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Chapter 110 - A Flying Mount?

[Ding. New Quest Available]

[Ding. Find the ancient ruins in the Elven Kingdom]

[Ding. Reward: Unknown old man ’s recognition]

[Ding. Do you wish to accept the quest? Y/N]

Liam ’s lips twitched as he gawked at the quest. Now he was not just working towards recognition from one old man, but rather two?

He already knew that the first one was going to make him strong beyond his dreams but what about this second one?

’Hmmm… I also have that prisoner key in the elven kingdom. I might as well pay a visit to both and check out what this is. At the most, it would simply be an incomplete quest in my log… ”

’But if I was lucky… then it could be another stepping stone… ’

”I accept senior. ” Liam quickly bowed and replied. When he looked up to meet the elder again, he had already disappeared.

”Ah! This guy! I wanted to ask him for some more details! ” He didn ’t know why he was acting so mysteriously but he didn ’t plan on breaking his head over that.

He went back to his pets and resumed his caretaker duties, still deeply in thought. 

However, no matter how much he racked his brain, he was just not able to think of anything related to this new old guy from the blacksmith association.

A few seconds later, the bird had finished eating all the nourishing ingredients and it was ready to evolve.

Liam had never seen one up close in person, so he leaned forward and paid full attention to it.

A warm glow surrounded the wind ripper and this glow gradually started to become brighter and brighter until it turned into a blinding flash of light.

Liam could no longer see what was happening as the shape and size of the wind ripper began to increase proportionally.

Its head grew bigger, its wings grew larger and its streamlined body elongated. Although this only lasted a few seconds, the size of the bird had already increased significantly. 

Before the evolution, it had been smaller, like that of a rabbit, but now it was the size of a panther.

[Ding. Congratulations. Pet1 has evolved successfully]

Krrrrrrr! The glow faded and the adult wind ripper lovingly rubbed its head on Liam ’s leg. He patted it with a smile. ”Good job. ”

This made the other party who was also staring at the bird very envious. 

The fox was nibbling its food previously, without any care in the world but now it started gulping everything down, wanting to also evolve sooner.

In its hurry, the ball of fur choked on something and started to roll around the ground in pain. Finally, Liam picked it up by the scruff of its neck and helped it out.

”Slow down! ” He put the fox down and paid attention to the wind ripper again. Apart from its size, there were also other physical changes.

The bird ’s beak and feathers had become more metallic and sharp. They were brilliantly reflecting the forest around and the sky above.

Its claws had become stronger. It was now Level 18 so its stats were also considerably higher. More importantly, it was able to learn new skills now without any restrictions.

”Hmm… It looks like we need to soon put effort into farming skill books. ”

”Why don ’t you go and take some time to get used to your new body? ” Liam suggested. ”Don ’t go too far and don ’t pick a fight that you can ’t win. ”

They were currently still on the outskirts of Yleka city, so there weren ’t any dangerous beasts around that the bird couldn ’t handle. However, there were still other players everywhere.

The bird nodded in understanding and then took off, shooting up into the sky like an arrow, disappearing from both their sight. 

After a couple of seconds, a few small experience points notifications popped up and Liam knew what it was up to.

”Alright. Your turn. After you are done eating, try this one next. ” The fox nodded its head vigorously and gobbled away every ingredient placed in front of it.

As the number of ingredients this time was a lot more, it took several minutes but soon the fox started to glow as well.

However, this time everything was different. The small fox did not really grow that much in size.

It only became a size bigger, its body now the size of a cat, but its fur underwent some changes.

Its entire body was now covered in crimson-colored dark red fur compared to its previously lighter red shade.

Liam picked up the beast that fit snugly in his arms and examined its body from all sides, but this seemed to be the only noticeable change.

The beast ’s stats also hadn ’t increased significantly after evolution. But he wasn ’t too surprised as he was already aware that a spirit beast ’s growth curve was slow.

He placed it down and looked at the distance where he could hear a bunch of birds screeching and tree branches shaking.

Liam could tell that it was probably his pet ’s doing. Giving the bird some time, he laid on the fresh grassy ground, settling some thoughts in his mind.

The fox saw that he was not paying anymore attention to it and it immediately started jumping around anxiously.

It could see that he was not particularly amazed by its evolution, but he hadn ’t seen the most important part of its evolution! 

[Master! Master!] 

The fox called for Liam mentally and when he looked, it immediately sent out a burst of flame at a nearby tree trunk.


Hmm? Liam quickly got up to sit as he eyed the blackened damaged area. The part of the trunk where the attack landed was completely burnt, leaving behind a conical dent.

More importantly, the small fox ’s flames just now…

”Hey. Attack. Attack again. ” He muttered, now more carefully observing.

[Yes, Master!] The fox was more than delighted and quickly sent out another burst of flames.. Now that he had seen again, Liam ’s doubts were confirmed.

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