up his rusted sword from the ground.

The two of them then chatted and walked into the training hall, leaving behind everyone dumbfounded. What the hell just happened? The game just started right?

”Woooah! Sis, did you see that??? ” Rey banged his fist into his palm.

”I have eyes, Rey and I am standing right next to you. What do you think? ” Mia absent-mindedly muttered.

”Ah. Alright. Come let ’s follow him and see what class he chooses. Maybe he will get offered a special hidden class? ”

The three walked into the training hall just in time, as the instructor signaled something to the guards standing nearby and the doors of the training hall were tightly banged shut the next instant.

”What the hell? ”

”Come on. Let us inside! ”

”What is with this special treatment? ”

A few voices slipped in from outside but they only fell on deaf ears as the guards expressionlessly bolted the doors without caring about the players gathered outside.

”Just miss! ” Rey wiped the sweat off of his forehead as the three of them walked behind Liam and the instructor, who were heading towards the testing center in the training hall.

Of course, there were already some players loitering around the training hall who had come earlier for testing their aptitude and choosing a class. So it was not a complete lockdown, albeit it helped in stopping more crowds from gathering.

Liam, however, did not concern himself with these things.. With everything he had planned, it was almost impossible for him to keep a low profile and he didn ’t have the time to worry about all these unnecessary details.

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