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Chapter 114 - First Come First Serve

Boom! A loud explosion rattled but the figure that emerged after did not look one bit bothered by it.

[Demonic Minotar] (Elite Boss)

Level 42

The monster ’s head was like that of a grotesque cow with two huge horns coming out of its head. It snorted loudly and narrowed its bloodthirsty eyes, its gaze locked onto Liam.

”Who dares to trespass in my master ’s abode! ”

The monster roared and without any warning, the scythe that was swirling in its hand flew out.


Liam instantly took a couple of steps back and just as he did the scythe struck the spot where he was previously standing.

”This is going to be difficult. ” A bead of sweat trickled down his forehead as his mind once again focused on evading.

However, his previous tactics were simply not going to be enough this time around. Unlike the ogres, this particular monster had extra thick skin or rather hide.

If he activated [Venom Burst] right now, it wouldn ’t affect the minotaur at all. 

He first needed to make the monstrous cow somehow bleed and only then would he be able to carry out the cheat strategy.

But Liam was not worried about it. He had absolute confidence in his abilities. If he faltered here, then he might as well give up right now.

He was going to make this dungeon of terror his personal stepping stone.

”Shall we start? ” Liam grinned. 

As his feet nimbly moved, dodging the mad bull dashing towards him, his hand started pulling away some of the mana that he was using to boost his agility.

Because of this, his speed reduced a bit but at the same time, a ball of ice started materializing in front of him.

At the early levels, manipulating the fire element was not that much different from manipulating the ice or the lightning element.

And since Liam had already successfully mastered the basics of mana manipulation, this part came to him naturally.

The ball of icy mana swirling in front of him suddenly dispersed like the wind and the next second, the floor of the cave where the minotaur was rushing towards him was covered with a sheet of thin slippery ice.


The huge two-legged horned cow skidded on the floor, unable to balance at the last second, and fell down flat.


The damage number was also impressive as its own body weight was working against it.

Liam on the other hand used the slippery floor to skate and dodge the huge body falling towards him. This helped him pick up the speed that he had lost because of the mana consumption.

MOOOO! The minotaur roared in pain and sprang back up with anger spilling out of its flared nostrils. 

It snorted and raised its hand to throw its scythe at Liam one more time, but the cow ’s weapon was lodged firmly in the ground because of the impact of the fall.

Liam used this chance when the monster was disoriented and sent another juicy fireball at it, aiming for its mouth, which was slightly starting to bleed.

The minotaur moved to try to avoid this attack but it once again became disoriented and fell flat on the thin ice on the cave floor.


Another huge chunk of its health dropped and this time some of its teeth shattered and dropped on the ground.

Liam tried his best to not be amused by this comical sight and hurriedly cast another attack. 

This time he conjured a dense bolt of lightning and compressed it just like he did with the fireball attack.

He wanted to see which element attacks were more effective against this boss. 

It might have slipped a couple of times because of his timely surprise attack, but Liam was not a fool to underestimate its skills.

It was an Elite boss after all and it had the distinct silver glow on its body.

BOOM! It roared again and a ripple of reddish black waves emanated from the beast ’s body. 

The thin ice on the floor instantly shattered and disappeared and along with it, Liam ’s lightning bolt.

”Waves of madness! ” Liam exclaimed. He quickly stopped casting spells and focused his mana on physical enhancement once again.

The minotaur rushed towards him like a crazed bull, rearing up again and again by scratching its hoofs on the ground.

It slammed its short hilt scythe at the puny human in front of it every chance it got. 

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Liam ’s body twisted and turned and every time he avoided the attack, it was a very narrow miss. Even one mistake would cost him his life.

But fighting with such heavy stakes made him that much more better and alert. He pushed himself to train his limited skills again and again.

He just needed one more chance. One small opening to sneak in an attack so that he could activate his [Venom Burst] and finish this fight.

However, the minotaur was a highly intelligent monster and it rampaged with anger, all its moves perfectly aimed at decimating the human in front of it.

Liam ducked, twisted, and jumped, doing everything he could to continue sparring with the cow but even after two minutes, he was unable to find that opening.

His mana was dropping fast and so was his stamina.

”This is not good. I need to do something fast. ” A cold glint flashed past his eyes as his movements began to slow down.

He was now only missing all the attacks by a hair and some of them even began to partially land, chipping away 5 to 10% of his health every time.

Moooo! The minotaur snorted haughtily. ”Die! Insect! You dare enter my master ’s abode! Tremble before my might and die! ”

Seeing that Liam was panting, it raised its scythe and rushed forward to hack his body, but at this exact same time, Liam suddenly moved, bursting with tremendous energy.

He as well dashed forward to meet the minotaur, the both of them attacking each other, but at the last minute, Liam leaned forward like an arrow and unsheathed his sword.

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