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Chapter 113 - Mad Cow

As Liam ran as fast as he could, everything behind him was blasted to smithereens. The walls of the cave crumbled and completely blocked the path. 

The four toads were not yet dead. They were simply injured, several parts of their body bleeding and their health constantly dropping, but they were not dead yet. 

And unfortunately for them, they were still stuck behind the blocked debris and couldn ’t attack Liam any longer.


Their tongues kept lashing out at the debris trying to find a way through. Liam, however, did not wait for them to succeed and kept moving ahead.

He was not in the least upset that he hadn ’t obtained the kills for the toads. 

He even had a big grin on his face because he had successfully completed the most difficult part of this dungeon!

This was the only part of the dungeon that he had an issue with. And now that he had cleared it, the rest of the run was going to be within his grasp.

Liam stopped as the next monsters of the dungeon appeared in front of him. Two ogres who were leaning against a corner looked up at him and ran towards him with their big clubs.

These two as well had a silver aura around them. They growled at Liam and swung their clubs around aiming to smash his head.

They had incredible agility so their swings were a blur, only barely visible but powerful blows that could completely shatter one ’s skull.

However, they were still unable to hit their target. Liam had already moved. He nimbly ducked down to dodge their attacks and he twisted his body to appear behind the two ogres.

His speed was at par with their movements as he was pushing his mana to all of his extremities and using it for physical movement enhancement.

Slash. Slash. Slash.

-20 -100 -20

Liam bitterly smiled as he eyed these pathetic damage numbers. This was exactly why he hadn ’t tried attacking the toads back.

All the elite bosses had incredible defense so the maximum damage numbers could never be brought out.

His crimson sword danced in between the ogres parrying their attacks. 

He managed to evade three and only met one attack head on but the impact of the single attack made his entire body vibrate.

”I need to end this now. ” Liam ducked down again but this time, he also activated another skill at the same time.

[Venom Burst]

Instantly a puff of colorless venom filled the air and Liam jumped back stepping out of the poison cloud. 

The two ogres, however, were not quick to react as they weren ’t aware of the toxicity of the venom. 

Liam made sure to keep them within that area and sparred with them, avoiding their attacks. 

Even though he only managed to marginally avoid their hits every time, he pushed his limits to the maximum. 

The two ogres growled again and continued to swing their clubs at Liam but soon they began to feel sluggish. Their movements became wobbly and their vision blurred.

”Finally! ” Liam ’s lips curled upwards. 

The skill wasn ’t upgraded yet, so the effect was a bit delayed and the toxicity of the venom seemed to be low, but this was enough to give him an advantage.

Two strong elite ogres were tough opponents but two strong sluggish ogres were nothing. They might as well be stationary target practice dummies.

As the ogre ’s health trickled down, Liam started slashing at them with his sword. While his mana was slowly being recovered, he lined the ogre ’s muscular bodies with multiple sword injuries.

He grinded them down, small chunks of health at a time and a few minutes later, the two bulky ogres dropped to the ground with heavy thuds.

[Ding. Congratulations. You have killed the Elite Stone Ogre Soldier. You have gained 10000 experience points]

[Ding. Congratulations. You have killed the Elite Stone Ogre Soldier. You have gained 10000 experience points]

Liam picked up the couple of gold coins that fell to the side and under one of the thick ogre legs, there was also a skill book.

When he picked it up, he noticed also noticed a spiked metal chain. 

As expected, the drop rate of the dungeon was nothing short of amazing. He only needed to kill two elites to get a skill book and a neck piece.

Liam quickly picked it up as well. He checked the skill book first and it looked like his luck was amazing.

[Fire Shield: Shroud the body in a blanket of flames for 15 seconds. All damages reduced by 50%. High probability to block a critical attack. Costs 40% of base mana.]

Liam nodded and was about to learn it, but he stopped and instead placed it in his inventory. 

He wanted to see if he could himself manipulate his conjured flame in this fashion without the help of a skill book.

”I will work on that next time. ” He then looked at the neck piece. It was quite tacky but it provided a boost in both agility and strength.

So Liam quickly tossed it on before heading deeper into the dungeon. 

The narrow tunnel passage started becoming wider and wider and Liam could see various bones and human skeletons scattered around.

Now he was truly entering the depths of the demon ’s abode.

Liam slowed down as he knew that the enemy ahead was very formidable. This enemy was not like the ogres before, it was very different.

He could already hear its movements, as its huge body strutted around.

Liam paused. He sucked in a big breath of air and making sure that his condition was fully restored, he took the next step forward.

He was already here and he had made up his mind to clear this dungeon. So there was no turning back.

As the sound of the next opponent became louder and a figure emerged around the corner, Liam conjured a huge fire ball, compressing it as best as he could and he shot it forward.

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